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BlackBerry Facebook App News Feed Not Updating For You?

BlackBerry-facebook-broken Nelson and a few others brought to our attention that the Facebook application for BlackBerry seems to be on the fritz. Many people across the globe are reporting that their Facebook news feeds are not updating inside the application. Surprisingly the contact list is updating just fine and the contact sync and linking is also working.

Let us know what you are seeing!

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  1. Same here! no stream available!

  2. Now that social scope works on comments and photo comments I hardly ever use the Facebook app

  3. same here mine is not updating

  4. I see nothing. It just says stream not available. Ugh!

  5. I’m getting the same result as the screenshot above when I attempt to update my News Feed. However, I’m still getting alerts when people respond to comments/updates that I’ve ‘subscribed’ to. And regarding those alerts, it’s hit or miss as to whether or not I can see the thread or get an error message.

  6. Same here

  7. The reason you guys are having a problem, is because you need to log into facebook on a full browser. There is a new layout which u need to accept news feed as a main setting when facebook starts on a pc. You’ll know what I mean when u log in.

  8. The Facebook app has been so slow that I have stopped using it, so I did not notice that news feeds were gone. Viewing comments made on status messages takes so long, I don’t bother with them either

  9. Yup FB changed the look again. I’m not changing anything. I hate the news feeds. All the Farmville and crap that comes with it. And yes I’m getting the same message as everyone else.

  10. The full site’s layout change itself isn’t the cause of this; that started several days ago. The current problem is with accessing the newsfeed via external applications. The same problem exists for Digsby users as well. Either the Facebook API platform itself is having problems, or all clients will be issuing a code update in the next couple of days.

    • Update: Digsby pushed out an update today. TweetDeck is also requiring to re-auth newsfeed access to work. I would imagine we’ll see a BB FB app update shortly.

  11. Same here – getting “no stream post available” on my BlackBerry Tour from Verizon. I am getting facebook messages and updated comments on pictures, but can’t load status or news feed.

  12. Apologies, regarding my earlier post. It’s incorrect. I’ve just checked it and my news feed does not update. It’s probably someting similar to using 3rd party apps to ue facebook messenger chat features. I had to change a few privacy settings to allow fb chat to be used in a 3rd party I’m app. At least there will be a long awaited new update for fb soon!

  13. same here in Austria

  14. If you press your blackberry button (while your in facebook)and go to mobile site, you can read the updates. This will work in the meantime until they get things fixed.

  15. Mine is showing the same as the above picture! I hate this!

  16. I hate this – why do they always have to go and change it when people get used to it?

    They better patch this soon!

  17. I am getting the same no stream. But i am getting the notifications. The notifications though will not load, i cant see anything but the persons name and comment.

  18. Mine just worked! I’m working off a bold 9000 OS 4.6 latest fb update. Its worked fine. This is realy starting to get annoying. Btw, has anybody got a storm, please let me know.

  19. no updates for me either! on verizon in sacramento…

  20. It has updated the news feed for me. Currently set at an hour ago now and won’t refresh. I’m working off the bold 9000 on t-mobile. Facebook on the latest update. This is so annoying, you never know if it’ gunna work.

  21. Same here, rogers user in Canada

  22. same problem here since last night. “no stream available” I am getting notifications but when I click on them I get, “unable to communicate with facebook.” Hope a fix comes soon!

  23. I think that problem started for all users who are updated to the new Facebook layout… But you can still access using Snaptü…

  24. No stream available since yesterday. (help)

  25. same here in Seattle on Verizon Storm 1 OS no steams or updates. only mobile web access

  26. Same problem here, is there a fix??

  27. I have the same problem as the picture above. I can post to my wall but I can’t review comments once I get the alerts. I can not view a message that people send me either. This really sucks! They need to fix it. All my friends w/ blackberrys are having the same problem. I have also heard the I-phone is having issues too just not as bad.

  28. same here in Spain

  29. It’s still working perfect on SocialScope. No issue there!!

  30. I betcha a FB app update comes out tonight.

  31. Same here. Is it because the of the changes in format they made recently to the FB page on the web?

  32. Noticed this yesterday… At first my news stream was taking a while to refresh, then it would refresh post slowly, with gaps in time, then it just stopped working…????

  33. Blackberry Curve x 3 (everyone in my home)
    Our screens are just like the one at the top of the page.
    No stream post available.

  34. I have a BB storm from Verizon and I am getting the same screen like the one at the top of the page when I try to load my news feed since last night. This is quite frustrating and it needs to be fixed ASAP.

  35. Mine has been that way since they changed the format of my page.

  36. same here, frustrating when you get it set up just so you know how to use it and they change it? dumb people working at facebook – do they not read all of the disgruntlements and see that the world is not happy with the “NEW” layout? fix it already

  37. How do you block the Farmville stuff from showing up? I’m fairly new to FB and had no idea you could do that!

  38. Mine is the same. I get the notifications of comments and the like but can’t read them on my device.

  39. Considering how long it takes RIM to fix OS errors (which is EXTREMELY important), it doesn’t surprise me that this Facebook problem has been going on for over 2 days and they haven’t released a fix. I’m sure something will be released within the next couple of days…

  40. It’s back & all working fine.

  41. I was experiencing the same problem today, However mine is working properly now. I uninstalled fb, battery pull and install it again thru After the reinstall, everythings works great!

    I did noticed that the mobile site to download is updated.


  42. Same ugly screen for me and I’ve already logged into Facebook on the PC, so I can’t use that as an excuse. They change UI all the time and it’s a major pain in the neck.

  43. Mine is working fine now! I didn’t have to do anything. Blackberry Curve, US Cellular, Maine.

  44. Yes, mine just updated without any help from me. ATT, MA

  45. No my facebook newsfeeds don’t work it says no streamposts avaviable

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