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Giveaway: Win one of 25 Free copies of WiFi_BTPower

A few days back we mentioned Wifi_BTPower from Toysoft Development, Inc. which lets you schedule when to turn on & off your WIFI or Bluetooth during the day to safe battery power.

If  you normally turn your wifi off during a certain time of day this will help you save power for example when you are at work you may not need it. You can purchase this application from the BR Store for $2.99 at this link.

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Main features include:

  • Schedule up to 64 different schedules during the day
  • Schedule to turn wifi and/or Bluetooth off when you sleep and turn on in the morning
  • Works when your Blackberry is off or keyboard locked
  • Easy to use
  • For Storm users you will need to Disable Compatibility Mode in the Options app.

This app has you covered with so many schedule options so check it out I believe it does have a free trial.

Giveaway: Let us know how many times you need to turn off your WIFI on a regular day and you will automatically be entered for a chance to get yourself a free copy. Comments must be left before Monday Midnight US Eastern time.

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  1. I usually turn off wifi a couple of times a day and BT twice a day. Thanks for the contest.

  2. toysoft makes some of the greatest apps for the BB. Would be happy to give this a go..

  3. I’d Love a Free Copy.. 😀
    Thanks~ 😀

  4. I turn off and on my wifi approximately 7 times a day and would love to have the opportunity to try this.

  5. I usually turn on my wifi before work till i hit the office…but the sec i leave the office, it’s back on…and for BT, usually at least 2x a day during the time im in a car.

  6. At least twice: on when I get to work and off after I leave. Maybe a few more at home depending on how bad AT&T’s 3G network is doing 😛

  7. At work m thru f i turn mine on at least 5 times a day between meetings,calls and lunch.
    i could really use this.

  8. Thanks for letting me know. Turn it off more than 10 times a day and can’t to be one of the lucky winners of this great app from Toysoft.

  9. I turn mine on and off about 3-4 times aday and would like to have this app so this will eliminate me having to do it manually… This reminds me of ProfilePro…. So, please choose me for this app!!!!

  10. Well I forget to turn it off when I leave for work and by the afternoon seeing my battery life down to 40% I remember then. This will help me out a lot. Old age setting in…lol

  11. Very cool idea for a program and a must for conserving battery life!

  12. This app can be very useful! Helps you manage the wifi when you’re busy at work. I’d love a copy.

  13. Not really sure how many times I need to turn off WiFi but there are times in the day that I definitely need WiFi on…!

  14. Count me in in this app!

  15. Nice app im in

  16. Need wifi on at work and when get home in the evening, not in the morning or when I’m driving. I’d like BT on when I’m driving of course. I’d really appreciate a copy! Thank you!

  17. I usually turn BT on and off at least twice a day and wifi can be as many as 5 or 6 times a day depending on what I’m doing.

  18. I have been wanting something similar to this for a LONG time. A free copy would be awesome!

  19. I would love a copy!

  20. WOW!!!!! This looks fab! i want it!

    thanks in advance…..

  21. Pick me Please

  22. Another very useful app from ToySoft!

    I turn WiFi on/off approx 3-4x a day.

  23. This is a really great application!!

  24. Would love to not have to turn it off six times a day.

  25. I would love copy… i cant tell you how many times i have to turn on and off my wifi

  26. I’ll turn my Wi-Fi on and off typically around 3 times a day (when I wake-up, when I get home for lunch and when I get home after work), though sometimes it’s slightly higher…

    Bluetooth I don’t use a whole lot, usually turning it on when I get home of an afternoon and off when I go to bed.

  27. Another awesome product by the Toysoft team.

  28. Would love to win one!!! Thanks!

  29. one cool app

  30. I turn my WI-FI off on the average of 3 times a day.

  31. This is so weird, I just got a Bold 9700 with wifi yesterday and was wishing that there would be another contest to win this great app! Dreams CAN come true I guess. I turn on and off my bluetooth 4 times a day and wifi so far around 2 or 3 today.

    I really hope I win! Thanks Toysoft and BerryReview!

