Unsend Email App Lets You Do Just That…

unsend Chris let us know about PuguaSoft’s latest BlackBerry app called Unsend Email which basically delays all your outgoing email so that you can recall them if you made a mistake. I have always wanted to be able to do such a thing but in practice I think I would get annoyed with the delay that it places on my discussion groups.

Still I really like the fact that Unsend Email lets you set your own configurable time delay anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes where you can recall the email. This is great for people with fat fingers like me who tend to make mistakes and only realize it at the last second.

If you are interested Unsend Email is available for $2.99 in the App World right now at this link

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  1. Hi Ronen Halevy,

    Thanks for the review of our product. Just a correction on your post – Unsend Email is configurable to delay sent emails from 5 SECONDS to 30 SECONDS (not the 5 minutes you posted). In addition, you can easily disable this feature (without having to uninstall the app or reboot your app).

    A feature we are thinking about adding is a special “tag” that you can insert in your email that will bypass the “unsend”. That way, certain emails with this “tag” will be sent immediately rather than being delayed.

    Other new features and comments are welcome.

  2. Maybe a good idea to get this into other app stores for the ppl who dont have access to the crappy BB app store

    plus user configurable delay would be a nice option then user can decide him/her self what the delay should be 😉

    • Hi Km,

      We have just submitted Unsend Email to MobiHand for those who wish not to use BlackBerry App World (note: it may take a while for it to get approved).

      We plan on selling Unsend Email directly from the website, http://www.unsendemail.com, as well (at a discounted price) – so be sure to check it out later.

      Thank you for your suggestion.


      • Chris

        Just checked it glad to see it available somewhere else where we who dont have access to app world can get it also thanks very much

        you where speaking about at a discount price dont see that though?



        • Hi KM,

          We were planning on selling Unsend Email directly from our website at a discounted rate (to avoid the fees other stores charge), unfortunately, we ran into some technical difficulties. We have decided, for the time being, to sell Unsend Email via the BlackBerry App World and MobiHand and its “channels” (e.ge. Crackberry.com).

          However, since we weren’t able to make due with what we posted earlier, we would like to offer you a free copy of Unsend Email.

          Just send us an email with your BlackBerry PIN to: support (at) unsendemail (dot) com

  3. Chris,

    Thanks for this kind offer today I got it all installed and running even though initial i hit a little snag of the app not remembering the registration number this was solved fast after a reboot since then its working perfect happy to have a tool which can help me to quickly to recover from to fast sending my email’s yet still I think 30 sec might be to fast I hope you can somehow set this time to either users preference or make extra options which can set the time to like 2 or 3 min

    thanks again for this kind gesture

    Regards KM

    • Hi Km,

      Glad to hear Unsend Email is working for you.

      Thanks for your suggestion about increasing the delay time. We do plan on including that in the next release (which is a free upgrade).


      PuguaSoft LLC

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