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Giveaway: SuperQWERTY updated to v1.2.0 plus 20 Free copies

Capture on 01-23-2010 14-51-46Owen let us know that their SuperQuerty application for BlackBerry has been updated to version 1.2.0 which is available for purchase in the BR Store for $3.99. The application gives you quick access to all your applications by alphabetical order and  it lets you edit as needed you can read Ronen’s previous post as well for more information.

What is new in this release?:

  • Add bookmark function. e.g. Add to Super QWERTY list.
  • Improve the layout, totally fit with your custom theme now.
  • Add wifi toggle.
  • Add bluetooth toggle.
  • Add upgrade function, you can update directly since this version.
  • Update register method, support all network settings.
  • Trial version now extend to 7 days.
  • Fix the bug that symbol will lose in edit mode.
  • Fix the bug that new installed apps always appear in the end.
  • Fix the bug that BBbloglauncher cannot launch on some models.
  • Fix the bug that BBTran cannot launch on some models.
  • Fix the bug that Shazam cannot launch on some models.
  • Fix the bug that Ubertwitter cannot launch on some models.
  • Fix the bug that BBweather cannot launch on some models.
  • Fix the bug that Nice Office cannot launch on some models.

MMMOOO has offered 20 free copies for our readers, all you have to do to get a chance to win this app is leave a comment telling us what is your favorite application from MMOOO or why you would like to win this application. The contest will run until Wednesday midnight US Eastern time. Good Luck.

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  1. Why not. I’ll take one! Maybe it will help me find apps faster.

  2. pick me!!!!

  3. Thanks =D

  4. I’d Love a Free Copy.. 😀
    Thanks~ 😀

  5. WOuld love this app. Use shortcuts all the time, but need more for other apps.

  6. daddy would like to haz a free copy

  7. I’d love to use this program because the BB needs a better launcher, and I love programs that make it faster to get into my widely-used apps.

  8. Would be lovely if i get it

  9. Cool app I have my homescreen set to not dial from home cause I always use shortcuts :)

  10. Thanks! I love the My battery app from these guys. It has become very useful for me!

  11. It may sound simple, but my favorite part of this app is the bluetooth toggle. I just won a bluetooth headset (from some totally cool awesome website that has ‘review’ in the name of it….), so Im using the headset a ton now, and this app would be great for this toggle feature, and awhole lot more.

  12. cool app. send one my wat.

  13. Nice count me in…..

  14. Hi all,

    I would like to win this app because a keyboard shortcut to browser URLs sound promesing to me :-)


  15. Sounds like a cool app

  16. My fav app from MMOOO is Mini SMS. I would love win this app.

  17. Cool. Hope I get one. Thanks

  18. Awesome product! Will make my blackberry even more efficient! Hope I will be a recipient of one of the free copies. Thanks!

  19. Would love a free copy! I love free stuff!

  20. Would love to try this out! I am the resident BB guy around the office and everyone comes to me for advice on the latest and greatest software. If I won the free copy, I’m sure I will love it and recommend it to the 200+ people in my office! Thanks for the promotion.

  21. Great to have

  22. I’d love this app, it looks great. I too have seem to become the BB Guy in the family and this looks like the most useful piece I’ve seen so far. Thanks!

  23. Thanks for the contest. I like the new wifi and bluetooth toggles on SuperQWERTY.

  24. it will be great to give my bb button a rest and use these quick launch to get to the needed app. very convienence

  25. I like Wallpaper Shifter!

  26. I’d love to win a copy of SuperQwerty so I don’t have to dig through folders and tip coffee down my front while getting twisted fingers and trying to navigate to the app I need to launch :-)

  27. Mini SMS is a cool app from MMOOO.
    -Can’t wait to try SuperQWERY.


  29. i would like to have one if you dont mind

  30. This looks great. It would be a great welcome to the MMMOOO world.

  31. I really love this because, they’ve added “Add wifi toggle” in this version.
    Everyone should use this feature if they don’t want to belong to complicated steps of options :).
    Have a nice day, guys.

  32. Any apps that provide even more convenience out of the BlackBerry are winners in my eyes!

  33. i hear this is a great app. some said is better then the QL. i would like to hav 1. please pick me… thanks. :)

  34. Count me in. Hope to win a free app.

  35. count me in …

  36. I’m a little annoyed that I lost my Alarm (Clock) shortcut with the jump to OS 5.0. This would do good to smooth my ruffled feathers. :)

  37. SuperQWERTY and MUX Alarm are my faves. They help me mess around with the shortcut letters and they keep me on time!

  38. i would like this app, anpther great gice away guys thank you

  39. SuperQwerty is an awesome apps. It helps me because I spend a lot of time in the street, driving my car. I need a quick access for it. Thanks MMMOOO and BR !!

  40. I really want to win this one! Crossing my fingers!

  41. from me

  42. I want to win this

  43. Free copy please :)

  44. hehe, Free copy please 😀

  45. I’d love this, maybe I can actually have some structure and organization!! Thanks!

  46. please pick me i love this app. Its awesome

  47. I like this app

  48. This Would Come In Handy! Hope To Win!

  49. I don’t have anything by MMMOOO yet…so if I win this, it would then be my favorite app!

  50. love the snow leopard theme from MMMOOO. THis app would be even more awesome.

  51. All I can say is that it will help me be more productive.

  52. I’d like to win this application because is very useful and it simplify my work. I hope I win one of this copy. Thank you!

  53. Everlight from MMMOOO-great support.

  54. This would make my day go by soooo much easier. What a great all-around productivity tool. Please send a copy my way, I do beg of you.

  55. I want a copy of this application.

  56. Me using MMMOOO’s (free) theme available on AppWorld. Love to have my own copy for quick access to BlackBerry applications/features.

  57. not bad will like to give it a try =)

  58. i would like this app, anpther great gice away guys thank you

  59. I would try it.

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