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Documents To Go 2.0001 Update Adds Multilingual & Fixes Battery Drain

Docs-to-go2 DavidB let us know that DataViz has updated the latest version 2.0 of Documents To Go incrementally to version 2.0001. You would think that would be a minor update but after reading the change log it looks more important. I am now wondering how Documents To Go would drain your battery… Is it always running in the background? They have also released minor improvements to their desktop client.

From the change log:

New Features (Standard Edition):

  • Available in English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish

New Features (Premium Edition):

  • Available in English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish
  • Added menu item for "Download Documents To Go Files" to Word To Go, Sheet To Go, and Slideshow To Go.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue causing the battery to drain faster than expected when "Documents To Go Files" was installed.
  • Various minor fixes.

You can download a free trial at this link or just update from inside the application.

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  1. Combine docs2go with to sync and share content between BlackBerry and PC, available on App World to trial

  2. Note sure about previous versions as the updated version mentioned above was the latest version when I upgraded to Documents to Go: Premium Edition the other day, but yes, Documents to Go Files runs in the background on start-up…

    There’s no way to change this, however you can manually exit Documents to Go Files and it will stay closed until you do a “battery pull” again.

    Documents to Go Files is used exclusively for synchronization with one’s computer, which will not work without this application…

  3. They want $5 for the update to the FREE version. That’s ludicrous!
    Exsafe is just another cloud provider…

    • There is no charge to upgrade from any older Docs To Go free version to the latest Docs To Go free version on a BlackBerry.

      • Not true!
        See below:
        “We have located the following registered DataViz product(s) in your account:
        Documents To Go Standard (BlackBerry OS 4.7 and above), English”

        And then:
        “Downloads are available for this product with the PURCHASE of Download Insurance.”
        which is $5

        • That’s not payment for the software, that’s payment for the ability to re-download the software. You can redownload for free for a period of time, then you would have to purchase additional downloads. Too many people abusing redownloads required us to put something like this in place.

          Here’s a tip. Take a look at the alternative installation section of this webpage:

          DataViz, Inc.

          • I know, but I’m not given the option of a free download. I downloaded V2 when it came out and now, for the update, I’m only given the option to pay to be able to download it. This doesn’t really make sense, does it?
            The standard version comes free, so there shouldn’t be any way of abusing redownloads, surely?

            Thank you very much for the tip! I had downloaded the BES Admin files, but this method is more what I was looking for 🙂

    • Ronen,

      Its quite a bit more than just a cloud provider service, the emphasis is very much on security and the elimination of stored content on BlackBerry devices. It has a purpose built BlackBerry Client app that integrates seamlessly with docs2go and always uses the most current version, a document centric approach, no background synching involved. Check out this video or contact me if you wish to find out more, regards Tony.

      • I guess I’ll have to get more info on the security aspect.
        If any of the cloud provider’s employee can read the content of my files or if my account’s credentials are used, it’s not secure.

        But I like the docs2go integration, could be very useful in certain situations 🙂

        Which app is managing the local copies if I want to work offline, within the directory structure? Docs2go or esafe?

        • There is an element of trust that we are not going to read your files in the same way that you might trust an ISP to channel your email content to you. However we can provide the option of combining our security with your signature, meaning that we cannot see your content. The downside of this is not being able to recover anything in the event of a disaster, key loss, which obviously we try to mitigate against.

          With respect to offline working I assume you are referring to the PC version, in that instance there is a local copy encrypted and secured of your ExSafe directory files on the PC or laptop, which are then versioned, audit trailed etc automatically when you connect back online.

          We work from within Excel and Word and force the content into ExSafe.

          If your offline comment is with respect to the BlackBerry we do not support it offline or no signal, would be interested to know whether you think there may be a need for that. For security reasons our mantra is no local content to be stored on the BlackBerry.

          • I agree on the trust bit, but, as an example, even if you trust Google, you can only cry when somebody sells your account’s credentials on an underground website. There are many more examples that shows why trust is not good enough for certain data.

            Using a personal, never-stored-in-the-cloud, key, like it’s the case with more and more cloud providers (finally!) offers a very good level of protection. An employee or a hacker only sees encrypted data. So, if you can offer that level of protection for the Blackberry service, I’m sure you’ll catch the attention of quite a few corporations.

            Regarding the offline capability, I was referring to the device’s side. I find it very useful to be able to read or amend documents no matter where I am. Quite a few, unsecure, web apps fall short in that department.
            Such a system could totally replace the memopad and would add such features as unlimited folder management, rich editing through docs2go, etc.

            I find it strange that you insist on not storing data on the device, when it supports strong encryption. It’s safer that on the hard drive of a lot of workers.
            Maybe a sync engine is what’s needed. watch a folder and sync it to the loud.

        • Thank you for the feedback, it is interesting to hear your offline requirement for the BlackBerry its a feature that we deliberately did not deploy even though we could implement it with the same functionality as the Offline PC version. With respect to no content on the device this was not just a security issue but also a management one, version control, audit trail on documents created or modified on the BlackBerry always being synched to the cloud- one version of the truth. We would like to see greater usuage of BlackBerry as a computing device and more awareness of doc2go within the community, which obviously would have a knock on effect for us.

  4. Ronen, the “Files” app is what keeps your documents synced to the cloud. So yes it is always running unless you close it explicitly.

  5. For a quick upgrade, open the program in your ‘Berry and select “check for updates” in the menu. Takes you right to the download portion of the site. Free.

    • Free if you haven’t registered already.
      If you have, you need to login and you’ll end up to have to follow the tip shown above if you don’t want to have to pay for “download protection”.

  6. Still no support for ODFs (OpenDocument Formats), such as OPS (OpenDocument Sheet) and ODT (OpenDocument Text)… Makes me wonder why I bought the “premium” sometimes.

  7. Zamzar?

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