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Giveaway: Win 1 of 4 Speck Cases of your choice

DSC_0386_2 Back at CES we met up with the crew from and they followed up with us to offer four of our readers a chance to win a speck case of their choice from there line of products online. Sweet deal right? I have used their products & I liked them. You can check out my previous post about their current & upcoming products.

Some of the favorites is the SeeThru which encases your BB inside a clear protective case that comes with a holster. They carry cases for a wide variety of new & older BlackBerry models like the 83xx, 8110, Bold, Storm, 8900 & the 9630. The SeeThru case comes in several different color depending on the device as well.

You can purchase one for $24.95 at their website.  They have a few other products coming up in the near feature which include the newer devices such as the 9700.


Here is the deal let us know what you look for in a case for a chance to be entered to win a free case of your choice from their available products. Comments must be left before Monday Midnight Eastern US time.

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  1. What I look for in a case is the fit, how well it might protect my device when I may drop it…. And the over all look and feel of it!!

  2. I like a case that protects my 9700 and looks nice. These look like they fit these parameters. I hope I win!

  3. Sweet. The new Speck cases are really nice. Personally I am looking at the new polycarbonate smoked or black cases.

  4. I look for a tight fit, easy to access all side/top buttons or access points and looks good.

  5. I look for a case that feels nice in my hand, gives a nice fit, allows for me to still charge with case on an a case that doesn’t come off when I drop the phone.

  6. I look for a case that is light weight and doesn’t take away from the design of my phone. Also important is a case that is easy to grip and won’t slip out of my hand.

  7. I am really looking for a case that looks nice and protects my blackberry 9630 from scratches and drops.

  8. Would love a copy!

  9. For my Tour. Nothing that will make it look bulky. Make a nice clean fit with protection from nicks and scratches.

  10. Looking for overall protection for stuff like flying pigs, etc… :-)
    Seriously good fit & form, easy to apply and remove, and now that I have bezel scratches something to hide them in my Bold w/o looking massive.
    Thanks for this contest!

  11. Tour. Thin, sexy, can take a beating, lightweight, functionable (allowing use of plugs, etc)

  12. I look for a case that will protect my phone with all buttons accessible. It has to look good and not make my phone bulky

  13. The most important things to me about a case for my phone are protection, fit and looks. It’s gotta protect my phone from drops and bumps while not being too bulky.

    I hope I can win one for my Storm2!

  14. i would like to have it for my tour…hope i win

  15. What I look for in a case is that it protects my 9700’s beautiful bezel :) I already scratched it a bit :(

  16. No cases for 9700? I would like to have one!

  17. -Must not interfere with keyboard or trackpad use
    -Can’t add too much bulk
    -No cheap, hard plastic cases that crack…
    -Can’t scratch the phone, which defeats the entire purpose of the case…

  18. If you are giving I’ll take one.

  19. for any case the most important thing is how well it will protect my BB and how it looks. either one can kill the deal if its not good enough

  20. Would love to get one for my Storm2 9550, thanks!

  21. I like cases that will protect my BlackBerry from scratches or if I drop it but aren’t too bulky.

  22. Oooo Pick me! Pick me!

  23. The speck case looks like it will protect my storm. Cool!

  24. Would like to have one for the 9700

  25. I look for cases that protect my Blackberry in case I drop it, are not bulky, stay on when it’s is in my pocket but are still easy to remove and give me easy access to all ports. I could use a Speck case for my Storm2.

  26. Need to protect my Bold 9700. Hope I win

  27. I would like something to fit snugly on my 9700. The  skins just seem to get stretched out after a little heat or a couple of battery pulls.

  28. If you have a review about the Blackberry 9700…please write it here:
    I have found this phone to be very nice in some ways and quite annoying in others. I use the sms all the time and when I want to send a text to multiple users, the feature doesn’t work. There seems to be some bugs in it as my daughters will do it….it is not as user friendly as that Blackberry Curve.

  29. Nice case. I like the clear; it protects but allows the original look to shine through.

  30. Nice Looking Cases, Looks Like One To Have

  31. I have yet to have found an ideal case for my blackberry so I have a few that I rotate between. But what I look for in a case is a belt clip, finish of the case, sleep mode capabilities and size, preferably smaller than larger. Hopefully you guys can hook me up I’d love to give the case a go.

  32. Nice cases, these have been getting a lot of press lately

  33. hope i can win one of these…it’s so nice

  34. I’d love to win a pixel case for my 9700! Pretty please? :)

  35. thanks for the opportunities to win one of these

  36. i look for a thin shell so no bulk added, i also look for a case where all the ports are still availible especially charging contacts on back for my bb 8900

  37. this will be awesome for my bold!

