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Official BlackBerry Twitter Client v1.0.0.28 Leaked With Download Links

directmessages1 I feel bad for RIM on this one. Their official BlackBerry Twitter Client that we told you was in an invite only private beta has inevitably been leaked. I saw it coming the second I heard that the invite code was only for the download and not to validate the application install or usage. I guess all the security gurus at RIM were taking the day off since this is security 101. Which makes me think that maybe RIM wanted it to leak… Still it could be that they will just release another build and force you to upgrade where they could require an invite code.

The problem with this leak of the official Twitter Client is that the private beta is slightly buggy. I could not get it to install right without a Java Error on my BlackBerry Bold 9700. Still it seems to be working for about 80% of people. Credit goes out to iExplorers for the OTA links but from experience it looks like the OTA links are the problem. The app has a much higher chance of working if you install it using the Desktop Manager files.

Thanks to everybody who sent this in. I guess with all the tips coming you really wanted us to post it

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  1. I works flawlessly in my bold OS 5.0..
    But I thought Ubertwitter is still the best twitter app anyway.. 🙂

  2. I experienced the same Java error on my 9700. The fix was simple:

    Download the whole thing with OTAloader

    Break .cod files out of the compound .cod files (some are code, some are “zip” containers renamed as .cod files.

    Create a new .jad file with Create-A-Jad

    Install from media card.

    I have it installed, but it is not ready for prime time, yet. Too much hype… give it some time for RIM to fix it.

  3. Works like a charm on my 8900 OS 5.0
    Funny enought Ubertwitter have just released Beta 7

  4. Love it so far!!

    The only issue I see is there is no option to move it to “Background” on exit so you need to go to the app icon each time there are updates??

    • Finally figured out to stop it from updating, go to the options and sign out of your account. I couldn’t figure out how to keep it from updating and notifying me every 15 minutes either!

  5. Till now Flawless on 9700 5.0

  6. I Have A Sprint BlackBerry 8330 OS (724) <-BOOST MOBILE
    And Works Fine.

    PS: I Apologize To My BlackBerry Users That I Still Have An Old Ass 8330, I'm Waiting For The Essex – Tour 2 – 9650

  7. works on the 8530….SS is still the best tho

  8. I installed it correctly on a 8900 with (661) OS and it works. But as I am using the app theres a message that pops up saying that I have to update the app. I accept the message and then the app closes and redirects me to the blackberry download page where I need a code to download the app. To round up, I installed it works, but then it closes and asks me to update which I can’t do because I don’t have the code. Anyone has a solution for this?

    • Use BBSAK. Install all the CODs and the JAD file. It will work after you restart but remember not to try and upgrade or it will ask for the invite code again.

      • Thanks for the quick answer. Is there a post or something like that that explains how to install COD and JAD files correctly using BBSAK? Because I tried to do it but didn’t succeed.

  9. Installed this morning. On Bold 9000 Since I installed the OS update I’ve been leaking memory badly. Installed this twitter client and the memory leaks are not around at least in the last 4 hours. I’ve tried Uber, SS, and Seesmic.

    Uber is great, but feels too heavy.
    SS is great, but I haven’t had an update since last summer, it’s stale, and their explanation for me not having an update is lame.
    Seesmic is light and fast, and was a good alternative if you didn’t need EVERY twitter feature.

    Things I like about this client is the threaded conversations. Since more people use twitter like a forum instead of status this is helpful instead of clicking “in reply to” a buncha times.

    Will be interested to see if the memory usage stays down.

  10. I couldn’t get it to install without it asking for an invite code until I used BBSAK. It works great unless you try to upgrade. Then it asks for the invite code again.

  11. I downloaded the os 5.0 version for my tour from blackberryrocks and i have no issues. Fast and smooth.

  12. Loving the BlackBerry Twitter Client on my Tour OS 5.0… working flawlessly after OTA download… just deleted UT from my device, still holding on to my TG & SC just in case they make a massive update…

  13. This Will Not Appear In Menu When Downloaded Onto My BB 8520 🙁 If I Look In Applications Its There! Does Anybody Know How To Help Me Fix This?
    Please Tweet Me On Twitter @Kyle_Blackberry Thanks

  14. Interestingly enough, I created these JAD’s.

    40,000 downloads in one day is pretty crazy! I guess theiexplorer decided to host them for me? 🙂

  15. I’m still having trouble getting OS 5.0 I tried a number of times and still can’t get it so I wonder if it will work correctly on OS 4.7 can someone help with getting 5.0

    • yea i got the OS 4.7 on my tour w/verizon and i see there is a 5.0 out for the tour but only on sprint??, would this blackberry twitter app work on 4.7 or do u need 5.0? someone reply back thanks

  16. Works great!via ota on bold (9000) os 5

  17. Works fine in my javelin OS
    But I think Ubertwitter is better
    Nonetheless, I’ll stick using this for the time being

    Anyway, it’s just me or this app lacks the feature to RT..??

  18. Neeeeeeds twitlonger ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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