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Giveaway: SearchIt application from Shao Soft! 50 Free Copies

Search It from Shao Soft

ScreenHunter_05 Jan. 18 00.03 About a month ago,ShaoSoft, who brought us Leave It On and Wallpaper Changer, brought out their newest offering, Search It. It was covered over on the CrackBerry blogs at that time, and now the developer has let us know that he has updated his popular app with a ton of new features. If you want instant access to all the possible search tools out there this is a must have app.

ScreenHunter_03 Jan. 18 00.03

The updated version brings:

  • – Opera Mini 5 and Bolt Browser Support
  • – Suggestions, pop up live as you type
  • – Recent searches are saved and can be accessed by one click (press enter or click Search icon when searchbar is empty)
  • – Option to configure Menu button
  • – Added text selection menu option. Highlight text in another app and select SearchIt from the menu and the highlighted text will automatically be put in to the search bar.
  • – Paste function added (press space 3 times)
  • – New sites added
  • – Added 2nd custom site spot

Search It is on sale through Jan 23rd in the Berryreview store for $2.49 at this link

Description from developer:

Need a quick way to find the information you want? The default BB Browser limits sites you are able to search it. With SearchIt, a pop up gives you quick access to a variety of site which you can search from. Also has the option to add a custom site.
Customizations include adding SearchIt to the system menu, hiding sites you do not want and adding a custom site.
Can be assigned to a convenience key and works with launcher apps such as Quicklaunch.
FREE Upgrades

Giveaway: We got 50 free codes for our readers many thanks to the developer. The contest will run until wednesday at midnight US Eastern time. For a chance to get yourself a free copy simply leave a comment below letting us know what you sites you would like to search or custom add to this app. Maybe they are already included, Check it out at this link you can get a free trial as well.

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  1. 1 copy for me please.

  2. Awesome app. Thank for the giveaway!

  3. one for me please really like to have a wikipedia search tool

  4. I just bought one of their software today, Wallpaper Changer. This would make a great bookend.

  5. I would love to see thesaurus and webmd if possible added as options.

    • Thesaurus is an option already in there, I had looked at WebMD a couple weeks ago but they did not have a proper mobile site and their site doesnt look good in the BB browser. But there are 2 spots for custom sites so you could add it in manually yourself too.

  6. sounds like a time saver instead of going to the browser i could use a copy.

  7. I’d Love a Free Copy.. 😀
    Thanks~ 😀

  8. This sounds like a great application. I would love to have a copy on my BlackBerry. I would like to add the ability to search

  9. I think CNET. I’d like one of this, thank you!

  10. I would love to have this app. Being able to search all recipes would be an added bonus. :-)

  11. sounds like a very good app to me would like to win this

  12. Oh yes this would be a handy application. #13 count me in for one 😀

  13. Cool.. great app that I have been waiting for. Would love a copy!

  14. This is a great app. I’m using the trial. Would love to win.

  15. Please be able to search latest news on stock exchange such as bloomberg.

  16. I think this a really cool app,,,,,,,i would like to get a copy of it!!!!
    Buen diseño!

  17. This is super cool!

  18. sounds good for me !!!!!!

  19. Maybe another option could be google maps,,,that would make things better when trying to fin an address!!! Thanks for the free copy!!!

  20. another great giveaway! thanks guys…

  21. Sounds great hook me up.

  22. Very innovative idea and makes mobile browsing very efficient!

  23. Thx to Shao & BR for giving us the opportunity to win this great little util!

  24. Awesome app! Hook it up!

  25. Thanks for the free app!

  26. i’d like to try it

  27. Definitely Google and, BerryReview, and Blackberry Rocks. Associated Press is good too.

  28. I really would love a copy of this to search wikipedia and and all my blackberry sites

  29. I would like to see this website called gamefaqs on searchit. Its a videogame website that has walkthroughs and guides for video games and reviews.

  30. Always wondered why the default BB browser didn’t let you add sites similar to desktop browsers. Of course, they flexed that muscle by forcing everyone into Bing…

  31. This application will be very useful for me. I will like to have it.

  32. I’d like a copy please! Hehe

  33. wow…this is a great app for bb. very useful. pls pick me… thanks

  34. me me me!

  35. i would like to use it to search google and wikipedia

  36. A copy please…

  37. Excellent idea for an app…esp now since Big Red doesn’t give us a choice. Would love a free copy!

  38. Yup

  39. Awesome app. Thank for the giveaway!

  40. I would love to see WebMD

  41. I would love a copy!
    I would also like to see an option for wikipedia, webmd, bing, crackberry, berryreview,cnn. sites like that.

  42. Sounds very good. Enter me plz :)

  43. Pick up me

  44. Thank you BR this is great.

  45. Like to try this.

  46. one for me please

  47. I would love to see clusty if possible added as options.
    mmmm..and the more important is i would love to win also!!!
    LOL.. 😀

  48. I’m in let’s try it…

  49. I would love a copy. Please pick me. This would help me out so much, quicker way to look up vocab words for Pick Me Please. Thanks for the chance.

  50. Free copy please :)

  51. I would love this. If they could and or search in as well, that would be really cool!

  52. Maybe or

  53. I won this over at and I’ve gotta say, this application is FANTASTIC!

    If you don’t win this application here, you’d be silly not to buy it…

    It basically mimmicks the “search” box in Flock and Firefox.

  54. Looking at your sites you have pretty much all that I could think of. Looks like a unique application and I thank you for the opportunity in your contest.

  55. I would like to use my University’s search tool. Not sure it would work. I will try the trial… maybe win a code!

  56. I just like having quick access to all the sites I lost with Verizon pushing Bing.

  57. Sweeet. This app seems very useful. I would love to win one…

  58. I would love to win a copy. I would use it for espn, cnn, berryreview, crackberry, youtube, wikipedia, bgr, engadget. Thanks for the contest BR.

  59. I Hope I Win

  60. woohoooo, pick me =) Malaho

  61. I’d use it for espn and google also.. awesome app…pick me

  62. Great to have

  63. This is what I have been searching for ever since I bought my first BB 3 years ago. It would be part of my life and I would use it everyday. It would be a privlige if I were selected.

  64. Thank you!

  65. I would love to see IMDB (internet movie data base), Amazon, and Ebay. These are all search plug ins i use often in Firefox. To use them in my black berry would be awesome!

  66. Would be helpful to have this app

  67. Wow I hope to grab it

  68. looks helpful. If it searches twitter/google/linkedin/wikihow/ that would be awesome.

  69. Google! Sweet Sweet Google!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  70. This guys apps are awesome. Put me in the lineup.

  71. Nice cool app. Would love to win it!

  72. Testing the trial as we speak :)

  73. Can’t wait to start using this app

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