  38. i hate dropping my blackberry and having all my dents, this can come in handy for,

  39. Most likely im not gonna win, but what the heck…..8520 case this way pls!

  40. Looks very high quality. I prefer to have the protective case as thin as possible. Thanks.

  41. I want a slim profile case that’s durable, with good access to the external buttons

  42. A well constructed case that feels good in my hand and offers decent shock or drop protection is what I look for. Something that provides all that and good looks would be ideal. I’m clumsy. I’m pretty hard on phones. I have yet to try a case for my Tour that fits the bill.

  43. I look for something with a slim profile, holsterable, that doesn’t interfere with any of the functionality RIM built into the device.

  44. I look for a case that allows full functionality of all keys and buttons. It also has to be durable when it’s floating around in my purse. And of course it has to look nice!

  45. I look for durability and ease of use, plus comfort when wearing (Nothing is more unpleasant than a case that digs into your side all day.) I would love one of these cases for my 8320 Curve.

  46. I could use a new case.

  47. Would LOVE one for my Storm!

  48. What I look is protect my Bold 9000 and that the BB still looks cool! :-)

  49. I go for style as well as corner protection for my 9700. Microban would be nice 😀

  50. Like to have a case that is not too hard, does not slip and leave marks on the device

    Also, it has to be cheap 😀

  51. I don’t like a case that makes the device feel 2x bigger then what it really is. Need it thin but still able to protect the device. I also don’t want it to interfere with any of the functionality of the device.

  52. 1. Provide good protection. 2. Easy to put on and take off 3. Not make the phone Bulky. 4. Makes the phone look nice

  53. I have a 9000 Bold. I’d love a Speck case. I used to own one when I had the Curve.

  54. I look for in a case are the following:


    If I win a case I would pick the SeeThru for my 8900.

  55. i would love the opportunity to win a new case from Speck for my brand new Tour 9630… Style is a great thing to have with cases, more importantly is the durability, price, and ease of use… currently I’m using the leather case that came with the device… hopefully i’ll win one so my new tour can be protected in style!!

  56. Need one of these ASAP. I’ve shopped around and this looks like one of the better cases that will actually work with my new 9550 Storm 2

  57. I would try any case at least once. You never Know.

  58. I look for good protection, not alot of bulk…and a color that matches my green Jeep!! :)

  59. I look for a very sturdy case because i have tendency to keep dropping my phone….. the case also has to be scratch proof….. i would love to try this case…. Having design would definately hurt.

  60. Cool case! I’ll take one for my Storm!!

  61. i look for an all balance out case…not too fancy yet not to dull. and mostly something that protect my phone.

  62. In no particular order…
    #1: style. This is pretty generic and means things like color and material; I prefer subtlety.
    #2: durability. How well will it protect my phone if I drop it?
    #3: thickness: I don’t want it to be too bulky in my pocket.
    #4: price
    #5: invasiveness: I don’t want it to hinder my ability to type or access any keys on the perimeter.
    #6: secure/convenient: It doesn’t fall off when I inevitably drop it, and it comes off easily if I need to access the battery.
    #7: clean: I hate it when dirt accumulates under the case; my last case did that and scratched the battery cover.

    That said, Speck has some nice cases for my 8900.

  63. I look for a case that won’t leave my phone bulky, but still protect it fully. It also has to be pleasing to the eye. Color options is always a plus.

  64. Cool case! I’ll take one for my Onyx!!

  65. cool!! Look good on my storm2

  66. I want a case to be:

    1. Thin
    2. Have protection
    3. Looks sleek

    I hope I get one!

  67. I look for a case that not bulky but provides maximum protection. All controls must be easily accessed. A Blackberry has a small enough keyboard without having to go through contortions to hit a key. If it has artistic flair so much the better.

  68. This is damn hot. I would love one of this Speck Cases. Add me to the giveaway please..

  69. A case should compliment a phone either functionally or aesthetically without adding too much bulk.

  70. well.. look for stylish, durabilty, convenient case with reasonable price

  71. The 2 most important features of a case are form & functionality. The case should protect the phone from incidental falls & light exposure to water. I would sacrifice some “bulkiness” for protection. A case should still allow for relatively simple access to all ports.

    Aesthetic appeal would then “seal the deal”.

