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GMTaskSync Free Beta Syncs BlackBerry Tasks With Gmail Tasks

GMTaskSync While Google already has contacts and calendar sync covered with their Google Sync program they have not covered tasks sync yet. Adam over @CrackBerry spotted a new app by BlueBerryNight Workshop that promises to solve that. Their GMTaskSync is currently in beta but allows for synching both ways between Gmail and your BlackBerry Tasks. The beta is free for everybody until March 2010 when it will expire. I am assuming they will be coming out with a premium product then.

There are currently some limitations as you can see in the description below but if you need Gmail Task sync you can download it now for free in the store.

GMTaskSync will sync your Tasks in GMail with the BlackBerry device Task program. It will sync bi-directional, automatically and resolve conflicts(server overwrites device policy by now).
This beta will be free for all. On March 2010 the free testing will be expired. You are greatly encouraged to submit any bug report. support email : [email protected] dot com
Limitation: Now only "Direct TCP" is supported. Can’t sync multiple task lists, only works with default task list. If your GMail language is NOT English there might be potential problem. No Google Apps support in this beta. All of them will be supported in future.

  • Sync GMail Tasks with BlackBerry native Task
  • Two way sync, overwrite device task’s status with the server one’s if conflict occurs
  • Same simple UI as Google Sync for BlackBerry
  • Secure, only connects google/gmail sites, period.
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  1. Apparently doesn’t work with OS 5. Like any beta app be careful! I lost all the tasks on my BlackBerry.

    — Robert.

  2. Installed on OS 5.0 on my 9700 Worked flawlessly! Great app!

  3. I LOVE my BES connected Bold. I had the BIS version before but with BES and the sync with Exchange tasks and notes there is no better combination available.

    Maybe one day we get all this with Google Apps. That day I consider switching.

  4. I just synced on my storm and it did not carry the due date of the tasks over into the gCalendar. And the dated test task in gCalendar did not sync with a due date into my Storm 2. The dates were all stripped

    In other words this is far from being the solution to 100% bypass MicroSlow Outlook altogether.

    Hopefully they will improve it pronto.


  5. I concur that this works with OS 5.0 on a 9700. The problem is with Google’s Task implementation. Any BB task due dates and the notes aren’t synced to Google Tasks. Basically, the task is “flattened” if you get my drift. Once synced from my BB, you could see the task itself, but not the status info, due date, etc. I used it to sync my tasks up to Google, but when I saw what it did to the tasks, I deleted GMTaskSync before it messed up the tasks on my 9700.

    As the author says, be sure to back up your tasks before you try this. I also synced with Outlook before using this.

  6. This doesn’t work with my BB 8330 OS4.5 (Telus). I use Gsync for calendar and contacts and was excited about a task sync…silly me, it doesn’t work at all.

  7. Works fine on my 8330… I just don’t know if it syncs automatically or only when I select “sync now” within the app…if it isn’t automatic, it’s pretty useless =/

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