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Giveaway: InstantLog updated to v1.6 plus 30 Free copies

InstantLog_thumb[1] Ronen mentioned this applications from Twinkler Software for the BlackBerry a few days back, you can check the article here. The application runs in the background & lets you predetermine which E-mails, SMS & calls the application needs to log & by creating a firewall you can tell it which ones to omit. This application could help you keep track of missed calls or to check back on appointments. The application also works with multiple calendars if available.

The updated version brings lots of new features & you can pick it up for $3.99 at this link There is also a FREE trial available

List of NEW features from the description:

    For Calls:

  • Log Placed/Received/Missed Calls to Calendar.
  • Log calls to user configurable Calendar and optionally mark as Private.
  • Backup Sent/Received Calls to IMAP Mail Server with user configurable directory and optionally mark it as read.
  • “Blacklist” feature lets users configure which calls will not be logged to Calendar/Email.
  • For SMS:

  • Log Sent/Received SMS messages to Calendar.
  • Log SMS to User Configurable Calendar and optionally mark as Private.
  • Backup Sent/Received SMS to IMAP Mail Server with user configurable directory and optionally mark as Read.
  • “Blacklist” feature lets users configure which SMS messages will not be logged to Calendar/Email.
  • For Email:

  • Log received Email messages to Calendar.
  • Log Emails to User Configurable Calendar and optionally mark as Private.
  • “Blacklist” feature lets users configure which Emails will not be logged to the Calendar.
  • For IMAP:

  • Support of IMAP Mail Server. (Optimal configuration is achieved using Gmail Account).
  • Support Gmail’s chat style messages.
  • UTF-8 encoding, multi-language support.
  • User Configurable Transfer Indictor when uploading message to IMAP Server

Giveaway: The developer of this application wants to share this application with 25 of our lucky readers. Simply leave a comment on this post & you will be automatically entered to for a chance to win. No double commenting is allowed & Make sure you leave a comment before January 20th at midnight US Eastern time.

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  1. This looks absolutely wonderful because (among many other features) it supports SMS and IMAP! Twinkler is fast becoming one of my favourite app developers because all their products are simple yet innovative and work so very well!

  2. Woohoo love to get this…. Thanks

  3. Sounds good, but is it 25 copies (text of article) or 30 (title)? Either way, good luck to all.

  4. Any trial available?

  5. This is a neat little app.
    Count me in.

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  7. I can definitely see myself using this app…. Thanks for the contest guys.

    Hope I win!

  8. As always thanks br for another great prize(good things comes to those who wait,but not to those who wait to long)

  9. I would like to be included, thanks.

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  12. Logging Firewall for clean Statistic.
    I need one, please.

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  14. I would use this a lot since I use my BlackBerry as my business phone.

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  17. Any idea which is better, this or PhoneLog?

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  21. This looks like a useful app.

  22. Probably wouldn’t pay for this, but to win would be nice.

  23. Here’s my entry. Good luck everybody!

  24. I’m in!!! 😀

  25. Would love to try it.

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  27. I would love a copy!

  28. Nice app looks very useful… Hope I can win it.

  29. As a new Blackberry user this app appears to be exactly what I’ve been looking for. Looks great!

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  31. am i to late i hope not, can i raffle my name in this contest

  32. This is just the utility I’ve been looking for! Going to download it now!

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  35. Love to get one.. hope i do..

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  37. i Want A Copy

  38. Another great app from twinkler software..
    I wish I could win a copy.. 😀

  39. This is a nice app to have. I’m in…

  40. Thanks BerryReview for your good reporting on everything Blackberry.

  41. Thank you. BR rocks!

  42. can this app handle over 150+ calls a day loggin in every single on? count me in ill stress test and update u, kthxbai 😀

  43. nice app to have

  44. Cool app!

  45. count me in!

  46. It’s even more powerful logging features than in addonis! Neat!

  47. this is great software..
    hope can win this…

  48. I have been wanting this for a while to log my calls for work. More times than I’d like I need some kind of proof that I called someone at a certain date and time.
    Please pick me!!!

  49. signing up.

  50. Cool app, I hope that I win!!!!!!!

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  56. Another useful app from Twinkler Software. Already have and using their AddOnis and Wifi Hero. Would be good to get this free as well.

  57. This is fabulous! Will help organize calls!

  58. Looks like a nice app! Not only to schedule outgoing calls, but to keep record of incoming ones would be really useful to a supervisor like me

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  60. Yet another great utility/app from Twinkler!

    Good luck @ll :)

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    Thanks~ 😀

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  80. ΅ΟΘΛΔ Λ

  81. I would like a copy.

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