    Thanks in advance for making this available to all……

  72. It should be very thin!

  73. i want one… would be very great…

  74. I like a case that looks cool and will protect my Blackberry 8900

  75. I look for a case that won’t break easily, that will protect my device, one that will resist constant use.

  76. Thanks for the opportunity to receive one with your contest!

    Here’s what I look for when looking for a case: Speck’s SeeThru hard shells protect your Blackberry Bold from gravity and life’s destructive tendencies, without compromising it’s sleek look! Brought to you in 4 colors, our 2-piece hard plastic shells snap snugly onto your Bold allowing full and easy access to all of your phones features, controls, and plugs. Comes with 360º swivel holster clip that attaches to your pants, purse or pocket. :) Thanks

  77. its has to be tought enough to protect yet have girly, pretty, and colorful qualities!

  78. What I love about cases:

    Form – the shape needs to hug the edges and curves tightly. I don’t like too much padding as it will appear unnecessarily bulky

    Functionality – There need to be ports and cut-outs that expose all the areas we can plug into. If there is a camera on the smartphone, there needs to be a cut-out for the camera to be accessed. I’ve used cases in the past where I had to take off the case in order to charge the Blackberry. Not a good case for functionality. All functionality in the Blackberry should be fully and seamlessly accessible.

    Fun – I want (eye) candy! It needs to have an “ooh” factor…otherwise, forget it.

  79. I look for form and function in a case. I have an 8900 Javelin and don’t like to hide its ‘Curves’. So form has to be form fitting; thin but subtly stylish and unique. I like to be different, but not too crazy. The function I look for is versatility. I like to switch it up. Sometimes I like just a skin, or maybe the pocket, and sometimes I like to kick it old school with the leather holster. The problem is, I’m popping my BB in and outta cases so quick, she gets dizzy! A transparent case thats not bulky and can be holstered would be my ultimate BlackBerry case. I could just snuggle my Javelin in there, and settle in for good!

  80. I wanna protect my soon Storm 2 with style…

    Get me one…

  81. Wow, just the biggest contest around here. Please enter me Gran Guru :)

  82. I like a case that protects the device. If I toss the phone on the desk, I want to feel comfortable there is no chance it will get banged up. I had a speck case years ago and it was nice.

  83. As much as my phone falls, I could use a good case like this. A friend has one and swears by it for minor protection.

  84. I look for whether the phone is protected, especially the edges and the screen.

    Next, i will see it my camera ports are blocked out or not!

  85. i ve looked at a lot of cases but this looks the best for my storm fingers crossed

  86. First, thanks for free cases.
    I’m looking case for my new BB9700, hopefully, i am going to be in the list of free 4 cases :)

  87. Some (most) of this is what I genuinely look for in a case, and some of it is what I would love to have in a case, were such a thing to become available…

    1. Something sexy.
    2. Something thin – there is nothing worse than a case that adds bulk to a device (this is the main reason I refuse to use a leather case).
    3. Something that protects the case, not so much from drops (though this is nice), but rather scratches and the like…
    4. Something that is customizable (eg. custom pictures or colors, etc).
    5. Licensed products.
    6. Something unique and/or with “gimmicky” bits (eg. glow-in-the-dark highlights, light-up bits, “marble-effect” colors, etc…).

  88. What I look for in a case for my BB is #1 style, it has to look good like these do. #2 has to protect my BB from any fall or hit. #3 one that is not bulky that can’t fit in a case.

  89. this is an outstanding item i would love to own this thanks for reading

  90. I look for a case that makes the phone look better and protects it. This looks like the one would love to win one.

  91. I want winner, too.

  92. I would love to win one of your “cool” cases for my blackberry storm 9550. I look for style and durability.

  93. I look for a slim case that offers good grip and protection without hindering function or size, and while improving the overall look of the phone.

  94. I would love one of these!

  95. I would prefer a case that offered the functionality as well as a nice form factor. I don’t see how anyone outside a military/construction setting use cases like Otterbox and other “rugged” cases. You might as well get some leaf fatigue and raccoon meat and have a slaptastic good ol’ time.

    For my BlackBerry (9700), I would prefer a case that protects the “bezel” (most of the cases I have leave small scratches) as well as compliment my personality (a slim, stylish case)

    That’s it…

  96. I look for durability, and dustproof. Working in a woodshop can cause lots of trauma on a blackberry.

  97. Simply, I look for a case that 1) isn’t bulky; 2) fits in my front pants pocket; 3) has a slick, non-binding surface so it slides in and out of my pocket easily; 4) allows me to access the battery easily for occasional battery pulls on my Blackberry.

