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Giveaway: Wifi Media Backup Win One of 30 Free Copies

Now this is a cool application that Ronen mentioned a few days back, Wifi Media Backup from Chocolate Chunk Apps. This application does something really cool it automatically backs backs up your your media from your Blackberry to your PC any time you have access to a WIFI connection.

The way this application works is by installing their free Media server on your PC & setting the mobile application on your BB device.

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List of features:

Everything is automatic!- before you know it your photos etc are conveniently on your PC and ready for viewing.

  • Files transferred locally over wifi – so no data charges and super fast uploads.
  • Works for all files on your Blackberry: on SD Card or internal Blackberry memory.
  • Animated UI to see waiting transfers and transfer progress in real time.
  • Use the send option to send any file directly to your PC: great for quick BlackBerry->PC file transfers.
  • Inbuilt file explorer: delete, rename or select any file on your Blackberry (internal memory and SD Card).
  • Install our free Media Server on multiple PCs on different WiFi networks.
  • Device supported include OS 4.5+ Touch & non Touch devices with WIFI capabilities.

For more information go to the BR Store where you can purchase this application for $5.99 until January 31st regular price $12.99

Giveaway: For a chance to win a free copy leave us a message telling us what device & what you look forward to with this application or any suggestions you may have. NOTE THAT THIS IS FOR DEVICES WITH WIFI ONLY! Messages must be left before Monday Midnight Easter US time. Good luck.

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  1. Using a Bold 9700. This will help out a lot as I’m usually too busy (read lazy) to copy everything when I get back home.

  2. Now that’s awesome! Please count me in and thanks for the chance!

  3. Would be great to access my media and other files over WiFi on my Bold 9000 or 9700 :-)


  4. I’m always struggling to find my usb cable when i want to move music/videos onto my 9000 =D this would be amazingly helpful! Thanks BReview!

  5. Bold 9000! I rather like the old Bold shapes and things (except the trackball though). I usually backing up my bb content once every few days. With this app perhaps it could happen several times a day automatically! Such a great convenience!

  6. Great software, thanks

  7. Hey Ide love a copy of this for my 8900 Curve. I take a lotta pictures and move alot of files around, and sounds like this would help me keep everything all up to sync.

  8. Hi, need one

  9. Using odin.simple no cable data to copy my media .

  10. I use a Blackberry Bold 9700. This application will come in handy everytime i walk in the house i can have the data transferred without having to plug in my BB. I am in.

  11. Would love to win a copy!

  12. Hi, good luck everyone

  13. This is a great app!. No more searching for the always misplaced USB cable and will solve my bluetooth connection issues on my Bold 9000! Thanks guys for the contest!

  14. Got a 9700 and lotta contacts/email/photos/etc. it’ll really help me if I can get one…

  15. Excellent count me in.

  16. this would be so useful.

  17. This looks like a very handy application to use with my Curve 8900

  18. I would like to receive a copy of this for my 9700!
    I will use it to transfer to my office server my visual notes taken with 9700 camera.

  19. I’d love to use this on my 8520. It would be great to help me backup the work I do when I’m driving on the bus going home from work.

  20. Thank you! would love to backup my Storm2 9550 with this app.

  21. Storm 2 9520
    Perfect for backup my data

  22. Automatic backup–now that’s worth getting this app for! Would love to try it out.

  23. Awesome app!!! I would love this for my 8900. I try to back up & transfer my pitures/ video, but don’t always remember. This would be such a great app to have. Would make my life so much easier.

  24. Free copy please :)

  25. using Storm 2. with this program i do not need to worry if i forget to bring my USB cable.
    it will be great if we can play file on PC media server from blackberry

  26. Just received my Bold 9700 – first BB ever for me – and I want to backup securely all the photos I’m making to my little 6 year old daughter but I ALWAYS forget to take with me the usb cable!!!

  27. Great to have for my bold 9000

  28. I’m using a Storm2. I’m looking forward to having a backup of all my pictures and music in case I ever lose my device or something else happens to it.

  29. looks like this will be a great addition to my curve 8900 in case my phone melts down (knock on wood) considering all the photos I have on it.

  30. This Will Come In Handy!! Hope To Win A Copy! Nice App Too

  31. Cool idea, set it and forget it.

  32. hopefully i can win this tight app

  33. I’d like a copy!

  34. i am always backing up my stuff this will come in handy. cross my heart to win.

  35. nice little app, hope i can win one!!

  36. awesome app!

  37. wow….be so nice to backup my bb without plugging it in now!! =)

  38. I’d Love a Free Copy.. 😀
    Thanks~ 😀

  39. I’m using a Bold 9000. I like the possibility to copy my music wirelessly. Useful for media card backups too.

  40. Sounds useful!

  41. I have a BOLD 9000. This app is very useful and simple and I’d love to have it! Thank you!

  42. 9700. I hope this helps with getting back on track faster when testing out new betas, instead of installing all apps manually.

  43. I have a 9000 Bold. I’d love a Speck case. I used to own one when I had the Curve.

  44. I have an 8900. This could be one of those timesavers you end up wondering how you ever lived and worked without it.

  45. I left earlier comment in wrong thread. I have a 9000 Bold. And the rest of my life is wireless. I’d love my BB to get on board the WIFI backup train too.