  32. At least 2 times a day for both Bluetooth and WiFi.

  33. I would love a copy for this one.

  34. i want a copy…

  35. I’ve been thinking of buying this app so winning one would be great. Fingers crossed.

  36. Great App!!!! This is exactly what I want, pls pick me.

  37. daddy just wants one

  38. Great app. Hope I win.

  39. I could use this. Good luck everybody!

  40. i have my wifi turn on and off at least 3 times a day
    in the office, home and sometimes public hotspot
    for BT at least 5 times a day for BT headset

  41. I want free copy

  42. for my routine activities, this application will be a good helper…

  43. I will love to have a copy of this usefull app, Thanks BerryReview

  44. wow.. this is a cool application….
    count me in and hope can win this…

  45. I turn WiFi on and off about twice a day. THis app would greatly extend my battery life. Thanks for the giveaway.

  46. I turn WiFi on and off about twice a day. Hope I win.

  47. Great to have as i forget at time to turn off my blueooth at nite i turn off wifi when i leave home

  48. I only need to turn off my wifi when I’m at work.

  49. This Will be Handy! Hope I Win!

  50. me me meeee =)

  51. I turn my wifi on and off about 3x a day

  52. I turn WiFi on & off a couple of times a day, but this would be fantastic for me to be able to schedule bluetooth for driving to and from work so I don’t forget & have to pull over to answer a call. Great contest & thanks to the developer. Good luck everyone!

  53. I actually leave my WiFi on most of the time. I only shut it off when I travel larger distances (no WiFi in the car obviously) and at certain locations where I know that I will have no WiFi coverage. (I go to the movies almost every week, so this would be perfect to shut off WiFi at that time)

  54. Generally I turn off my Wi-Fi when I go to sleep and when the baterry is almost over. This app will help me a lot. Thank you!

  55. What a great app! I turn my Bluetooth on/off 2x a day (audio/phone use in my car), and the Wi-Fi on/off 2x a day (when I come home or leave for work). Would appreciate any opportunity at this app!

  56. i was travelling to a foreign country earlier this month, i had to turn off wifi dozens of time each day.

  57. i cant even remember how many times i have to turn on and off my blackberry. Leave Home to go to Work turn it off, reach work turn it on, leave work turn it off, reach friend house turn it on.

    Lost county, but on average i guess around 6 times Turning Off and 6 times turning it On.

  58. I’ve been looking for something like this application for a very long time now! This is great because I often switch off wi-fi to save battery power and end up forgetting to switch it on again!

  59. i would save a lot a battery power. i am always forgetting to turn my wifi and bluetooth off when i get to work. i can use this app for sure.

  60. Expecting one copy plz

  61. I beta tested the WiFi only version of this app. for Toysoft Dev. It ROCKS!
    I turn my wifi off and on 3-4 times a day, BT about 2 times a day.
    Keep your eye on Toysoft Dev. they create great BB apps for a reasonable price.

  62. pick me!

  63. Fantastic app and fantastic contest, thank you for the opportunity.

    I do not use my WiFi very often as it is too much of a hassle however I use my Bluetooth everyday all the time. I listen to music through Blackberry Bluetooth Stereo Gateway with one in my car and one with my home stereo. So the ability to set times to shut off the BT would be a great battery and memory saver!!!

  64. oh geez, I didnt even know it was a good thing to do – brain fart moment!

  65. I shut off my wi-fi 3 times a day. :) Pick me!

  66. I think I turn on my wifi at least 3 times a day…and bluetooth on car trips to and from work


    What a GREAT idea I am always forgeting to turn on or off my connections and then my battery just sucks power. This would be nice to win a copy of!!!!!

  68. This would help a bunch a!s I use wifi all the time. I hope I win

  69. I must have turn my wifi at least 5 times a day…on a slow day. It’s nice having your phone wifi ready for web surfing.

  70. This is a pretty tight app. I always turn on and off my wifi and bt before work, during lunch, and after work. So this app will make it super convenience for me

  71. I usually have my wifi turned on about 2x a day

  72. I don’t usually have my wifi turned on until after work around 5ish. I think I use my bluetooth more often…at least 4x a day.

  73. Hi, this software is great for my battery, thanks

  74. I use a bluetooth headset to listen to pandora on my 9700 at the gym. Plus i need wifi at my job and my house for better reception. i find myself forgetting to turn off these radios and i have to travel with two batteries since im on the road a lot. this app might let me leave my other battery at home lol

  75. this software will do great to aid me manage my batteries

  76. I usually use my wifi the second I wake up to check the news. Another time during lunch and last at the evening.

  77. Free copy please :)

  78. I only need it on during school time. I have [email protected] reception on campus and that is the main way to get my emails. So every other day, but this would make it so it is automatic. No need to think about it.

  79. I turn my Wifi on and off about 4 times a day….bluetooth I try to turn off when I am not in the car, so I would estimate about 3 or 4 times. Oh yes, this app would be great!

  80. I usually turn my wifi on and off 2 times.. and BT over 5 times.. GOod luck everyone!

  81. i turn wifi fi and bluetooth on and off many times and this would make it much easier.

  82. I would love to have a copy of this program. Good idea!!!!!!!

  83. My Fingers Cross Worked. I Won A Free Copy. Thank You So Much Toysoft. I Will Definitely Use This App. Again, Thank You.

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