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Google Unveils Buzz – What Do You Think?

Google-Buzz Google has let the wraps off their latest social networking experiment this week and it has a pretty big social component. Google is capitalizing on the millions of Gmail users by integrating Buzz into Gmail. They will also be integrating it into the upcoming version of Google Maps for Mobile version 4.0 which is already out for Android. Google plainly states that the BlackBerry OS will get access to Google Buzz using their mobile website and Google Maps but not through voice shortcuts.

Personally I think Google Buzz is the best attempt Google has made at joining the social networking giants like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. They have added cool features like autofollowing the 40 people you email and chat with the most. The view also integrates nicely into Gmail and makes more sense than Google Wave. It will also add a interesting social side to Google Maps.

So what do you think? Will Google Buzz succeed or flop?

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  1. Soooo…GoogleBuzz Is A Better: Twitter, FaceBook, Foursquare – And It’s All Rolled Into One?

  2. I wish Buzz mobile worked on Blackberry

  3. Google Wave was a complete waste of time. Let’s hope Buzz works out better.

  4. I signed-up to give it a go with my GMail account, but that’s only a backup account, so I’m not sure how much of a test-run it’ll get…

    Google Apps is where my primary e-mail accounts are, and there is no sign of Buzz, so I probably won’t be using it anytime soon.

    In my opinion, there’s not really much incentive to use “Buzz” without support for BlackBerry OS and Google Apps though…

    If Google want to offer the application for a less popular smartphone operating system (Apple’s iPhone OS, which statistically has FAR, FAR fewer users than BlackBerry OS…), then that’s their loss, just don’t expect it to take off anytime soon.

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