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Valentine’s Giveaway: 2 1-year subscriptions and 8 3-month for Slacker Plus

radio-plus-on-white What best way to set the mood on Valentine’s day than playing some romantic beats. Slacker let us know that there Dj’s have set up some radios stations that will play nothing but romantic songs for you. You can play the links either on the web, BlackBerry or others smart phones.

You can check out the links below :

Love Songs –
Rock Ballads –
Country Love –
Broken Heart –
Metropolitan Mood –

Slacker has a free version with adds and only a few song skips and Slacker Plus lets users skip songs,full song lyrics and add free.

You can download slacker by going to or from BB app world.

Giveaway Details: The guys from slacker want to make your Valentine’s special by giving two user a one year subscription to the full version and 8 others will get a 3 month subscription to the full version. Simply leave a comment below, the giveaway will run from today to Sunday midnight US Eastern time.

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  1. this is a really great program I use everyday

  2. I could def use this to play for my girl…make sunday night special!!!

  3. I would love to have one of the prizes

  4. I use this and would love to win this subscription. Pick ME!!

  5. I would like to have one.

  6. i would LOVE to win one! <3 slacker.

  7. sweet finally available for Canada now i can enter into these draws

  8. i could really use this, i always get reach my song skip limit!

  9. Oh yes baby. Pick me. Finally for Us Canadians.

  10. Pick me!!!

  11. I am the one for this app. !!!

  12. I love romantic music!

  13. Love Slacker!! Would love to get this!!

  14. I want it!

  15. I love this app!

  16. Yayy I vantsssss it :)

  17. Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win. Valentines will be a pretty drab day this year, otherwise. :)

  18. Love to listen to some tunes

  19. Dude…..hook a poor guy up over here!

  20. Great app, I’m in for this.

  21. This would be a great gift for my wife. She loves Slacker.

  22. Moooosic!

  23. Slacker ROCKS!!! I LOVE my G2!! Blows Pandora out of the water!!

  24. Bought my Slacker Plus original subscription nearly a year ago when I first discovered them. Dunno how/why Pandora seems to be leading in BlackBerry downloads (saw that in an article here recently). The whole idea of being exposed to new music (Pandora) is nice, but I rarely get to here what I WANT to hear when I use Pandora. Slacker, however, always gives me what I want including exposure to new artists IF that’s what I’m in the mood for.

    If I win the (renewal) subscription, I promise to use the money I would have spent on merch to help promote!

    \m/ :) \m/

  25. Candlelight, sitting in front of he fireplace, sweet sounds of slackradio playing on my BB in the background, beautiful wife by my side, what more could i ask for

  26. This is a great app, always works and nice tune selections to boot. Good luck to everyone.

  27. Slacker is probably the best mobile streaming radio app out there

  28. Count me in! :)

  29. Hope I win

  30. I would love to win this. Slacker is my favorite app but with 6 kids can’t really afford to pay for premium

  31. Would LOVE me some SLACKER! :o)

  32. This would totally rock! DO WANT!

  33. I could use a Slacker subscription.

  34. This is definitely a great app.

  35. Great app. Hope I win.

  36. Oh I hope I win!

  37. I love Slacker and have it going on my computer all day at the office! Also love to use on my blackberry! Would love to win a subscription!

  38. Thanks for spreading that lovin’

  39. I am, also, enamored by Slacker.

  40. Love Slacker for my long flights. The caching feature sets Slacker apart from all the rest.

  41. I want to be a Slacker!

  42. i would love to win a subscription

  43. There are 3 huge reasons I need/really want to win the contest for the 1 year free subscription to Slacker. Here is a little history to help you understand:
    1) I just turned 30years old and I have 4 boys-a 12yr old, 9yr old, 5yr old & a 7month old baby.
    With our sweet boys & being a Army Family-mine & my husbands time together is very limited, I help the boys with all homework, I’m cooking for all 6 of us. cleaning up their dishes, feeding the baby his bottle,changing his diaper with help from my husband of course(sometimes) getting all 4boys into bed & now here comes the part where I really need Slacker for a year, after the boys are to bed of course, it would be really nice to be able to get into bed with my hubby & have some alone time. I am exhausted at this point & need one less thing to get up & do (turning our cdplayer on for some romantic music to relax us both to get us in the mood for each other) then to find out as I jump back into bed (jack n jill) Nursery rhyme is playing…too many interuptions already & with the slacker we could just press Play & that’s it(NO INTERUPTIONS) would make me so so happy. If this hasn’t helped me win then maybe reason 2 can help.
    2) With the fussy baby, I have noticed he likes music & I have played the kids station for him on Slacker during his colliciness, but the commercial advertising & skips are gone before no time, so fussy Again!! Not only would this subscription help my husband & I but it would help my sweet baby too!!!
    3) I don’t have the money to buy it or else I would have done so by now. , I would be so greatfull to win one of my Favorite Applications: SLACKER. ….I really just love this application! Really it is better then Pandora! No music application so far that beats Slacker, so please pick me…………..this valentines night would be a HIT, & less stressfull.

  44. Hope I Win, This IS Great!!!

  45. Im in for this! I love to jam all day at work to the free version, so to have the free full version would make work really fly by and actually fun!

  46. happy valentine, wish you all good luck

  47. I just love Slacker!!!! Will be listening on the way to BKK tomorrow.
    Slacker helped my wife to fall in love with *my* BlackBerry all over again…and those who Berry together stay together.

  48. Wow another great giveaway of a great and enjoyable program.

  49. I love slacker, and I always thought how great it would be to have the premium subscription.

  50. wow..this is cool..
    hope can win this….

  51. I love music and this would be a great love gift on love day, and my super secret status should put in a point, too. :)

  52. BerryReview is awesome!!

  53. Slacker looks great! Would like to see how much better it is than the competition!

  54. Wow. I need this :)

  55. I love using Slacker Radio for the Chill Non-Voc Radio, The Comedy Radio, and the Top Hits. Would love a year subscription!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win in your contest. Thanks Slacker Radio and you too Berry Review!

  56. Would really like it!!

  57. pleaze pick me…ive been dying for this!

  58. Thanks =)

  59. ooo, dooo want, my girl would love this

  60. I love Slacker!! I would LOVE to have this.

  61. I love Slacker!
    pick ME! LOL

  62. Slacker is my all-time favorite app! Don’t know what I would do without it.

  63. I would love a full sub to slacker! I use it everyday!!!

  64. Would def love me some premium Slacker!

  65. I would love to win a license. Cheers!

  66. This would be nice to win. I will let my wife use this. She loves Slacker.

  67. Would really like this.please pick me

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