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HOT! First Picture of BlackBerry Curve 8910

We first heard about the BlackBerry Curve 8910 earlier today. Tonight one of our Secret Agents scored a live picture of the BlackBerry Curve 8910 for us to ogle. From what I am seeing this revision replaces the trackball with a trackpad and our agent confirmed it is running OS 5.0.4+.


At first glance it looks like the BlackBerry Bold 9700 until you notice that the keyboard metal frets around the keys are missing and the keys are 8900 style. Let us know if you spot anything we missed. Nothing much else to report but we will let you know as it comes in! Still it is hard to comprehend where a 8910 will fit between the 85XX and 9700 series devices…

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  1. Yeah I really see no point to this with the 85xx + Essex + 9700 all as options…

    • Thankyou!!
      I love blackberries
      But i cannot stand RIM they will squeeze every single penny out of the stupid consumer, i admit im 1 of them im probably gonna run out and get this like a fool, but they only have 4 devices on the market in 15,000 collors and forms

      cuve- all the 83xx users, 89xx user
      pear-(why they made this i still dont nkow)

      Like cut the BS make the best phone you can and move forward do something else, something innovative creative hell hire me!!
      their falling behind…..sorry RIM

      • I don’t really think RIM is doing anything wrong. They aren’t forcing you to buy this.

        I just don’t see an open window for this because of the other options they already have that fill this spot.

  2. I agree with papped on this one but then again a high level of device diversity is what sets Blackberry appart from the Iphone. Blackberry doesn’t have just one phone with different options. A Blackberry for everyone.

  3. looks great. i would rather have trackpad on my 8900

  4. Will it have 3G?

  5. had the “first photos” of this device long before this post was “first”.

  6. 8910 is for China without Wifi…

  7. doesn’t even look like an 89xx series because it doesn’t have the same look as the 8900. keyboard, yes, but overall look is very bold 9700

  8. @J I do not think it will have 3G but it will have Wi-Fi.
    @Oakie – I think you may be mistaken since the whole 8910 did not leak until today… Though personally I don’t care who was first. I just like shiny new gadgets 🙂

    @All what do you guys think of the device? Is RIM just bringing back the high class EDGE device?

  9. A. CrackBerry speculates it is the 89XX for the rest of the world (not NA or EU). Think Middle East, Africa, etc.

    B. If it does end up in NA, heck, why NOT the Curve style keyboard but high res display the 85XX lacks? There ARE those who prefer that keyboard style versus what the 96XX and 97XX have.

    From my BlackBerry Storm…

  10. It’s 2010, oppinion: all phones should be 3G, have wi/fi w/a great battery. Then start building from there.

  11. its the so called “atlas” isnt it?

  12. What is it made out of? Tar? That picture looks disgusting.

  13. Hey guys it looks like the 8910 will be coming to the US from what I am hearing though it might also be for international use. I can confirm it does not have 3G and will be marketed as a high end Curve.

  14. Thanks to RIM they finally replace the trackball. I hate trackball. Recently my bb 8900 javelin have the sticky unscrollable problem. I dont like the idea of disassembling my bb to replace the trackball. A friend of mine recommend me to they have some tricks but i try the rotating straw technique, and i have my trackball working again now..


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