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Giveaway: PocketDay Professional A chance to win one of 20 copies

The popular application Pocketday Pro & Personal from Cross River Systems LLC was updated a few few days back to Version 6. The application gives you easy access to all your important information from your home screen.

The new version features include:

  • (current conditions, 7 day forecast, hour by hour, radar (animated), satellite, Storm Warnings)
  • Custom Backgrounds (wallpapers, pictures, etc.)

If you are not familiar with this application there are a ton of features not mentioned here you can visit the Berryreview store at this link to read more about it. You can also purchase the product for $24.95 for the Pro & 19.95 for the personal version.

Giveaway: There are 20 free copies to be won of the Pocketday pro.  For a chance to win one copy leave us a comment here before Tuesday Midnight US Eastern Time about the feature that attracts you the most from this app.

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  2. Another great giveaway!

    Would love to get my hands on a copy of PocketDay.

    Thanks a lot!

  3. I could use this. I like the fact that it works on top of my home screen.

  4. I tried the trial a while ago and loved it. All that info readily available? Too many positives to mention!

  5. Nice app im in

  6. The feature that attracts me the most about this app is the ability to have all your important needed settings displayed on the home screen for quick viewing and access.

  7. This is the giveaway I have been waiting for….

  8. I’ve been thinking about buying this one for quite a while now. It would be awesome if I won a copy!

  9. Great features. Sounds terrific

  10. This would be fantastic to win – thank you so much for this contest.

  11. Cool App would like to try it.

  12. Oh, I would live a copy! I hope someone chooses me!

  13. I would love to have this!!!!!!! Enter Me!!!!!!!

  14. Fantastic app when I tried it a while back. Love how everything fits on one screen so much better than their competition out there. Always looking for the best ‘day-at-a-glance’ type application.

  15. Wow, love how you can update twitter & access the internet via the home screen. Good stuff. Sign me up!!!

  16. Wow.

  17. PocketDay rocks! Please can i have one? thx

  18. This is certainly an app that would make my life easier.

  19. I would love this app, to have all my accounts in one place would be a great idea for me. Thanks for the opportunity.

  20. thank you, i like that app!

  21. Want one – please!

  22. Would love PD Pro. Did the trial and in love with it!

  23. Thanks Berryreview and PocketDay for another great giveaway I like the sounds of the Sports Plugin

  24. another contest! I’m in! Great piece of software!

  25. I think this would help increase my productivity on a daily basis. I’d love to win a copy.

  26. Great to have

  27. Wow..I would love to get a copy please.. 😀
    I love the fact that we can access many things from the home screen..that’s really sounds great.. 😀

  28. i want one

  29. My bet on this

  30. Nice…. I realllly would love a copy.

  31. I would love to have this app to keep up with everything.

  32. would really love a copy of this…..this will come in real handy:)

  33. this would be nice

  34. this would help my productivity!!

  35. Let’s see if I win, whether I’ll finally be organized in 2010! :-)

  36. Another great giveaway. I love that everything is at your fingertips.

  37. I love this product – hope I win! Thanks.

  38. sounds good to me!!!! cound me in also looks fab!!

  39. kind of strange that I’ve never heard of this app before, but now I know it’s exactly what I need

  40. Sounds like a great app. Good luck everybody!

  41. Free copy please :)

  42. Looks very WM-esque

  43. Used to have this on my Blackjack. I would love to win this for my Bold.

  44. I think I won’t even need a today theme when I have this

  45. This is very cool. Hope i get one, please. Thanks

  46. This would be one cool app to score.

  47. Best thing about this is EVERYthing it does, right from the home screen. twitter,weather,net,all the good stuff right there quick and handy.
    Count me in to win!

  48. I like to see all this useful information with a single view :-)


  49. this is a nice app

  50. PocketDay rocks! Thanks.

  51. I love the rollover feature for tasks. As a busy school principal, I really need to stay on top of stuff. Having overdue tasks can really mess up my workflow, and get me working on things that are less important than others. With this feature, I can be sure I am always doing what REALLY needs done to help ‘my’ kids. I have contacted Cross River systems in the past about the product, and they have always been helpful and really fast in responses. Thanks to Cross River for a great app! I really NEED this!

  52. I would love to have this

  53. I like the fact that you can have a fully-functional today “page” that not only serves as a snapshot of your day but can also reflect your personality. Too many other PIMs lead users to different views several clicks away to get to that “just right” view. With PD Pro, the end-user has access to a higher-level view but can easily drill down deeper “into the weeds” with a simple touch or two of a button.

    Moreover, the end-user has greater control of the overall look and feel of the app by personalizing PDP’s appearance. Users can give it some much needed eye-candy with the option to assign colors to various elements or strip it down to a bare, spartan look. All this “accessorizing” can be done without compromising the high-end functionality and sophistication this app has been known for over the years.

