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Giveaway: ProcessView-EventLog from BBHZM-Soft

ScreenHunter_13 Jan. 31 00.58 BBHZM-Soft let us know about this new application called ProcessView-EventLog. This application lets you see information about the status of your BlackBerry’s memory, battery, network  & the event log. The size of this app is fairly small for what it does. It is available to purchase at the BR Store for $2.99 at this LINK

Here is more information from the description:

ProcessView-EventLog is a Professional And Information Tool, For Your BlackBerry (That Should be Present on your BlackBerry Device). With this Application, You Can View a List of All the Visible Application Processes That are Running on your Blackberry. Just Run the Application And Voila, the List Will be Appear.
This Application not Only Displays the List of Applications Running, You Can Also Open and Clean your Blackberry System’s EventLog.
Besides That, The Application Comes with Extra Options Such as Displaying the Information of your Battery, Memory and Network Status.

List of Features:

  • View The List Of All the Visible Application Running.
  • View The List As a Module Name.
  • Clear your BlackBerry System’s EventLog.
  • Open your BlackBerry System’ EventLog.
  • View the Information About your Memory Device(Free Memory, Total Memory And Flash Total).
  • View the Information About your Battery (Battery Level, Status and Temperature).
  • View the Information About your Network (Carrier Name, Status, Signal Level, Packets Send, Packets Received and Voltage Level).
  • Turn your Radio On/Off.
  • Do not Take A lof Space.
  • Friendly Interface and Easy to Use.

ScreenHunter_14 Jan. 31 00.59

The makers of this application have offered 50 free copies to our readers, to get a chance to win simply leave a comment and let us know of any features you might want to see later on on this application.  Comments must be left before Wednesday midnight Eastern US time. Thanks to @giopand for letting us know about this application.

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  1. I would like to be able to shut down a specific app that is running and clear memory. sounds like a good app to have.

  2. i’d Love a free copy~ ^0^
    thanks…. 😀

  3. I would like to see how much memory and app is using

  4. im in! pick me

  5. Would like to have this awesome tool! :)

  6. Sounds great. Hope to win a free copy. Good luck everyone.

  7. I agree….an option to shut down the application that is running…or applications that are running.

  8. Looks like a very neat app. In addition to seeing what modules are running, it would be great to be able to terminate/kill a certain process/module especially for those annoying ones that keep starting up and hogging juice. It would also be nice to control battery consuming things like Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth from within the app since conservation is an over-riding theme. Great looking app!

  9. This sounds like a REALLY cool app to have. Might be interesting to see version information on the apps currently running, if available.

  10. id love to try this application out should come in handy finding memory leaks

  11. There is a similar app free at app world they called legowo

  12. As a memory-obsessed gal, I’d love to get this app.

  13. this a product/app that i could really do with…. please put my name down for this!


  14. I would love to win a copy!!

  15. What exactly does this app offer, that you can’t already get using the event-log viewer (Alt-lglg), the various Options screens, and maybe the engineering screens (though you can kill processes on those, but they’re harder to get to.)

  16. pick me!

  17. sounds super usefilll =O

  18. I would use it to compare results with other apps that apparently do the same thing. Like other commentators, I would really like to be able to see how much memory each application is using. I typically have to reboot twice a day due to memory leaks, and it would help knowing what is responsible.

  19. Kill a process, that’s what I want.

  20. Thanks! I REALLY need this. What a great program!

  21. This would be nice for my Bold

  22. I would also like to have this nice app

  23. Looks likes a nice simple application. Would like to try it on my Bold 9000 OS 5 and 9700 OS 5 to see how they react, i would also recomend KISSES.

  24. Nice APPs, If you can a “Kill process” option a “remove battery” option… will be very nice”

  25. Any chance it will close processes?

  26. That I can kill any process. Thank you, I’m in!!!

  27. Very good app, i hope to win it :)

  28. Great app!

    I’d like to see a functionality that points out a couple of things:

    1. Sources of memory leaks
    2. The cause of the BlackBerry crashing (perhaps pointing to a specific app)
    3. Potential (or current) software conflicts. For example, is there an app working in the background that may cause a game to not function smoothly?

