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Sirius/XM App For BB Now Available

Are you a Serius XM customer? If you are they just released a BlackBerry application for the newer devices including the Bold 9000, 9700, Curve 85xx, 8900, Storm 95xx, and Tour 9600. I am not sure if it will work on older devices.

The site states that you get over 120 channels of programing. FYI the service is a paid subscription, not a free service, they do have a 7 day trial but after that you will need to sign up for a paid account.

You can pick up the application by point your browser to this LINK

Thanks to everclearacg and Gary for the tip.

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  1. I’m not sure this works in canada, I’m a full subcriber to sirius but when I put my login info it doesn’t work, I have a feeling its for american customers

    • Do you have the premium internet radio (additional $2.99/mo in US, I don’t know how much it is in Canada) enabled?

      XM used to have listening to XM over Internet enabled to all accounts. Last year they changed it to an add on, removing it from accounts.

  2. No go on the 8330. It installs but gives an error when running.

  3. Yes I do cuz I have the full one which allows listening online as well as in my car, but here its not called premium its called everything plan or something

  4. i signed up thru sirius and my subscription does have it ..maybe the canadian one does and the american ones dont

  5. see here it says it does include online listening

  6. yea but its saying online service as if it was referencing jus listening online which i am able to do thru my subscription …but maybe i guess thats what there driving at

  7. Meh.. No howard and no caching. I’ll stick with slacker, seeing how it’s like, free and all.

  8. yea i jus phoned and asked..its not available to canadian customers but it should be soon …cuz the iphone one was also available later to canadian customer as well

  9. I culd but then it wuld expire, ill jus wait till they release it for us like they did for the iphone version

  10. Hip hip hooray!!! It’s about time XM/Sirius treated Blackberry owners with some respect instead of making us pay 8 bucks per month for 10 prefixed stations of their choosing. The app looks pretty slick, allows you to save favorites and streams great over wifi on my 8900. They’ve integrated native comtrol to start/stop via the standby button on top but it seems the only way to adjust the volume is to go into the app itself. :-s

  11. What is the cost for this service? I can already listen to Howard via a application for free but miss listening to MLB Home Plate and would consider picking up this service if it is cheap.

  12. Sirius/XM subscriptions aren’t cheap, tho I wouldn’t call them expensive either. Not sure how much it is for on-line only but to have the service on a player costs $12.99 and an extra $2.99 to be able to listen on-line/stream from your BB.

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