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CES: RCA Charges Your Gadgets Using Energy From WIFI Signal

DSC_3385CES was full of new innovating ideas & we happen to miss one of them luckily the guys over at found it and recorded a video. I always wanted a phone that would charge over the air but that is probably far from happening, the closest you get is this RCA Airnergy Charger which uses the signal from your WIFI router to charge the device containing a battery inside that charges itself as long as you are close to a WIFI connection.  CES had a ton of new ideas & devices for extending your power hungry smart phones. This is probably one that I could see having some use because it is on a league of its own.  The device when charged can be plugged into your device via a USB connection.

Check out the video after the jump…….

Youtube Video

The device is schedule for launch later this summer for a price tag of $40, but I have one question how much would this interfere with your WIFI signal or if it even does work at all? Second is would you see yourself buying this?  I know there is a ton of new devices that focus on extending your battery power or charging it on the go, one thing we did while at CES was take an extra battery and even with how much the 9700 battery last I was able to burn through 2 fully charged batteries on a day. Let us know what you think in the comments below. Thanks to JohnyB for the tip.

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  1. This is insane and the price is very reasonable. If u consider that someone buying a standard charger in store for 30$ ( I personally buy them off ebay at 2-3$ a piece) Welcome to 2010 people

  2. OMGFTW! That looks like one of the handiest things I’ve ever heard of! I’m guessing it must work similarly to the contactless chargers that use an EM field to charge (like on electric toothbrushes etc.) It probably doesn’t supply a lot of current but recapturing a portion of the energy that would otherwise just be wasted is really kinda cool.

  3. Seriously? You guys are buying this? Do the math.

    Solar power = 1000 watts per square meter on a good day.

    This device = 2 square inches. A WiFi router outputs, maybe, 6 watts.

    Do the math. I am sorry to see that RCA has become a joke.

    • A wifi router is maybe 100mW. A tenth of a watt. HIGH power is 800mW! And available power at the antenna will be microwatts – almost all of any transmitters power is wasted. You just cannot possibly get enough power off a wifi signal to charge anything like a cell phone battery. Not even if you absorb ALL the wifi transmission, which of course means you will have no wifi anymore since all the power is going into your battery, leaving none to be received by your computer.

      This idea is just wrong headed.

      • Yeah, this thing seems to deny the laws of physics (or at least the laws of radio wave propagation). Plus the fact that charging a battery requires DC, “over the air” energy in radio waves would be AC so there’s not just the loss at the transmitter but the loss in their receiver too as they rectify and regulate the radio wave back into DC.

        OK, so if you grant them that they have figured out how to turn the energy of a WiFi signal back into some current they can use to charge a battery in this thing, I gotta wonder just how many WiFi hotspots/devices you need in proximity to really charge this thing. Sure, at a trade show where their were probably hundreds of hotspots and thousands of devices with WiFi enabled, but out in the real world? PLUS, if you have the WiFi enabled on your BB (or whatever device), this thing would be using that signal as one of the signals it uses to recharge itself! If I have this thing in my pocket, and the only WiFi signal in my car while driving to work is my BB, what with all the inefficiencies of conversion back and forth I can’t see this thing getting much of a charge.

        I think the accolades claimed for this thing are WAY over the top. Problem is, their own statements seem quite tame, it’s the media reports about it that are hyping it all to hell.

  4. I agree with you guys I wonder if it even works at all but apparently you do have to connect the device via USB to you BlackBerry the device itself supposedly charges over wifi. Won’t believe till I see it, will try to get a test unit if I can.

    • Yeah. Can you imagine the additional efficiency loss if this thing after charging its internal battery THEN had to convert the stored energy in the battery into magnetic waves to transfer wirelessly to your BB?!? And then the efficiency loss of some device on your BB converting the magnetic waves back into DC to charge your BB battery!

      FWI…I DO think this thing is a really cool idea in concept. What with all the electro-magnetic waves that surrounds us in our daily lives, being able to convert some of that “power” into something our devices can actually use would be awesome! But the laws of “conservation of power” are immutable…you cannot “create” power, you can only convert if from one form to another. And with every conversion there is some loss, as noone has yet invented 100% efficient power conversion. If that existed, perpetual motion machines would be pervasive.

      I liken it to time travel. IF within the laws of physics as we know them to be you could create a time machine, those same laws of physics tell us you could never go back to BEFORE the time machine was created. So yeah, theoretically you could create a time machine that would get you to the “future” in some amount of “time” that is LESS than someone experiencing linear time, you just can’t go back within the known conception of time and space. Ah, but I digress… 🙂

  5. Thats very intriguing David I love learning about that stuff I rather watch history channel or discovery on this topics than watching reality tv 🙂

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