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Giveaway: Valentines Giveaway from Twinkler Software & Toysoft

thumb Are you ready for Valentines day? if not check this out, our buddies over at Twinkler Software and Toysoft Development, Inc. want to help you out.  You might be familiar with their popular apps such as AddOnisHappy Valentine’s Day Electronic Card, InstantLog, WiFiHero to name a few. Toysoft apps include SuperPower, Location Profiler , NotNow, RandomTones, and many more.

Valentines-heart Giveaway details: Here is the deal, they  have sponsored a giveaway to make 2 lucky BerryReview readers or their Valentine really happy. The guys from Twinkler Software will give the 2 winners all the apps on their catalog & from Toysoft they will get to choose 8 applications from their list of apps. You can win the apps for yourself or give it away to your sweetheart. To be considered simply leave a comment on here telling us either a funny valentines story or if you got plans or not. Comments must be left before Sunday Midnight Easter US Time.

Happy Valentines from Twinkler Software, Toysoft and BerryReview.

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  1. I plan on spending the day with my hubby. It’ll be our 28th one together!! I love both companies apps and would love to win.

  2. OK, so my wife and I were in university (more than a few years ago!). I had a heavy course load with a number of papers due around the end of February so I told her that I couldn’t do anything that year for Valentine’s Day. I apologized profusely in fact, but told her that we could go out for breakfast that morning. I was driving an old Chevrolet with more dents and rust than I’d like to admit, when I pulled into the valet parking section of one of the best Hotels in the city – had the honeymoon suite for the weekend (saved up the cash for 3 months before)! Best Valentine’s Day Ever.

  3. I have no plans…Pick Me!!!!!!! Lol

  4. going to Monterey bay with my wifeyyyyy =) would like to give the apps to wifeyyy as part of her Valentine’s Day gift

  5. For valentines day I am staying home with my beautiful wife and daughter. For dinner I am going to make my wife Penne w/ Shrimp in an herbed cream sauce (this is her new favorite dish I make) and for my little one I am going to make her one of my rosemary porkchops (one of her favorites) and some Parmesan noodles. Then I think we will watch a good family movie we will all enjoy. 🙂

  6. I will not technically be alone physically; but not dating :(. But this is a SWEET DEAL!

  7. sign me up XD

    pd: i have no idea what we will do 🙁

  8. No plans yet but would like to win!

  9. I’m planning to have a candle light dinner with my wife, while the kids will be at grandma’s house.
    We’ve been married for 8 years, and God givse us 2 boys with age 6 and 3 years old.
    In this valentines day, we want to memorize our journey of love, and hoping that it will last forever …
    Thanks to Twinkler Software and Toysoft Development inc. for the gifts … Happy valentines to all !!

  10. Sadly no plans, unless working over Val’s weekend is considered a ‘plan’ 🙁


  11. For Valentine’s Day, my baby is being Christening.

  12. i dont have any plans……………….i would love as in really want to win.

    thank you.

  13. No big plans. I will probably take the wife out for a nice dinner.

  14. I would love to have several of their titles. I already have two of theirs.

  15. I would love to win 🙂

  16. Woud make a better valentine gift than the crap chalk tasting candy I usually receive.

  17. Homemade steak + wine. Skipping presents this year thankfully.

  18. Celebrating “our” Vday on Friday @ Cheesecake Factory then some live music @ local bar. Sunday we’ll celebrate it with the kids, bake some goodies and play games.

  19. No plans yet. Thought I would wait until all the restaurents are booked up, then – oh darn, I’m sorry….I guess we will have to stay home. So as you can see this giveaway would be really good!

  20. We will be staying home this year. Saving money is a top priority right now, so we’re going to cook a nice dinner together, snuggle up on the couch, and watch a movie.

    Great contest! Good luck to everyone!

  21. my girl friend’s sister has birthday on Saturday, I don’t know if she can make it to come to berlin for a dinner, sushi maybe

  22. Sadly I have no plans.. 🙁

  23. No plans! *sigh*

  24. Steak and some sweet loving with my honey!!!

  25. wow complete Pack! thanks for the give away!, with these I can boost productivities!

  26. wow, that’s a lot of app there…let me win…

  27. Fireplace, Candlelight, my beautiful wife,the sweet music from my blackberry in the background: Those are my plans

  28. Great Idea!!! I hope to be a winner.

  29. My husband will be coming back in town the day before Valentine’s from working on an oilrig for the last 3 weeks. So, we are definitely trying to have a romantic date night away from our 3 children. God bless their hearts.

  30. For this year, since Valentine’s Day so happens to fall on the same day as Chinese New Year, for the first time in 8 months, I will introduce my gf to my family and vice versa with her family. Luckily, my family will have a gathering with our relatives in the morning, and her at evening so we wont miss one gathering over the other. Funny how life work out so well…or is it? Oh god, wish me luck with her family.

  31. Because my gf just so happens to have work on valentines day until 11pm/midnight, so we wont be able to spend our first valentines together. But we are planning to have a makeup valentine day on Fat Tuesday when there are all these party going on for Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

  32. unfortunately i will be babysitting my nephew while my brother and his wife go on their romantic dinner, etc. valentine just isnt great for us singles!!

