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CES: Powermat Planning on Taking the Bulk Out of Wireless Charging

powermat-powerpak One of my favorite announcements during CES was Powermat’s future plans. They are planning on releasing custom batteries in April called Powerpak that have the Powermat technology built in. That means you wont need the annoying cover/case for wireless charging since it will be built into the $39 battery.

Powermat is also planning on making the solution require fewer wires while traveling by throwing a battery into the charging dock. That way the dock itself acts as a backup battery. Personally I think it would also make for an awesome holster. I will reserve judgment until they actually release these new updates. I truly hope they manage to put the same battery capacity into these new batteries with wireless built in… Then they will have a real winner on their hands.

Will over @IntoMobile got a nice video and picture of the Powerpak batteries:

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  1. Think the main hurdle is induction charging going mainstream. The costs just don’t really make any sense right now for most.

    Charging device = $99-$199, $30-50 sleeves or battery pack per device. You easily hit the cost of an actual device rather rapidly… Now if the devices came OEM with induction charging capabilities instead of paying for an OEM battery + new battery, that would be different. But then would they support all the 3rd party charger methods?….

  2. After seeing inductive charging used in many electronic toothbrushes for over ten years, it’s great to see the technology slowly moving into mobile devices (something I’ve been saying should happen for over ten years!)…

    Honestly though, when I can buy an electronic toothbrush with inductive charging for about $AU25 ($US23.12), I find it INCREDIBLY hard to believe that the technology is “prohibitively expensive” in most mobile devices, including cell phones.

    Anyway, I plan to buy at least one “power grid”, but I’m still searching/waiting for the right device as I need something that supports AT LEAST mini USB (as used on my Belkin Sype phone and my BlackBerry Bold 9000), FastPort (as used on our Sony Ericsson cell phones), the PSP (PlayStation Portable)/PSP Go, the Nintendo DS Lite and the Amazon Kindle…

    Of course, in MY household, there’s a LOT of other wireless devices I’d love to add to that list!

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