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Giveaway: Win One Of 25 copies Of Add To From Get Empower

This is a useful application Add To from lets you create appointments and task from emails and SMS. The application cost $4.99 but today might be your lucky day we got 25 free copies to give away details at the end of the post.

Description from Developer:

AddTo ScreenshotCreate Appointments, Tasks or Memos out of your Emails and SMS in a single click! No need to manually select-scroll, copy-paste or switch between applications!

AddTo allows you to quickly interchange data between almost any two PIM apps. So while, you can send your Calendar entries (Appointments) to Emails and SMS or create Tasks and Memos out of it; you can also send your Task to Email or SMS, or create Appointments and Memos out of it. Or you can create Tasks and Appointments out of your Memos. Use it anyway you like it!

AddTo provides a simple point-and-click interface that enables you to instantly interchange data – no select, scroll, copy, paste and switching between applications.

Go, download for a simpler lifestyle!

Giveaway Details: To get a chance to win a free copy simply leave a comment below  and you will automatically get a chance to win, no double posting if caught will be disqualified. Comments must be left before Monday midnight US Eastern Time.

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  1. This sounds awesome!!! I want one pretty please with a cherry on top…and whipped cream…and sprinkles…!!!

  2. i vill have oneee =) thank ju

  3. I would really like this!!!!

  4. Sounds Sweeeeeet!

  5. thank you guys like you no other web…

  6. count me in

  7. I really need this app! 😀

  8. Thank you for the app.

  9. Like the sound of this, may help me to remember to reply to those emails if I add them as a todo..?

  10. Always too many tasks!

  11. a great application, I hope you gave me thank you very much…

  12. Please count me in

  13. Pick me!

  14. Pick me!! Pick Me!!!

  15. free copy please :)

  16. Want one.

  17. Let’s see if in the New Year I win something! :-)

  18. Cool!

  19. Very useful app I would love free copy if possible.

  20. I love every app from Empower

  21. Such a cool idea for an app.

    I have been copying and pasting from emails for years now and never thought it could be as easy as this.

    I hope I win!

    Thanks for the contest!

  22. thanks for another cool giveaway!

  23. What a great idea. Would love to get this!

  24. Who do I have to get rid of to get a copy? I need this really bad in my daily activities using my Storm 2.

  25. If I win I can retire “OntoCalender”…

    Good luck to @ll.

  26. This would be useful.

  27. Awesome! Thanks.

  28. count me in!

  29. Can’t wait to have one. Hope I will be one of the lucky winners. Thanks

  30. I want a free copy please!

  31. Im in too

  32. I would love to have this………….please pick me for this one.


  33. This is a great app. I would like to have a copy too, thanks! Cheers

  34. me please!

  35. Empower sure does great apps! send one for me, please.

    Good luck to all!

  36. I’d like this app. Seems quite useful indeed.

  37. With some of the emails I get, this would be fantastic to be able to move them around and create tasks and appointments. I would love to have this app. Would make juggling my schedule much easier.

  38. I am too proud to beg for free product….

    Oh no I’m not!


  39. Add me to the bunch for this one, thank you.

  40. Sounds great! I would love this!

  41. Want one!

  42. Oh wow please! Please!

  43. Ah this is a convenient app to have!

  44. As my Dad would say “a comment”. Thanks for the chance.

  45. this sounds like a very good app to have would get plenty of use on my phone

  46. sounds simple n powerful…
    count me in

  47. Short memory is killing me at work, this app would definitely save my job

  48. This app sounds very useful!

  49. Looks like an awesome app!

  50. Add me to Get a copy of this 😉 – Thanks

  51. This application sounds like a very useful tool to have on blackberries. If I win a copy I would be very pleased & greatful for your consideration, thank you BlackBerry Review and Empower for this contest. This must be a very sought after application considering all of the responses & how everyone including myself really wants to win a copy.
    Thank you,
    From ur newest Blackberry Review subscriber.

  52. Thanks in advance!

  53. Hope To Win!!

  54. I had a similar program to this on my old 8830. I have the new storm and would love to have this on it.

  55. Thanks for the contest BerryReview, i will love to win this contest.

  56. good contest, good luck to all

  57. Nice little app. Would like to have it!!

  58. Cool program and would come in real handy….

  59. count me in

  60. Love to have it!

  61. Would love the app. Very handy.

  62. Sounds intriguing!

  63. Thanks berryreview

  64. Thanks for the chance. thanks berryreview

  65. Hey there nice application.I would love to win this.
    BlackBerry Review thank you for the giveaway…

  66. Would love to try this one on for size.

  67. Nice little application. Would like to have it very much!

  68. Nice I’m in

  69. add to for me please, thanks for the giveaway

  70. This looks really neat. Hope I win!

  71. Cool, please pick me

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