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Storm Unlock by

Instead of using the default screen and/or password protect, you can unlock your Storm simply by using a pattern. It’s very easy to use and best of all, its FREE! Sadly, it can only be installed via Download Manager.

1. Totally free.
2. Easy to use.
3. Auto-launches when background lights dims.

You can download Storm Unlock for FREE from

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  1. Nice, Androiderrific. Poor unlocking accuracy was one of my biggest Storm2 complaints (I’ve since switched to a Tour). This would’ve been helpful.

  2. Seriously? No OTA? Man, requiring a PC to install an app on your phone is SO 1990’s…
    I mean I know NOTHING about programming but even I can see that making a BB app available for OTA install is NOT rocket science…

    Too bad, might have been cool to check this out.

    • a DM install is THAT difficult and/or time consuming?

      considering you back up your device with DM at least monthly at the bare minimum, i dont see why you couldnt install this during your next backup session if you wanted it bad enough.

      so either you dont really want it, dont back up like you should, or simply had no intention whatsoever of trying this out and felt like posting up something in a vain attempt to be snarky, overcompensating for some hidden shortcomings. maybe you just dont know how to use DM to install this app?

      regardless of the actual reason, youre not breaking anyones hearts because “DavidB” is not going to try the app.

      but if it truly is a problem with not knowing how to use DM smartly, there are many, many well written instructions online in blogs, the blackberry website, and forums. it may be a topic that’s beaten to death in the opinion of more seasoned blackberry users, but it’s just as example of how the community of owners are willing to go out of their way to ensure all blackberry owners, new and old, have a chance to use their device to its full potential.

      and if you do need something more personal and in-depth to learn the procedure, i’ll even walk you through it over BBM or by phone, if necessary.

      • or if it’s a case of not having a PC… i’m sure the community can help you out, although i find it difficult to believe one would prioritize the expense of a blackberry and service over a home computer.

        or maybe you have a mac, which is no barrier since there’s DM for Mac.

        the only stoppage, computer-wise, would be a household of only linux boxes, but one can use WINE to run DM for Windows on a linux box.

  3. i don’t know what you guys are b****** about cause i did mine OTA…This works much better than that other “screen unluck” app…this one actually locks the screen from moving when the device is locked…unlike the other. It could be a lil faster with following your finger, but it works fine… I give it two thumbs up.

  4. Nice if you guys to take all that time and typing to explain the obvious.

    BUT, you miss the point, which IS that a smartphone and apps for it here in 2010 should do their work wireless. Sure, you can do stuff while “plugged in” like install apps, backup the phone, etc. But like I said, having to be tethered by wires any more is so 1990’s, heck, you can even charge your phone and update the OS wirelessly now.

    But whatever. Some people just don’t get it. And that’s okay.

    Thankfully this app CAN now be installed OTA.

  5. OTA or not, the developer kindly offered it up for free and is under no obligation to do any more. The least one can do is whatever it takes to play around with it. Thanks, MMMOOO!


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