Evan’s Pick of the Month for February

Review: Myvu Crystal EV
Price: $299.95
Where to buy: myvu.com

A common misconception about personal media viewing glasses is that they are only useful on a plane. The truth is that they are a must on a plane but there are great benefits to use them in everyday life as well. Take any device with a video out, plug in the glasses [using the appropriate adapter] and you have an instant theater. Last week I was on a 6 hour flight and luckily I had a Myvu with me because for the first time I was able to enjoy a movie on a plane. Instead of the 7 inch screen in front of me that moves every time the guy in the next row decides to move, I enjoyed watching on a simulated 60 inch screen. The picture appears 10 feet away abolishing the feeling of being in the first row of a theater and walking out dizzy.

The Myvu glasses is something everyone loves and wants but some people shy away from because of price and they don’t believe they will use then that often. To be honest that was the reason that until now I did not get myself a pair. However, ever since I got them I use them almost every day. NO, I do not watch that many movies. Like I said they can be used for so much more.

Let me explain……….

My wife goes to sleep much earlier than me and I enjoy watching TV in bed. The TV is usually too loud and it bothers her as she tries to sleep. In the past I would use wireless headphones but the connection wasn’t always the greatest. It seems that with wireless you either need line of sight [in the case of infrared] or there is some sort of noise/interference [in the case of RF]. So I started using the Myvu glasses and viola! problem solved. Not only was I watching without bothering anyone I was watching on a 60 inch screen! How Cool?

As a BlackBerry addict, I really love my Berry. I have 5 email accounts and I find it easy to manage all my emails from the BlackBerry although the small screen is annoying to do all my work from . I started using  a program viaDock (impatica.com) which lets me view my Berry on my PC. As of now the Myvu glasses can do that with Nokia N Series phones.  Apple at least has video out and you are able to watch videos but you are not able to view everything like the Nokia N Series. RIM just doesn’t allow anything. Why isn’t there video out on BlackBerrys?? I hope when RIM finally does add it they do it right. Please don’t make the same mistakes as Apple. Allow a real video output unlike Apple who just allows youtube and mp4.

Compared to the other vision glasses out there the price and quality of the Myvu is top of its class. Although If you are only going to use for the cool feature then it can be a little pricey. If you want a cheaper model Myvu offers its Solo Plus version for a little over $100. I never used it so I can not comment anymore.

what’s your thoughts?

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  1. So the two thumbs up is for Impatica viaDock, right-:)

    Mike (Impatica CEO)

  2. I had a pair of MyVu glasses that worked with my 5.5Gen Ipod (before apple changed the dock connector standard making them obsolete for future models.. nice.)

    They worked okay but for me were more of a novelty than anything else. They’re great if you want to lie down and watch a vid and not have to hold a media player. Sometimes you need your hands free for other stuff.

    I finally got rid of them on Ebay along with the Ipod.

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