  54. Sweet!

  55. Hmmm this app look pretty cool.

  56. Would luv this appli… great offer!

  57. seems useful

  58. Would love to try it!

  59. Great product. I have 2 key roles to fulfill and manageing my time, travel and meetings is a task in its self. Pocketday looks like the perfect app to make some sense of my life.

    Great work Pocketday.

  60. Oh its be so sweet to win one. Here’s hoping :)

  61. may the force be with me :)

  62. Liked the trial version, would love it for free!

  63. This is the good application for blackberry

  64. Thanks for the chance to win.

  65. Would like to have it & try it out!

  66. This would nicely complement my Blackberry usage, as I use it for everything and the easier access to things the better. I currently have keypad dialing disabled so that I can use all of the keypad shortcuts built in to the OS, and I use Quicklaunch to add many, many more shortcuts that are highly customizable. This would give me main-screen access to lots of info I use regularly without having to open other apps.

  67. I would love this app!! Has the weather which I really use a lot! And costumizing my BB.. I WANT THISS!!

  68. I would love a copy

  69. hey hey

    i would love to win a copy… thanks BR and pocketday

  70. The ability to display/summarize all info on the homescreen are the best thing this app offers! It provides a high level of convenience!

  71. I wish i could have this software, today also is my birthday 😀
    Thank men.

  72. very nice desktop utilities,i’d love to have this,thx

  73. me plz…………

  74. My blackberry runs my life and one of the things I most need is google search. Especially when I’m running around and need to find information quickly (i.e., my interview today, I needed to do some quick research.)

    The Google search feature would be fantastic.

    Not to mention the SMS and appointments. Since I communicate a lot via SMS for work.

  75. This would be great. I’m so scatterbrained,I think it can help.

  76. What a great looking app. I really like the today screen option. The today screen options native to blackberry don’t provide enough information. The today screen helps me keep track of meetings and training sessions for my fire department. As an officer on my fire department it is critical for me to keep track of these items. Thanks for the opportunity to pick up a free copy.

  77. Being in the midwest the new weather feature
    definitely is handy!

  78. Count me in.

  79. great app, let me have it this time

  80. I would like a copy!!!

  81. this sounds very usefull:)

  82. Great product and very unique.

  83. Can’t think of ONE reason why I would not LOVE to have this!!!!

  84. I don’t know much about this program, but it seems it would come in very handy. It appears that it would provide me with quicker access to some of the items I use the most. I’d love to win a copy.

  85. Would like to win one of these.

  86. I’d looooove this berryreview. Please please

  87. Nothing better than being able to see everything in one place. Looks sweet. Thanks for the Giveaway!

  88. I am using the trial version and I love it!

  89. Would love to try this one!

  90. this is great. something like the WM device homescreen.

  91. This is the best today software. Would love a copy!

  92. I think I like how all these features/status readily available on the homepage making it really convenience to just glance rather than going into each app to check for any updates.

  93. Oh….I wish, I can get one copy of this app. Cause it look so great, useable… :)

  94. Awesome!! 😀
    I’d Love a Free Copy.. 😀
    Thanks~ 😀

  95. I am failing at being organized. This will do the trick! Thanks Cross River Systems and BR for this ultimate giveaway.

  96. I would like a copy. Love the ability to see everything on the home screen. Navigating for things I view all the time is a pain.


  97. I like the idea of once-click call back, the sports recap, and the detailed information about stocks. Of course having all the important information on the main screen is really nice.

  98. Feeling lucky …. Thanks guys =)

  99. I like the way it will centralize my most useful features on my phone.

  100. I will love to win in this contest.

  101. This is THE best today screen ever! It looks great and can be customized to fit anyone’s needs. It would be a great tool to organize my busy, “Tail’s on Fire!” work schedule.

  102. fully customizable and easy to read

  103. Looks interesting and could be handy, thanks!

  104. Everything that a busy professional would like to see, at a glance on the homescreen.

  105. How does this compare to E-Mobile Pro which has just been updated as well?

  106. I like this app

  107. Great contest. Good luck everyone.

  108. I like that I have a lot of information unify in just one place! It’s simple! :-)

  109. I would love a copy of this great tool!

  110. Nice app.. Used to use something similar when I had the Palm Treo ..

  111. Coolness!

  112. Thanks again…

  113. Love it that it looks like WM and can have all we need, like calendar, tasks and notes in home screen without having to open an application from the menu. Its a feature I missed from BBs and only way to have it is to get a good theme with such an option. However even using a theme, items in calendar do no refresh that often. Nice app!!!

