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Smrtguard Releases Free Device and personal protection App

Most of you are familiar with smrtguard by now since we have mentioned it a few times. I got a chance to test and see this software develop into a powerful app/service.

The guys over at Crackberry caught this bit of news today.

What you get with the free version

* Remote Track Smartphone

* Remote Data Wipe

* Remote Call-Forward Your Smartphone to Another Number – Useful when you forget your mobile phone at home and need to re-direct call.

* Remote Listen to Your Smartphone
* Loved-one Tracking – Add a loved one as tracker

* Personal Panic Button – Discreetly call emergency people, SMS/Email others when in trouble. One button push!

* SIMCard Protection – When an unregistered SIMCard is used, your smartphone notify you via SMS and/or email message. Tracking will be auto turn on.

Extras with the pro version

*All the features offered with the free version

* Remote track and data wipe

* Remote call forward you phone to another phone

* Migrate/Restore Data (cross platform)

You can get this App for your device by going to

Thanks to Tom for the tip.

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  1. Linky no worky! It tries to access a page on the BerryReview server. Doesn’t go to

    The first two features listed as Extras with Pro are part of the Free version.

    Otherwise, this looks pretty cool.

  2. Thanks fixed the link it was small error on my html code 🙂 posting from the mobile wordpress is not as easy

  3. requires Blackberry maps for location services. AT&T users are out of luck for this app.

  4. I suppose there’s no need to have BBMaps “visible”, just install them and SmrtGuard will open them with your location. Its works like in Poynt application 🙂

  5. I think that’s ridiculous of att to try to force their customers to use a paid version you are already forking $ to them

  6. Does Verizon open up on this one? I know I had berrylocater and it would not show where my BlackBerry was…

    • It depends on the actual device. If your device is GPS enabled, the location info is very accurate. If not, it uses cellular triangulation, which varies in accuracy.

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