  29. Hoping to win a copy!

  30. I’d like a copy!

  31. Looks like a useful app! I t would be nice if you could also turn on/off bluetooth and maybe an estimate of battery time remaining.

  32. Definitely a way to kill rogue processes would be nice. When some apps crash they can partially remain running in the background with no apparent way to kill or restart them other then rebooting.

  33. This app is so awesome! This one app can simply replace abt 4 I already have. Cool-now their all in one place! Pls hook me up with this wonderful tool….

  34. Great to have

  35. Hope I get one, it would be really great. I would like to have the ability to reboot the device(battery pull). Please pick me, Thanks

  36. It would be nice if it could show us memory leaks sources.. :)

  37. I would love to see this app show where all the memory is going when it starts to take a dip on the handset.

  38. luv it to close apps

  39. cool appz
    count me in plz

  40. I would also like to have this nice app

  41. I want the ability to stop process of troubled apps! Just like task manager on windows.

  42. Would like to be able to shut programs down and see how much memory they are using.

  43. man this is pretty cool, i agree it would be cool if it detected memory lose apps

    thank you

  44. Awsome app please count me in.

  45. It seems a good program. I want to have it to monitor my BB.
    Hope get surprised from berryreview & BBHZM-Soft.

  46. yes…. the easy and faster way to clear my event log also monitor my blackberry bold. please pick me for a free copy. thanks

  47. This app would be great. I would think the ability to terminate any process running in the list. Memory used by app would be awesome too. Good luck to all.

  48. Would like to be able to shut down the process of those apps that run in the background and consume memory.

  49. Sounds like an interesting app! Let’s see if that help us solve the memory leaks in OS5.. Its a pain :(

    Thanks in advance for the giveaway BR!!!

  50. In the future, maybe they could make it free up memory by killing unneeded processes/apps running in the background.

  51. Hi, the feature such as email log files capability is included in this program? It would be great to have this. Thanks.


  52. I like this app

  53. nice app hope to win!

  54. Maybe include
    memory cleaner and a restart (soft reboot…no battery pull). I’d grab this App pronto.

  55. Free Copy please :)

  56. Looks like it’s got it pretty much covered, but an App Kill, or way to get to it in the case of a kernal panic or force quit, would be nice.

  57. we should be able to use this application to kill a program that cause “hang”.

  58. a reboot feature will be sweet.

  59. Oh how I could use this app! Last night my battery completely died, unknown to me, in the middle of a conversation. Talk about frustration! Thanks to BBHZM-Soft for making this possible to win. *pick me* 😉

  60. i would like to see how much each app is consuming so it’s easier to solve memory leaks

  61. It would be awesome if you can reboot from that same screen.

  62. Wow I could really use this program…
    I’m always wondering what is eating up my memory

  63. This is such a wonderful app. I’d like to see them allocate memory to certain apps to make berries run smoother.

  64. i want one…

  65. This looks interesting and very useful. Count me in! Thank you!

  66. Maybe this will explain why my system is slow.

  67. Yes, please.

  68. Thank you for the opportunity to win! How about the ability to see which app is running and using majority of the resources?

  69. I wish to know the what is actually happening inside my device. I hope this will help me out to know that.

  70. Ability to kill a certain process that is running if it is causing problems

  71. this app is greatly needed.. as of right now I am trying to find me eventlog and I can’t.. which really is frustrating to say the least and that’s being nice.. this would be truly appreciated..

  72. love to have this app, kill process and reboot for more feature

  73. This app looks great. Like others have said, would like to see a feature to kill a running or hung app. Would also like a button to modify the wifi profiles right from the app. Thanks for the contest.

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