  114. Looks like a great tool to have. Would love this for my S2! Great site, thanks!

  115. i want one

  116. What a fantastic homescreen. Good looking and quite useful….

  117. I like the functionality of this theme. It repreents the best that blakberry offers: effeciency, speed, and integraton, great job!!

  118. SsssssMokin! Count me in please!

  119. i like having easy access to all my info in one app

  120. I’ve been a PocketDay users since my iPAQ days – don’t have it yet for my BB – this app ROCKS!!!

  121. This is THE best “today” screen ever!…and more. It is customizable to fit everyone. It would be perfect for my “Tails on Fire” work schedule.
    Would REALLY appreciate a free copy. :-)

  122. This will turn my current powerhouse into a “super-powerful” powerhouse!.. And it looks sexy as hell!

    Never been a fan of PocketDay due to the visual aspects of prior versions but they really nailed it with this update! Me likey!

  123. would like a copy … thanks :)

  124. It seems a very good application for my BlackBerry. please let me have one copy.. :)

  125. looks interessting!

  126. Having the weather on the today screen is awesome, even if i don’t win, i’ll probably buy it…

  127. Great Home Screen… Tasks colored coded by priority is great!!!

  128. I love the organization! It looks great!

  129. I like the idea of this app because even the “default” themes I have seen don’t offer this much information, and often include useless (# of missed calls) information as opposed to really topical stuff I can use like appointments and weather.

  130. Wow, I like it, so please count me in!

  131. PocketDay in my Berry…hmmm, a lovely thought.

    I haven’t used any app like this.

    From what I see/read, and feel:
    Very organized
    Got a great look

    Let me be and my new (second hand) 8800 in the list of the privileged 20.

    Thank you

  132. I wanted to try this a couple days ago but there is no trial for it. Can’t justify the pricing since I don’t need it for business but I sure would love a free copy. Looks spectacular.

  133. I have tried a couple of these types of programs and would love to kick the tires.

  134. The calendar functions are much more useful than the basic BlackBerry calendar.

  135. I think the appointment summary would be the feature I’m most interested in.

  136. I set the to my conveniece key. I use it to instantly see my texts, emails and weather. Behind viigo, it is my m$ost used app.

  137. This looks like a great app to help organize your tasks,sms, and emails. This would be a great app to have.


  139. i tried the trial and i loved it. Would love to win a free copy

  140. Its handy and the best on the market and hope this app will dominate for sometime. Can’t wait to be a lucky winner

  141. this is a great app for daily used. is good for ppl who busy and alway need t oset reminder . please pick me…i need it . thanks

  142. The calendar functions are much more useful than the basic BlackBerry calendar.

  143. I love how everything is so organized. Easy to access

  144. As a lawyer and business professional generally, this looks like a terrific program! Very organized.

  145. I wouldn’t mind having this.

  146. I hope I win…. Better calendar management would be great!

  147. Why not…..Hope I get it.

  148. this looks good hope i win a copy

  149. This seems like an awesome app!! I want it!

  150. I Could Use This, Hope I Win!

  151. I hope to win …..

  152. good luck everyone 😀 this seems like an interesting/similar app that i had on my windows mobile phones back in the day

  153. I need all the organizational help in the world and PocketDay would be a great app for me to start 2010 better organized in my personal and business life. Thanks!

  154. I would love to win a copy!

  155. I love the fact that there is everything all on one page-weather, stocks, emails,etc…

  156. Tried the beta version sometime back. The app is very well done and is quite useful. I love the fact that all the information like text, calendar, can be viewed on the home screen itself. So much better then the today theme.

    Also being able to update twitter status or search from the home screen simply is an awesome feature.

    Hope i win this.

  157. I love the sports plug-in!!

  158. Another Great Giveaway from Berry Review. Thanks.

  159. I need this one, too.

  160. Wow,hook me up. a app that’s all in one,you cant go wrong.

  161. Powerfull app, pls put me on the list

  162. Having everything I need to know in one place? Perfect!

  163. The high level of configurability makes this application extremely unique in that you can display only the items that interest you and in whichever order you like.

    It is an intuitive and truly all-in-one “Today Screen”.

  164. Just got a new Bold 9700 but still looking for a great app which can show all the relevant information in one screen!

  165. It’s nice that so much information is gathered in one place, and makes it easy to see what’s going on.

  166. It looks cool, and it would be great for my new onyx :)

  167. Have the personal version – would love a free upgrade to the pro version. Great product.
    Good luck everyone.

  168. because i think that i could be so much more productive if i could see everything on one screeeen! :)

  169. Oh yeah! Awesome app!

  170. in to win!

  171. Please pick me – I have been a long time user of PocketDay Personal and would love to have the Professional version. It is a great program and a must-have!

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