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Review: OtterBox Commuter Case for BB 9700

100_6928 Product: BlackBerry Bold 9700 Commuter Case
Price: $34.95 @
Color: Black

I been using Otterbox cases for quite sometime now and over a short period they have made some major changes to the form factor. The Otterbox is known for being probably the toughest protection available for the BlackBerry & other smart phones but not the best looking one. That has changed with recent improvements & additions to their line of products. Otterbox provided a sample of the Commuter case to test with my 9700 & I am happy to say that it has kept my BB in really good shape.

What you get in the Box:
1 Commuter case made up of 1 silicon skin for impacts, a rugged skeleton that goes on top of the silicon skin, a Self-adhering clear protective film, microfiber cleaning cloth and installation card.

100_6934 Installation/Removal: This case is really easy to install first you want to put the clear protective film in the screen if you wish if not skip that step & place the Silicon skin on, self explanatory then the rugged skeleton, slide the top side of you BB and then rest just falls into place. For removing from the BB you start at the bottom simply pull the rugged part from the bottom of the BB and it comes off easily.

Protection & Form factor: The Commuter is the slimmest Otterbox available without giving away the much needed protection. The commuter series adds only a little bit more to the size of your BB but it feels really comfortable on your hand not too big not too rugged. It actually feels smooth on your had and as long as your BB screen doesn’t land on a rock when dropped it will sustain very little to no damage if accidentally dropped. I have actually dropped my BB using this case a few times, I am not the nicest to my gadgets therefore I make sure to have them well protected. The BB easily fits in your pockets, or in your hand & the rugged part provides a good grip so is not easily dropped.

Access to your convenience keys is not lost each key is covered with the silicon skin & I find it easier to find the button I need to click in the dark. You do not lose any of your BB functionality with this case.

With the 9700 version the case is even easier to place on the BB compare to the 8900 version. I did not find any cons with this case it does exactly what it is designed to do and just feels great on your hand besides knowing that your BB is protected. It is a well though design if you want to get the best protection for you BB not just silicon skin this is the best case for you.

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  1. I’m a big user for otter box. Have one for my Tour. What is taking so long to release one for Storm2 in Canadians stores?

  2. love the otterbox commuter for 9700… still using it now! good review!

  3. I have the Commuter on my Tour and I really like it. And while it’s a snug fit, it DOES still fit in the OEM holster.

  4. Wow I didn’t think of trying that it does fit

  5. I use the Seidio Innocase II on my Bold and like it very much. My problem with Otterbox is the silicon – it gets very easy broken if putting the handheld in the pocket. The Innocase II layer is more hard as the silicon, but not to hard.

  6. For those of you that purchased the Otter Box commuter for the BB Tour and wished that it had a holster for it, well I just found mine. Go to Walmart or Verizon store and purchase a combination shell/holster combo case (I got mine for $12.95). With very slight and simple modifications to the holder, it is possible to use it with the OtterBox commuter case. It holds the phone securely in place and it is easy to take out and put back in the holster. It evens has the magnet that comes with the BB case.
    All that I had to do is use a heat gun and warm the two plastic tabs of the case and bend them very slightly to allow the insertion of the phone into the case. I think it looks great and even matches the color of the Otter Box product. Works Great!

    Find photos here:

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