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Backup SMS To Email Free with SMS Backups

Briam from Mobilearchiving let us know that they just released a free application called SMS Backups. The application allows you to back up your entire SMS conversation including incoming and outgoing messages with contact name and number.  You can pick up  a free copy of the application by going to .

Description from the developers:
ScreenHunter_15 Feb. 03 19.05 The app is called SMS Backups and it forwards SMS text messages to email such as Gmail, an Exchange account, etc. The great advantage of doing so is that you’ve got a backup of your SMS text messages, and its easy to search SMS in Gmail or Outlook!
SMS Backups is pretty unique. Although there are a couple of other applications which forward sms to email they:
1) only forward incoming text messages. SMS Backups forwards both incoming and outgoing SMS text messages – so you get a backup of the whole chats you had with people, not just the received messages
2) SMS Backups lets you add labels to the email copy so its easy to file into the appropriate folder via Outlook’s rules, Gmail filters etc
3) the other apps only put in the mobile number in the email – but who remember numbers? SMS Backups adds the contact info to the email subject so you have both the number and the contact’s name making it easy to search for and filter SMS text messages.
You can find the SMS Backups at – it’s a free download. Runs on all Blackberrys running OS 4.2 and later.

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  1. the links aren’t working.

  2. Thanks should be working now

  3. I’ve installed, rebooted my BlackBerry, went into the app and set my email address… NOW WHAT?

    I see nothing on how to use this. There are no new entries on my menu’s. I open a new, or saved SMS and when I press the menu key, there are no “Archvie” or Backup” options.

    There is nothing within the program to do.

    There are not even any instructions on how to use the app on the site.

  4. Hi Robby,

    There is nothing else to do! Once you’ve set the email and set the labels, just save the settings and you’re done. SMSBackups will automatically forward your incoming and outgoing SMS text messages to the email address configured. Its all done automatically.

    From your email client you can then set rules or filters to file the email messages based on the labels or the contact details set in the subject.

    Brian Azzopardi

    • Thanks for the reply Brian, but that tells me this program is useless for me.

      I have a lot of older “Saved” sms messages I need to forward over, and I don’t want EVERY SMS sent over. I want to be able to slectively archive the ones I want.

      Nice effort, and thanks anyway. But, let me go remove it from my BlackBerry before it starts forwarding everything over.

      I would gladly try this program again if you added the ability to selectively archive SMS messages over to email. I have about 100 saved SMS that I would love to get over to email and out of the phone’s memory.


      • Hi Robby,

        We’d have loved to be able to archive older text messages as well but unfortunately the BlackBerry API does not give us access to the messages from the device itself. Sorry about that – hope RIM read our thread here 🙂

        However, if you want to do selective archiving of text messages then I’ve got good news for you – we’re going to be releasing a new version of MobileArchiver Online with support for BlackBerry that supports selective archiving of SMS text messages and calls.

        You can check out MobileArchiver Online at

        Brian Azzopardi

        • I’ll keep an eye on that one. Expecially if it lets me PICK the messages to archive and not just based on a rule.

          Say, when I get a message, I have the ability to archive it over if I want to. Not that all messages from a certian person get archived.

          As for the older messages, that’s a shame. That’s 90% of what I need this for. I have some messages, some almost 3 years old from my 2 previous blackberry devices that I would like to archive off, be able to keep, and not have to lugg around in my device memory.


        • Hey,
          I have been using this application on my blackberry for a while now and it has been working fantastic sending both sent and received mesages to my g-mail. The problem is that since last night it has stopped working for the new messages I have sent. So when I restarted my blackberry it did send me e-mails of messages already saved on the sim as usual but it still didn’t sent the two messages I have sent last night to my g-mail account so it stopped working. Actually, I sent one message yesterday and the other this morning, my bad, the second one was me testing if it would work the next day. I tried going into options but I can’t find a way to make it work again. Please help? My hotmail is [email protected]

  5. I wish it archived like 3jam threaded sms app. I’ve been trying to find a replacement for that for EVER. With it you selected a conversation thread and could send it to email, rather than 6000 emails & one for each sms. What are the odds of implementing a backup whole conversation to email option, so it sends one larger email? I would pay top $$$ for it…..


    • As I replied to another poster, the Blackberry API precludes us from backing up a whole conversation as one email directly from the device. (I really hope RIM are reading this thread! :))

      However, MobileArchiver Online lets you view threaded conversations from the web interface. The upcoming MobileArchiver Online will support threaded conversation support in Outlook.

      For more information check out – send me an email if you want to be notified of the upcoming release at [email protected]. Release is planned for end February.

      Brian Azzopardi

    • Empower’s Threaded SMS sends conversation archives. But only of texts sent within the app.

  6. I made an email filter to clean up my inbox. Now my messages are archived instantly.

    Matches: subject:([SMS Sent])
    Do this: Skip Inbox

    Matches: subject:([SMS Received])
    Do this: Skip Inbox

  7. The filters in email would be fine if it wouldn’t clutter email box on phone when it sends a TON of emails. :-/ sorry I really like the application, but I can hardly justify all the difficulty and strings attached when I send ~20k text a month. I wish Rim would release API….DOH!

  8. It doesn’t seem to work on my 8900 OS5.0. It only sends out the email periodically, not every single sms. As of today i have received 7 sms, but so far non get forwarded to the email…

  9. Great app. I was using MessageForward, but it didn’t grab the sent message, which is something I wanted.

    The one feature that would make this a killer app is the ability to specify which mail account the messages get sent FROM…otherwise, I think this will be sticking around for a while 🙂

    • Hi Eric,

      We’re glad you find SMS Backups useful! We’ve been following the comments here and we will be looking at implementing them – I can assure you that the ability to choose the mail account to send from has been much requested so its at the top of the list.

      Brian Azzopardi

      • I’m finding this app works well for awhile and then stops and I don’t notice it for weeks until I go back to look for a text! It looks like when I reboot the device it might not automatically start? Do I need to start it every time? Or is there something else going on. I just realized it sent the last archive on Mar 18, now it’s April 1st! Otherwise it does what I need (except be able to get to old texts, like the ones that I didn’t archive between March 18th and April 1st.

  10. HI! I have tons of txt msgs in my berry and I need to save them somewhere else because I am changing my berry. How can I do that backup?

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