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Did You Know Your BlackBerry Battery Has a 1 Year Warranty?

Bold-battery I will apologize in advance if you already knew this but I had no idea that my BlackBerry battery had a 1 year warranty . I mentioned this to a couple friends and they had no clue either though Bla1ze did tell me that Rogers in Canada does honor battery warranties.

Over the years I have sent in a few of my BlackBerrys to T-Mobile and then AT&T for warranty replacement and every time they told me the same thing. The battery and battery cover were not covered by the warranty replacement and I should remove them before I send the device in. I always assumed this was true because most laptop manufacturers only provide a 90 day warranty on their batteries.

Turns out that according to RIM’s website all BlackBerrys with batteries sold in the US (PDF) have a 1 year warranty on the device AND the battery. You can find the warranty period for your country by finding it on this list on RIM’s website. If you have the battery repaired or replaced they extend your warranty another 91 if the 1 year ends earlier. The warranty for the US clearly states that:

Any repair or replacement pursuant to this limited warranty could be requested by You from the RIM Solution Provider. (Your carrier)

The warranty does not cover “normal wear and tear, normal degradation of the battery” or if it was misused or mistreated. Still I have had batteries go bad on me in less than a year and I could have really used a new one…

Let me know if you have any luck replacing your defunct BlackBerry battery!

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  1. US Cellular does the battery swap for free. In fact, you can have up to 4 per month.

  2. See the things you don’t know… Even when you think you do…

  3. Ronen,

    Love the article! Thanks for the tip, that’s great information to know!

    However, I think you meant ‘defunct’ not ‘defunked’. The latter isn’t a word unless you go to the UrbanDictionary and their definition doesn’t have the word making very much sense in your article – “Defunked: When something happens, or is said/done to spoil a mood/atmosphere/occasion.”

  4. Last week on my 10 month Bold 9000 I had a battery problem, didn’t know if it was the actual battery or a problem with the phone. A few times after charging a few hours the charge would suddenly drop from like 90% to around 20% and then quickly to 0. Once it even went up from 25% to 52% without going on a charger. (I wish it would do that more often.)

    I called the ATT help line and after a few Q&A they advised me to bring the phone to the local warranty shop, where they gave me a new battery to try. If it didn’t help then they’d give me a refurb phone, but it seems to be back to normal.

    • I didn’t know if the battery would be covered, but I thought since we weren’t sure if the problem was the battery or the phone, it made sense to try a new battery first. I was pretty happy because a month ago I was thinking the charge wasn’t lasting long enough and was considering buying a new one. Nice to get one for free!

  5. T-Mobile has always warrantied their BlackBerry batteries (atleast for the last 4 years that I’ve had them). However, they can only do one replacement at a time. So If you’re sending your phone back in exchange for the replacement phone, they will always tell you to keep your battery + battery door. Also, a plus, if you do call for a new battery, you get to keep your old battery, and they just mail you a new one (and you don’t have to pay shipping). So in theory, you can have 2 batteries 😉

    As far as your statement about laptop batteries, that is incorrect. Dell, HP, and IBM/Lenovo all warranty their batteries for 1 year for any new (non-refurbished laptop).

  6. Verizon extends their 1 year MFG warranty to their batteries for all their phones. Nothing new here… Perhaps someone should mention that to AT&T so they can get their policies updated…

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