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Woman’s BlackBerry Stops Her Boyfriend From Shooting Her…

Stupid-with-gun Who knows maybe your BlackBerry will one day actually save your life. That is exactly what happened to a Daytona woman when her BlackBerry stopped a stray bullet from injuring her according to WDTN. The irony was that it was her boyfriend that shot her accidentally!

Supposedly Anthony Holtvogt was with his girlfriend in a restaurant when he adjusted his jacket and noticed that the slide was back on the gun. Then it fired. Maybe RIM needs to add a new detail to their BlackBerry specifications. How bulletproof is this model…? 🙂 Just imagine the stopping power if she also had a case on! Now I wonder how you apologize for shooting your girlfriend in the foot a few days before Valentine’s Day.

Thanks Michelle for sending this one in!

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  1. I wonder what he did next. Did he stand up in the restaurant, gun in hand, and say “My bad”?

  2. Ridiculous. Hunting aside, how often are handguns killing the “bad guys” vs. accidentally discharging and hitting innocent people, or used to just outright kill or hurt innocent people?

    • Your questions are too specific, so let me broaden them out for you.

      “. . . how often are handguns killing the ‘bad guys'” becomes “How often are firearms used in self-defense?”

      The answer is approximately once every 13 seconds in the United States alone.

      The reason I refined your question is because rarely does a gun need to actually be fired, or the “bad guy” shot/killed, for the gun to have been successfully used to keep a law-abiding citizen safe. The mere sight of a gun is often enough to make most criminals run away with their tails between their legs.

      “. . . accidentally discharging and hitting innocent people . . .”

      First, there’s no such thing as an “accidental discharge.” Guns do not fire themselves ever. Someone must be intentionally or unintentionally attempting to fire the weapon before it will discharge. As a result, what is commonly referred to as an “accidental discharge” is, in fact, a “negligent discharge.” (I realize that both the BerryReview article and the WDTN article referred to the incident as an “accidental” shooting, but no such thing exists.)

      To answer the question though, gun negligence causes a death in the U.S. approximately once every 30 minutes.

      “or used to just outright kill or hurt innocent people?”

      This is another tricky question. No such numbers truly exist, but the current U.S. firearms homicide rate sits at approximately 1 death every 60 minutes.

      The problem with that number lies in who, exactly, is being counted. The death toll includes criminals killed in the commission of a crime, shot either by police or by their intended victims. These “victims” clearly don’t fit into the category of “innocent,” as you specified in your question.

      Estimates range from 50-75% of these “victims” are criminals killed in the act, which would drop the number of innocents down to 1 death every 2 hours, all the way to 1 death ever 4 hours.

      It should also be noted that fewer than 1% of illegal shootings take place with a legally-possessed firearm.

      So, in summary:

      – In the U.S., guns are used to stop crime once every 13 seconds

      – In the U.S., negligent gun use/handling result in unintentional death once every 30 minutes.

      – In the U.S. innocent people are killed as frequently as once every 2 hours.

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