  46. This is exactly what I have been looking for.

  47. I look forward for files transferring locally over wifi. I have a 9700.

  48. I have 9700 and I want this

  49. This looks cool. I have the Storm2 and think it would be great for when I go hiking and camping and take pics. They would upload and friends and family can see fast.

  50. i want it for the 9700 really sweet looking application

  51. Wish I had WIFI

  52. I have a Curve 8900, transfer files wirelessly is very practical and useful, especially if like me you have hundreds of files to be saved and your USB cable is damaged.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  53. I have an 8900 Javelin. The thing I look forward to most about Wifi Media Backup is increasing my Laziness Index by not having to connect my BB with a pesky usb cable anymore to keep my precious pictures and videos safely backed up. I predict this will bump my “LI” from 6.4 to at least an 8.0.

  54. i have a bold 9000. im looking forward to be able to backup my files without having to turn on my computer, hook up my bb, and go through all these sync that take half an hour

  55. Me please!

  56. pick me!

  57. Great App, Great Contest, and great Webpage, Thanks Again BerryReview.

  58. pick me!

  59. Cool app it would be interesting to test it on my Storm2.

  60. Really cool application! :)

  61. cool….
    count me in..
    hope can win and have a try for this application..
    thank you

  62. this is a handy app to have

  63. pick me please…..

  64. Very interesting and practical application, I thank you for the opportunity to receive one in your contest!!!

  65. i have tons of photos and videos needed to be backed up. beats sifting through which i have or haven’t backed up yet. will be using it for 9700

  66. I’m currently on a bold 9000, I find that this app can make live a lot more convenience for everyone that doesn’t want to hook up this phone to the computer. I’m very interested in trying this out.

  67. Where is the application that I can use my bb to connect to my laptop to surf website that who don’t have internet service at home with high speed internet installed? I did remmy saw one that I can use my bb to laptop to surf on laptop. I can’t remmy the name of app? Please share info with me. Thank you very much

  68. Can u give me that app u just said on ur msg. Pls send it to my private message???

  69. Blackberry Bold 9700 – Add the possibility to wake PCs via WOL – I already tried this with the JDE – should be no problem for you. Add the possibility to sync folders: then I could put some MP3s which I would liketo hear the next morning on the PC which are then synced to the BB.

  70. My device is BB9700. It is true that this software is just useful when it can backup schedule and folder not only 1 file per time. And then if you really need back up your emails and text everyday. This software should have. That’s all.

  71. Fantastic app I think I will be the most happiest to be among the lucky winners.I have more than enough downloads everyday.can’t wait to wirelessly back up

  72. What I look forward to is knowing my bb info will always be baccked up

  73. Can u tell me what name of app that my bb can hook up with laptop to use the signaler? I don’t have high speed internet. I use this bb’s browser, it’s too limit. Hard for me read or get to dl the video to watch. Only laptop or computer can. Thank u, Ying

  74. I alway like apps from Chocolate Chunk (Ex : Wifi File Transfer is very good).

  75. I like the concept and I haven’t tested it, but for it to work for me, I would need to be able to choose where things go on my PC. Videos to one folder, pics to another, etc.
    I wish they had a linux version, so that people could install it on NAS/servers. No need to turn on the desktop or laptop, everything would be archived on the server and pushed to the cloud via a cron :)
    I have a 9700.

  76. what a great app for my blackberry. i would like to have a free copy with me. please pick me… thanks

  77. I would like to win this app. Would be very nice to transfer files without connecting to the pc. I’m using an 8900.

  78. I’ve got a 8320 and being able to connect via media transfers this way would be superb. Good luck all!

  79. I will love to have it.

  80. I own two of their apps, it’s good, hope to win this one 😀

  81. Wireless xfer would be great. I hope I win!

  82. This would really come in handy for transferring the kids pictures! Good luck everyone.

  83. I would love to win a license for JJ’s pictures!!

  84. I really love the idea that I can put media files on my Bold 9000 without actually hooking it up to the computer like the wifi file tranfer program!

  85. it’s nice these day to do any of these file transfer wireless. Hopefully my bold will be lucky enough to use this app

  86. I want I want I want… I would love to have this app!

  87. This app is amazing!!! I would love to have one. Please pick me :).
    Have a good day everyone.

  88. I have a Blackberry Bold 9000 and this application looks very cool and is a great way to back-up your information. I use WiFi all the time and this would be a very useful app. for my to use. I am always forgetting to back up my Blackberry and this would be very help for me. :)

  89. Yes, it’s a good software.
    thank you

  90. this would make life easier :) this is the app fir me

  91. This sounds awesome! Count me in!

  92. Would def. love to have this for my S2 – it does have wifi!

  93. I am a new blackberry user first phone Curve 8530 sprint and I love it!. I was just looking for a app to do just this! You would make my day.

  94. look great! Please count me in!

  95. Using it for my Storm 2, would be nice to have a second place to put my media securely. No better place than my own computer.

  96. I’m using a Bold 9000. I think this will be a great app to back up for 10GB worth of pictures, mp3s and video without having to dig out and connect the USB cable with I keep misplacing.

  97. This would be excellent if I could get one of these. I love you apps. Thanks for the opportunity.

  98. quote: Device supported include OS 4.5+ Touch & non Touch devices with WIFI capabilities.
    including Odin 9520? I would like to try

  99. I have the Storm2…..this would be fantastic to be able to backup my files!

  100. Need some backup!

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