  33. A funny incident that happened on last year on the night of valentine after my romantic dinner, and this long walk around the lake with my girlfriend. Anyway, when i got home from our long date, it was like 2-3am in the morning…Trying to sneak into my house without disturbing anyone sleeps, i somehow managed to broke the keys to the door trying to get in and was locked outside for the entire night sleeping in the car.

  34. My gf just broke up with me 2 days ago after this big fight. So unless some miracle happens, i will be spending valentines alone this year

  35. My wife and I have been married 10 years. We are having dinner Saturday night at the restaurant where we had dinner with guests after our wedding before the reception and the are staying at the bed and breakfast where we stayed on our wedding night, and we are taking our beautiful 7 year old daughter with us to share the experience!

  36. absolutely nothing but being depressed for not find my other half yet

  37. Spend valentines with my wife, family and relative since it’s on the same day as Chinese New Year

  38. I’m married so I definitely have plans this Valentine’s Day.

  39. I will travel 4 hours by car to a very nice beach with a couple friends and spend a niiiiiice weekend. Every contest here in BerryReview is getting better and better, great job, thanks again BerryReview for this contest.

  40. im not sure yet, hopefully my husband have some great planned for us.

  41. I have no plans so I might end up disappointing my gf.

  42. valentine coincides with chinese new year, so the romantic valentine dinner would be with 50 other family members! looking forward to pick the 8 apps though!

  43. No plans. No love this year.

  44. Since we’re on a budget , we decided to just keep it low key this year. Probably just stay home and spend some quality time together (if the kids let us).

  45. Hope To Win

  46. Don’t you think that St. Valentines Day is becoming more and more commercial!?

    Like some of the others, I also prefer a nice quite romantic evening in-doors with great food, music and a log fire… (especially in these extremely cold conditions)

  47. It is going to be wonderful if I happens to be a lucky winner of this great app.hope this app will add more spices to this great day. Thanks

  48. My wife and I have been together for 7yrs! She’s my high school sweetheart and we’ve been married for 1.5yrs. We have a beautiful son together and this weekend (our 7th “Anniversary”) we’re planning our first Family Trip to Ottawa for the Winterlude. We can’t describe the excitement we have to be able to show our son around the Nations Capital when it’s truly at it’s most beautiful time of the year. I couldn’t possibly think of a better way to spend VDay and our Anniversary – than as a family!

  49. This is a NICE contest! I have plans, but I have to be vague about it because my wife comes to BR for news and stuff. Since I’m unemployed, I’ve become, resourceful and crafty. Not in the conniving way, but in giving gifts and stuff like that. It involves some arts and crafts and a lot of thought in to some of the sayings that I am going to write.

    If I win this contest, I’ll be able to pimp her berry!

  50. I’m not sure if we have plans or not. It is the start of Chinese New Years, so I know one thing for sure, I’m not cooking him dinner!

  51. a suite of Toysoft and Twinkler apps would be the perfect gifts for my sister and my mom. They are as much CrackBerry addicts as I am and would be a welcome break from the flowers I typically send them 🙂 .

  52. Happy valatines day to all and happy lunar new year as well!


  53. I don’t know yet, hopefully my husband have some great planned…or it will be one very disappointing valentine

  54. Nice little app. Would like to have it!! thank berryreview for this giveaway

  55. Thanks berryreview

  56. Wow! What a huge Giveaway, I am stunned this much is being given away…but clearly this defines what type of company’s Twinkler Software & Toysoft have built…
    I am new here to BerryReview & so glad that I made the choice to download your Launcher onto my home screen.
    Now to the good part:
    I so need/want to win this huge pack of application’s for my sweet husband David of close to 7 years.
    3 years ago on Valentines Day, this was the day our lives would change forever.
    We are a blended family with 4 boys Whos ages are:12, 9, 5,& 7months. Close to 3 years ago, my husband & I had come to a dead end & we both knew a change was greatly needed in order for our family to be able to stay together & not split, We decided the best thing for our family would be for david to join the US ARMY & indeed he did!! These 3 years have been very trialsome having him gone a lot, but it was for our families betterment.
    My husband has become such an Outstanding Man since our join to the Army, His self-esteem, character, discipline & motivation have developed into what I have always wanted & dreamed for him in my most saddest moments. He has worked so hard on becoming an Outstanding soldier & just recently won last week Soldier of the year for his Brigade!
    I would be ever greatful to win this contest for my Soldier who sports around the Tour 9630, he will be deployed here soon, just don’t know the exact date as of yet….:( this would be an amazing Valentines present to give to him that he can have for his WorldEditionTour 9630 & deployedTour- to be able to take these applications with him for free cross country.
    This upcoming Valentines day marks a special day for our family & indeed this would be such a Great present to give him. We don’t have the money to spend for Valentines but being together with the kids is enuf along with some homeade cards will do the trick.
    Thank You BerryReview for the great articles & helping with the give-away.
    Really hope I have a chance at winning..
    Truely, MrSoldiersGirl

  57. Again a Nice giveaway,What can I say,Thank You very much BlackBerry Review.

  58. That is great. I hope I win

  59. I haven’t had a valentines in 2 yrs…. That’s my story =/ … This would really cheer me up

  60. My girl just wants to sit around and do nothing all day, since she hasn’t had a boyfriend during valentines day before…She has no idea what I have in store for her, Breakfast in bed, Tons and Tons of balloons in her hallway, and then a nice movie, and finally a very nice home cooked meal and romantic dinner by candlelight.

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