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Rumor: BlackBerry Tour 9630 Stock Dwindling @ Best Buy

BlackBerry-tour-tilted The rumor mill is at it again with this latest rumor dropped by the BoyGenius. On of his “Trusted sources” let him know that Best Buy locations are selling out of the BlackBerry Tour 9630 and will not have their stock refilled.

That is pretty crazy since the Tour only came out 6-8 months ago but it fits with the rumors we have heard of the Essex dropping in the first quarter of 2010. I know quite a few people who can’t wait to get an official OS 5.0 CDMA device with a trackball and Wi-Fi.

So what do you think? Should RIM be giving a free Essex to all original Tour owners? 🙂

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  1. LOL Heck if they giving them away to tour owners wheres the line ill take one.

  2. Doesn’t matter if it is free or not, work is getting me one because I run all of the blackberry’s at work.

  3. That would be a resounding “Yes.”

  4. Free would be nice, but realistically they should at least give a really good discount/trade-in.

  5. YES! YES! YES! or a trade-in would be acceptable.

  6. no, because everyone knew the essex would come out to replace the tour. verizon and sprint announced the replacement even before the tour was released. so everyone that was stupid enough to buy the tour should not get the new essex. we cannot reward ignorant people who actually went out and bought the tour.

    • Not everyone knew the essex would come out to replace the Tour this fast. Even now, we don’t have any hard evidence to confirm any release dates, just rumors and gossip. I have a Tour, and when I bought it I knew full well that a Tour 2 was in the works, but all I knew was that they were planning it. In the IT world, there is always a replacement in the works when you buy something new. The reason people are up in arms over this is because they have pretty much stopped stocking the Tour, so it had a very short lifespan. I bought mine more or less out of desperation, as my 8830 was not holding up anymore and at the time, it was my best choice. I really don’t see a free upgrade happening, but I would be all over a reasonable trade-up option 🙂

  7. First I must say we all are entitle to our opinion, and we are accountable for the choices we made. I strongly believe RIM/Verizon (The Big RED) & Sprint should offer a free upgrade/replacement to all current Tour owner. We all know this was one of the most anticipated BB and to release a device with a S*&TTY track ball (hardware). This is the first I have seen on any BB device.
    I have had my my tour exchange and yes I still have glitching problem.

    • I second that. As I bought my Tour last year on July 15 at the telus store. I went through 6 tours and still have problems. RIM should let us swap out for the T2. Plus there were no rumors of T2 till sept 15.
      I would have waited.

      • Sept 15 is not the release date, the phone will drop when verizon drops the palm and pixie, which is today after that they will decide when to drop it. plus verizon and sprint will drop it just like how the first tour came out.

        • automan69 was saying there was no rumor of the Tour2 until Sept 15th of last year. If there was mention of the Tour2 before that date he would have waited to purchase until the Tour2 was released.

  8. It comes with trackpad not trackball…..

  9. yes, i think they should do something, while i’m one of the lucky ones, only had to replace once, which this does have it’s own issues, i had no idea of the tour 2. that was august maybe.

    the people that buy them now is a different story

  10. No company should ever be required to GIVE you a new phone just because you bought one already. New phones come out all the time and you don’t deserve any of those either. You bought a Tour, you’re upset that a new one is coming out, suck it up, sell your Tour on eBay and use those funds to help you in buying the new one. Imagine owning a company that makes a $600 item. People buy the item, several months later you figure out how to improve the item. Are you suddenly going to look deep inside your heart and say, “Oh man, we improved our work, we innovated, I guess we should give everyone the new product at a loss of hundreds of millions of dollars…” Eff. That. Noise.

    Cry about it because no one’s going to just give you a brand new $600 handset.

    • Lol @lucky You think I’m crying over it/upset and need to suck it up….You are sadly mistaken. With all the problems I had with the Tour my carrier gave me the S2 for free. That’s right (FREE) With carriers making millions/billions of dollars a year $600 is pocket change to them.
      Keeps me happy and my carriers monthly bill too.

  11. I would NOT expect them to GIVE A FREE Tour to anyone. Companies are in business to make money. It would be nice if an early upgrade was offered though for those who purchased the original Tour early on.

    • i wouldn’t expect free – discounted yes, without contract update. I can’t remember if i read or heard that a tremendous % of tours were returned for various reasons.

      does make you wonder why its only been out for a few months. Would also be nice if we could get an official 5.0 upgraded os from the carriers

  12. I don’t understand everyone’s issue. I have the Tour. I absolutely love it. Have not had any screen issues or trackball issues. So what’s the big deal? Wifi? Ugh! It’s not a big deal for me. Trackpad? Nice addition, but trackball works just fine.

  13. Really? You think everyone is technically savvy, knows RIM and Verizon’s product roadmap and if not they’re ignorant? I hope your reply was in jest.

  14. Can’t wait for T2??

    Upgrade your device with os 5.0 for BB Bold – no more problems recorded.

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