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Nationwide Ban on Texting While Driving a Truck or Bus

Driving-texting-teen We are getting one step closer to a nationwide ban of texting while driving for regular drivers. This comes right on the heels of a ban on texting while driving federal vehicles in December along with multiple state bans throughout the country for all drivers.

The latest law bans texting while driving large commercial trucks and busses throughout the United States. The fine for texting while driving a truck or bus will be up to $2,750 which is a hefty sum.

Now all we need is for RIM to build in some awesome voice control software and finally ditch this Nuance v2 crap they have been giving us for years. Until then we have Vlingo to pick up the slack.

via Reuters via Gizmodo

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  1. imo, texting AND talking on a cellphone should be banned. i hate overreaching laws like these, but since many adults are too irresponsible to stay off the phone while driving, an all out ban on device usage is preferable to the unsafe conditions they create on public roads. the only other solutions would be to expect everyone to act responsibly while driving (highly unlikely) or increase the education and competency standards required to acquire a driver’s license (desperately needed in america).

    i wish americans in general would give the task of driving a motor vehicle the attention it deserves. driving, for most people, is not difficult, but it does require your full attention at all times. distracted driving is driving negligently, and far more injury accidents occur due to negligent driving than driving intoxicated.

    sadly, people generally pay more attention to a computer screen than they do to the task of driving.

    my bad. just had a lengthy debate about this issue with an acquaintance recently.

  2. Point well taking and well deserved.

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