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Leaked OS for Unreleased BlackBerry 8910 AKA Atlas

BlackBerry-Curve-8910 Its not every day that you see an OS leak for a device that has yet to be released or even announced. One of our tipsters sent us a link to OS for the BlackBerry Harpoon 8910. I am not sure where the “Harpoon” designation came from but it actually sounds kind of cool.

It will be interesting to see if anybody could create a nice hybrid out of the 8910 OS From what I am hearing the new 5.0.1.X designation will be for OS builds that support widgets.

If you want you can pick up OS for the 8910 at this link on MegaUpload

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  1. Javelin –> Harpoon, see a connection?

  2. Forget the BlackBerry 8910 “Harpoon” – I want a BlackBerry “Magnum” (basically, it’s a BlackBerry Bold 9000 with a slightly-larger, touch-screen…)!

    • That was a prototype, thats been scrapped. You may see it come back again but not as it was shown in the prototype. 🙂

      • I think the BlackBerry hardware is just fine. What we really need is a solid OS that does not suck anymore so we can get some decent apps… This JAVA midlet crap is getting old quick. RIM’s take kind of reminds me of when people take honda civics and spend thousands of dollars to spiff them up when they should have just bought a car with a better engine.

        • If you bought a japanese Honda they wouldnt have to buy another engine. They come high performance over there already. Now i do Agree on the fact that the OS does sucks. Everyone is tired of it. Lets all put out a Super positive mental pulse in order for the Big Wigs @ RIM to get this message. ” Stop “Slacking!” ” Give us what we WANT!”

      • Yeah I realize that, but I think they’re shooting themselves in the foot because the BlackBerry “Magnum” looks like it’d be a fantastic device, offering the best of both worlds…

        Yes, the dual-input thing has been done for YEARS, but combined with a brand new, completely overhauled operating system, I reckon it’d be a killer of a device!

        • Alot of ppl are stating they want the OS overhauled… BUT to what??? Palm-route? Most ppl have no idea how long it takes to build an OS from scratch without sacrificing the security requirements the big corporates/gov agencies rely upon.

          I’m quite sure even with a new OS ppl will complain 😉

          • Forgot to mention that 3rd party apps will also have to be re-write from scratch… Something else the community will complain about (i.e. payingagain for XYZ product etc)

      • I agree that its an old thing… I mean even the installer has a Copyright date of 2008….

  3. Yes, BlackBerry OS is starting to look a little old and yes, COMPLETE overhauls seems to be the “cool” thing to do these days (think of Palm’s webOS, Microsoft’s Windows Mobile and Nokia’s Symbian OS, the latter of which is expected to get a COMPLETE overhaul “late 2010”), but is it REALLY necessary?

    * Is the current operating system suitable for a new Internet browser, that is comparable with that from the competition?

    * What are the restrictions on the hardware BlackBerry OS currently supports (this can directly limit the specifications of future devices, including processor speed, internal/external memory and wireless technologies supported)?

    * Does the current operating system allow developers enough flexibility in writing software, and is the operating system able to adjust to upcoming technologies (such as HTML5)?

    * Are most users happy with the current UI (user interface) and if not, how significantly does the current operating system allow this to change?

    These are the sort of questions Research in Motion (RIM) need to be asking their developers, and the sort of things users need to keep in mind when suggesting a COMPLETE overhaul…

    Obviously RIM will need to do a COMPLETE overhaul at SOME point and I’m all for that – but one needs to look at whether it is REALLY needed RIGHT NOW!

    A COMPLETE overhaul can bring a LOT of benefits, but it can also bring a LOT of hiccups (particularly in the early days) – new bugs and flaws (including security flaws), instability and/or incompatibility, a lack of third-party applications, a high risk of turning a “winning solution” into a complete f*#k-up, a learning curve for existing users… All sorts of things.

  4. Someone needs to make a Hybrid OS from this for the 8900!!!!!!!!!!

    • heya
      I have one Atlas bb…when start on display say “No application linked (factory os)” ..i try harpoon8910.exe …and nothing happend

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