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Tether for BlackBerry 50% Off Today Only – $24.98

tether-blackberry Tether has put their popular Tether for BlackBerry back on sale for today only. It is 50% off the ridiculously high $49.95 price which brings it down to $24.95.

You can find the deal in the store at this link

I finally got a chance to try Tether out this past week and it works pretty well. Still it blows my mind that users prefer tether over the free IP Modem tethering that you can setup. Though sometimes Tether works when IP Modem is blocked. The downside is that starting up Tether for BlackBerry is a adds another few steps to the process since you need to start the app on your BlackBerry and PC before they both connect.

Still Tether remains the best alternative out there for people who cannot figure out how to setup IP Modem tethering or have carriers that block it.

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  1. why need tether software now that BB DM 5.0 sp2 has the same feature?

  2. Tether has seen much faster speeds then RIM’s IP Modem. Almost 150%:

    Our claim to fame is faster speeds and the easiest solution available on the market. We have a large number of users who use our product while traveling internationally simply because it’s easier to use then trying to figure out all the details to IP Modem. If this wasn’t true we wouldn’t dominate places like Mobihand’s store or even App World’s store.

    Thanks for the post on the Deal of the Day!

    • Patrick – Even though Tether claims it has the fastest speed, I see no much of the difference when working with BDM IP modem connection. It works great and if I believe many just care that they can check their emails and surf the net for sometime, which again BDM provides. I don’t think anybody would be downloading huge files using Tether. Though I appreciate its a nice product, but doesn’t seem worth for $50 or even $25. Btw, I did check the TetherVsIPModem.jpg link above, its hardly any difference and that snapshot speed keeps changing though.

      With due respect, I am not pointing a finger, but just that its a steep price for the product which BDM offers for free. Also besides speed, is there anything else Tether offers different from the so called BDM IP Modem connection? Price around $10 to $15 is still doable for Tether, believe me I might buy it for that price.

      My 2 cents!

      What say folks?

      Thank you!

    • Hi Patrick,

      Can you address the bluetooth support problems that your users are having? You support forums are filled with many customers unable to use the bluetooth interface.

      I decided on Tether solely based on this feature and I’m not getting much of a response from your support team or forums.


  3. The DM tether isn’t exactly free. If your wireless provider sees your usage, they will shut off your data. Let me tell you! I’ve been using Tether for a week or so and love it. I even called to ask my provider how much data I had used after 5 evenings (about 3-4 hours each night) and I had only used about 300mb. Compared to using the DM tether which showed 1gb for one evening last week. Just surfing, no youtube, no downloading, etc. This program works and it works great!

  4. I’m a believer. It’s taken them a while for them to get some major kinks out, but now it works well and fast for me on both Win (XP & 7) and Mac OS X.

  5. This deal seems to have expired despite it being before 11PM on the west coast.

    If you’re going to do “today” specials, can you at least mention the time zone the deal is valid in – or even run the special for 27 hours to cover the entire continental US?

    I tried the trial (before the rebranding) and it was good – unfortunately not $50 good.

  6. Tetherbridge has a Blackberry tether app which you can use for free completely in the free mode. It allows you to share your data plan without paying monthly tethering fee compared to using Blackberry as a wireless IP modem.

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