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Giveaway: Antair Spam Filter win one of 5 copies

We have mentioned Antair Spam Filer before a powerful application that stops spam right on your BlackBerry. This application does not required a server for filtering your email to check for spam it does it right when you get the emails sent to you. I know that most email systems like gmail & corporate accounts stop a lot of the spam but some still tends to make it to my BB device. You can get a 30 day trial of this app from the BR store or purchase for $49.95 or at

sf4 Some of the features include:

  • Flexible and powerful spam engine.
  • Full integration with the BlackBerry inbox.
  • Full integration with the BlackBerry address book.
  • Full cooperation with server-side spam tags.
  • Complete monitoring of all e-mail accounts.
  • Full support for personal and corporate devices
  • Personal configurations:

    • Address White lists
    • Address Blacklists
    • Domain White lists
    • Domain Blacklists
    • Term White lists
    • Term Blacklists
    • Works on any BB OS 4.1+

    Giveaway: The team at Antair has offered 5 free copies for our readers, for a chance to win a copy leave us a comment and tell us what is the funniest or most annoying spam emails you got on your BB. The contest will run until Friday Midnight US Eastern time. Good luck, & big thanks to Antair for the giveaway.

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    1. I always receive SPAM for Donkey porn… I believe one of my friends have played a prank on me, but it is what it is!!!!

    2. Cool. Can I have one please. Thanks for the chance

    3. This Would Come In Handy! Hope I Win!

    4. I would love to have this app! I recently purchased a subscription to Sport Rider and really enjoy the magazine. They asked for my email address during the process and I should not have given it to them. I an constantly receiving emails from them regarding their other magazines, different deals/offers and renewal subscriptions for the magazine. I have opted out for each and every single email that they have sent me, but they always send me a different email with a “similar” offer. It’s getting SO old!

    5. Thanks for the chance

    6. Could definitely use this to filter my spam-o-rific Hotmail…

    7. Ok, I DEFINITELY need this. I get so many spam messages on my berry, I don’t get it.

      Especially since they get filtered in my gmail.

    8. I won something from you guys and the winners email with activation code got sent to the spam folder. Needless to say when I finally found it the code had expired. Thanks to Luis and the company sponsoring the contest I was reissued the code.

      If I won this I can whitelist the staffs domain and never miss my winning again.

    9. Awesome!! 😀
      I’d Love a Free Copy.. 😀
      Thanks~ 😀

    10. nice app add me in

    11. I think the normal spam everyone get are porn site, won some sweepstake prize, and ads. I think the funniest one was about some porn spam with the title “(some actress) want to see you” or something of that area.

    12. Damn this is one of the best giveaway ever…. I’m in for this app.

    13. Getting annoying spam emails from RIMM and their partners 🙂

    14. I could use this app. Damn the Spam!!

    15. Nice apps. I cant wait to obtain a free copy and check 🙂

    16. Can i get one pliiiiiiz 🙂

      The funniest one was a mail from my bank tellin me i got a gift for my birthday 15…. I’m 26 lol

    17. If I had invested in Pfizer way back when I’d be rich now!

    18. I received a lot of VIAGRA spams :-P… I’d like to win one of this copy

    19. Want one!!

    20. I would love a copy. In a furious moment of weakness, I made the fatal mistake of “replying” to some spam email. I believe I not-too-politely asked them to send the “free offers” to the guy from Nigeria who also emails me to help him transfer his funds out of the country. I guess they didn’t get that I was serious (or perhaps my reply went into their SPAM box) because I get even more now!

    21. I got a good spam mail recently.
      It was a plea to raise money for a Nigerian astronaut that was left stranded on Russian space station “Mir” ’cause Nigerian space flight agency don’t have the $ to bring him home.

      FYI – space station “Mir” has been decomissioned and was dumped into Pacific Ocean several years ago

    22. The most annoying spam emails I get are the ones which state I won a free laptop for testing or I need to claim my prize of so and so.

    23. Great to have

    24. I’d love to win this app. I get too much spam on my Blackberry.

      Somehow I get emails from a guy on the other side of the country who has the same last name as me. We both have an odd last name so its kinda neat but I get his stuff on a regular basis.

    25. No more Viagra spam! The thought of that alone thrills me!

    26. Sound Great, I want this one, too. Thanks

    27. Whomever wins this app hits the jackpot!!

    28. The most annoying spam I get is the ones
      that tell you you have inherited a trillion
      dollars. Really?

    29. This could be very handy for those spam marketing email ugh! im in 😀

    30. Boy could I use this. More & more spam everyday!

    31. i’m in……………

    32. Free copy please 🙂

    33. I like this app. I hope to win

    34. wow… this is great. i can block the one i dun like…i wan i wan,,, please pick me. i wan to have a free copy. thanks 🙂

    35. thankss

    36. Pick me please!

    37. I can’t wait to be a lucky with your fantastic app.Spam annoys.will be glad to at least get rid of them with your app.Thank you all.

    38. i am a billionaire by now, you know how i came to find that out. Its because of all the spam i get from nigeria etc telling me that they got millions left to them by someone and they need to transfer it out of the country etc etc.

      Antair spam filter will be awesome for me.


    39. I have 2 for you. One of them is an offer to enlarge my d***(private part) size. I don’t need that because I’m a woman. Also, there’s another where there’s money left for me from a distant relative and all I need to do is send the kooks all of my bank information and they’ll get the money right to me. I think this app is right for me

    40. I could use this! Someone that keeps writing that they had previosuly discussed with me and “Jim” a job opening just right for me and to reply back with my personal information and resume so they can process my job application. Seems that Jim knows most of my coworkers too.

    41. Im sick of emails requesting me to forward to 10 of my friends and something wonderful will happen to me – I get plenty of those. I’m still waiting….

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