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Official OS from Boost Mobile for the 8330

BBOS found the Official OS release from Boost Mobile for the BlackBerry 8330. It is kind of funny that an older model got an official OS upgrade to 5.0 before the 8900 or the 9000 did from US carriers. You can pick up the upgrade at this link & let us know in the comments any problems you find if you do upgrade.


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Now all I want to know is why AT&T & T-mobile are working at a snails pace to release it for their devices.

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  1. Would love to know if someone gets this going on a Verizon 8330. I sure am not going to be the guinea pig 🙂

  2. I tried an earlier beta release of 5.0 on my Vzw 8330. It took like 6 minutes to boot, was bloated and slow. It also kep running out of space even with the same apps I had. The browser was a lot better. It also brought up the task switcher when you held down the blackberry key.It had a nicer BB messenger app. I finally reverted to the official vzw 4.5 release and am much happier.

  3. any one install this one yet?

  4. ok, i did it. loaded up ok. we’ll see how it runs over time. so far seems kind of sluggish.

    • btw, i have a sprint curve 8330. this release uses up a ton of memory still. sluggish. we’ll see over the next few days if it is any better about rebooting twice a day. if it is as bad as ver .230 i’ll be going back to os 4.5 or upgrading to a tour 2 when they hit sprint.

  5. so i downloaded the installer, deleted the vendor file and my desktop manager can’t seem to recognize that there is new software available. hints?


  6. Yep, its weird like that. You need to use the loader. Its in the same folder as the vendor.xml. Sorry, I forgot to mention that in my last post.

  7. Hey thanks for the advice, although I don’t think I’m doing it right. The loader in the same file in mine, is for the applications on my phone it doesn’t load the new software. aha im a nub, please help


  8. Ok, here you go:

    Step 1: Download and install the upgrade file.

    Step 2: delete vendor.xml.

    Step 3: use that loader in the same folder as the vendor.xml. It will ask you if you want to upgrade the system files on your bb after it checks out what the current “state” of it is after plugging it in. Then it’s pretty much just clicking through it and waiting and waiting and waiting.

  9. Check this video out has a walk through

    I am more of a visual person so this should help out a little bit make sure desktop manager is closed if not the app loader won’t detect your OS in the PC. Launch the stand alone app loader and is exactly what they do on this video. Good luck.

  10. Hey guys, thanks for all the help, but the loader in the apploader file in the rim folder on my comp is for the applications on the device it shows me nothing more. ive never had this issue before.. arggg

  11. Luis, Neither AT&T or T-Mobile have 8830 Curve1’s. The 8830 (CDMA) is the only Curve1 with enough memory (96MB) of RAM to support this OS and by all accounts even this is a stripped down version (e.g. no new themes). Anyone who loads this I would suggest a custom install of the OS installing only the modules and third party apps you absolutely need. Devices running this will be very slooooooowwww.

    As for other carriers, Sprint stopped carrying this so it’s unlikely we will ever see an official release for them and Verizon is notoriously slow for OS updates because they tend to be very picky.

    • yeah The comment has nothing to do with with Att and tmobile carrying the 8330 curves, That is why I said for their devices meaning the 89xx the bold 9000, is a follow up to my original comment at the beginning of the post.

      • Gotcha, I took it out of context. Honestly I don’t understand why it matters what carrier the official comes from as long as it is official. That just means that some carrier somewhere have put it through enough testing to be reasonably sure that it does not have any major bugs. All builds, even the east Asian ones have the English language pack and even if you needed say Spanish you can steal that language pack from another (unofficial?) build with a similar number.

        Yeah I know BIS users have restrictions but I seriously think BIS admins sometimes need to relax.

        I haven’t bothered upgrading my 9000 because I am not using it but I have downloaded official 5.0 builds for if I need them and the 8900 is going to become a 9700 as soon as I get my taxes back and they let me use my March upgrade, so I’m in no rush given I also have a Tour.

        • nice collection, but yeah the carriers do fine tune some of the specific apps and they have to test out that the OS works with their radio bands since for example the 9700 att vs 9700 tmobile are a little bit different that is were you get sometimes users in different carriers having problems with the same OS. But I don’t agree with the fact that RIM lets the carriers decide when to release it since some take forever. Until this date I have not use an official OS for more than a few weeks.

          • That’s because T-Mobile uses a different technology for 3G from anyone else in the world and it is on a different frequency.

            Most of us aren’t gonna use another carrier’s specific apps anyway 😉

  12. The packages aren’t so much carrier specific, although they’ll have you believe they are. They are device specific.

  13. Will this work on 8330m (MEID) or not?

    • NO. They are different phones with different radios so they are not compatible.

      • Doesnt m stand for multilanguage?

        Software For BlackBerry® Curve (TM) 8330 smartphone

        BlackBerry Handheld Software v5.0.0.724 (Multilanguage)

        • No, the 8330M is a different phone. Basically if your curve has an ESN then it is a 8330 but if it has an IMEI then it an 8830m. The change was made over some pattent dispute. They have different radios and the OS’s are not compatible. Many people had this same issue with the 4.5 upgrades. If you have an 8330m then you have to have an OS for that device.

  14. And will it run faster or significantly slower? anyone tried?

    • From what I’ve read it is very slow. I would not personally even consider this unless threaded SMS is that big a deal for you and the you are installing few if any third party apps.

      • Wont the Blackberry Browser be better also (as it currently is in the Tour Bold etc.?

        • Maybe a bit but the thing that frustrated me the most about the 8330 when I had it is I kept running into pages that told me “not enough memory to render page” or some-such thing. Errors like that will only get worse.

  15. so ive been running it since yesterday, its slower with custom themes, and applications like video and mp3 is slow. also my bbm dissapeared. so im going back to .169

  16. I installed this first as is – and while it worked it was sluggish. Shrinking this OS is pretty much a requirement for use on the 8330. I wiped and reinstalled the shrunken version and it’s awesome. I’m sitting at about 29 mb file free, with Facebook, Ubertwitter, Pandora (which works), NWS Client for weather, MaraTick, BBM, BB Maps and a couple other odds and ends. I haven’t had any problems with it! yay! The themes that work on 4.5 seem to have some issues, but the Nathanix themes work well.

    Good luck and yay for an official 5.0 (I won’t hold my breath or wait on big red.)

  17. What all did you take out to get it down that small?

    • Pretty much everything but the basics – all the extra themes and languages, help files, voice dialing and voice notes, SIM card capabilities (since I’m on VZW) – um all of the games, I just went uber-basic to see how it worked…it’s so much better than when I installed the full thing.

  18. i re installed it after going back to the old os, and it works amazing, i have so many apps and themes and games, i wonder what i did right this time?

  19. I installed it and it works great on my 8330. Camera is a lot faster now. Love the new clock. I had to delete some apps to make room, and reinstall BBM from AppWorld, but I’m fine with that. I like the threaded SMS too. Pressing and holding “a” will lock the system and bring it to the clock (which has a cool bedside mode too).

  20. Help! I upgraded my VZW 8330 to this OS without a hitch. The system itself seems to be working great. However, the display is all messed up. Most of the icons are ugly monochrome garbage. Nothing is styled properly. I try to go in to change my theme and I can’t seem to highlight “activate.” I can send screenshots if anyone thinks they might be able to solve this.

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