  98. I like a case that protects my BB without adding bulk. Something sleek, durable and stylish.

  99. These are really cool. I hope I can win one from the contest. Thank you guys!

  100. I look for a sturdy, durable, non-bulky case. Hopefully I can win one for my bold

  101. I like anything that will protect my phone from any possible damage known to man!!!!

  102. Something that would protect my blackberry long enough to see 1 year anniversary in my hands. Currently, I am changing devices about every year – old devices cannot keep up with me and always end their lives on the ground broken to pieces.

  103. My S2 would love one of these babies!

  104. What I look for in a Blackberry case for my Bold 9000 is durability and it being fashionable. :) I love all the different cases Speck is offering. I don’t currently have a case that I like for my Blackberry and Speck cases look amazing!!

  105. I consider style and durability when looking for cases for my Blackberry 9700…Please choose ME!!!!!!!

  106. what i look for in a case….protection. nothing better than to drop your phone with a case on to realize the case took all the damage.

  107. I need a speck case for my new onyx :)

  108. durability.
    thanks for the contest

  109. I like something that’s tough, yet sleek, not bulky

  110. I just broke my case today!

  111. Skin me.

  112. I would use this for the durability esp since my BB S2 tends to drop quite a lot, slippery hands, and I need something quick before this thing actually breaks!
    Would love to be the winner for this :)

    Looking forward to the pixel one for the S2!

  113. daddy likes cases that are dope like speck cases

  114. I am in need of a decent case for my BBTour. A tough but flexible case that can protect my device from a bad fall and also not weigh my phone or music player down. I’d also appreciate a case that is easy on the eye and feels good when the device is in use. Sounds simple but these qualities seem to be difficult to find.

  115. I love one of these babies!

  116. I want one free case for BB8900

  117. I look for a case that will always fit into a holster, something that is not too bulky because hey no one wants a brick phone right. I look for quality build because to many times I have got a new case for my blackberry and within a month its coming apart or broke. Design is important, like the early otterbox cases they work but they were so ugly I don’t like a case that makes my phone not look like a phone, all in all I’m pretty impressed with Speck’s cases so I would love to try one and see how well it holds up.

  118. Wow I’d love to have this for my S2 – just got it a few weeks ago and sadly I already have a scratch on the camera lens – that’s fine though… thanks a bunch for offering!

  119. Great looking cases there…

    I normally look for something that provides good overall protection, looks stylish, durable and is easy to apply.

  120. Sweet contest. Main thing I look for in a case is how well it blends with my phone, without making it bulky, and how much protection it offers in case it is dropped. The Speck cases look pretty nice, more of what I do look for.

  121. Great contest, thanks! I would love this new case!!!

  122. I’ll always prefer stylish looking and well designed cases. Currently I have a silicon and leather casing which are both 3rd party as they are more well made than the official Blackberry silicon one.

  123. Oh man. This is so good. I need a case really bad for 9700. Thanks specks & br


  124. Looking for a nice 9700 case… but I’m sure I can make use of one of the existing cases. Please pick me!

  125. I have the 9700 and I am always looking for ways to protect my phone baby and still look pretty. I would love to play dress up on my Bold with a new Speck case!

  126. I could use this for a new S2 I got the day it came out – this would be nice case for me since I put my S2 in my pocket. Currently I use the leather pouch but it’s a pain to take the phone out with just 1 hand and esp. when I’m driving. Well, looking forward to be a winner for this one. Thanks a lot for offering BR – ya, I’ve been gone a while but now I’m back to BR!

  127. Whoa – I’d love to have this! Make me a winna! 😀

  128. I look for a case that is durable, but also looks nice on my phone. That is something I am still trying to find for my 9700.

  129. I need a case for my new 9700 :)

  130. would love this for my blackbery!

  131. This would be a great add on for my specking new Blackberry!

  132. Shoot, I want something that is sturdy. I want one that will not break or weigh down the phone too much. Has to have some grip! No one wants the case to fall out of their hands!

  133. Hey – would love to have this… something necessary for a college student! Would def. use this for my BB S2 as I tend to slide in my bag and never really use the holster as I have bad exp. with those.

  134. I’d love to win one!

  135. Simple, something light, not slippery, and flat out “protect my 8330 Blacberry”. Just keeping it real….

  136. A case needs to be durable and keep my blackberry safe while still being functional by letting me get to all my ports and charging plugs.

  137. My main concern is keeping my blackberry in one piece when I drop it or mash it against something, which happens too often at work. Also needs to be something that can be holstered to my belt. Lastly would be having easy access to the charging port, etc. Thanks!

  138. Would love some protection for my Storm 2 :-)

  139. Oh yes count me in for my S2.

  140. needed this for my 8900 :)

  141. need this for my 9700

  142. I would love to show off my Storm 2 in one of these cases! They look awesome!

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