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CES: Green Tech & Power extension for BlackBerry

IMG00310-20100110-2222We know that BlackBerry users are power hungry & some users like us tend to exhaust the limit the OEM batteries. Specially this past few days I needed at least 2 charged batteries to get through a full day at CES. Some good news is that some companies have taken a notice of that & created some cool power extension for the BlackBerry including other gadgets that are charged via USB.

Energizer Energi To Go Energy Stick:

One of the first ones that caught my eyes at the Digital experience party was the Energi to Go extension from Energizer.  The power extension can be pre-Charged & can be used at any time it is needed. The device is simple to use you simply plug it into your regular wall or USB charger and let it charge and when needed plug it into your BB. Right now I only saw them available for the Storm & the Bold, did not work on the 9700 but took some pictures for you to see.

  • up to 40hrs standby time
  • up to 30 minutes of talk time

100_6828 100_6830

Amzer’s 3500 mAh Battery Backup Solar Charger:

This device was one of the last ones I got to see in action is the Amzer solar charger which is a bit expensive but I still found it to be pretty cool even though the thing looks and is almost the same size as the Iphone. What this device does it it pretty cool if you ask me, it has a 3500 built in 3500mAh high capacity rechargeable polymer lithium-ion battery inside that can be charged by AC, Solar power, and USB. The charger is portable so you can be recharging it with sunlight as you are walking outside or while at home. The has a USB port that you can plug in any USB device and charge it. For a list of all the devices it supports visit their site it is available for purchase for the price of $99.95. It is a bit pricey but a really nice idea.

IMG00240-20100108-1520 ScreenHunter_02 Jan. 10 22.48

Duracell Pocket & Instant chargers:

The Instant Charger allows you to charge many USB-powered devices including the BlackBerry Smartphone.

Some of the features include

  • 1150 mAh
  • USB and mini-USB ports
  • Up to 35 hours of backup power
  • Use the cord of a USB, micro-USB, or mini-USB device to plug into the Instant Charger’s appropriate ports

You can purchase this at most stores like Wal-mart & Best buys stores or online at


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  1. The Energizer EnergiStick looks appealing, how much is retailing for? And which retailers are carrying it? I am going to keep a look out for the 9700 version.

  2. Yeah is pretty cool I will let you know if I hear anything on prices and will get back to you. I don’t expect them to be too expensive. I did ask about the 9700 version but the lady was not sure how soon.

    • I am currently using an iGo as my emergency charger which gets the job done. However, the thing I particularly like about this is that it is not very bulky and the Blackberry can be used with it attached. Neither of which can be said for the iGo.

      One other question, is the connection for the charger that you tried mini USB or proprietary? I ask about mini because it is for the 9000 and I figured if the charging cable matches the device connection on this one then it may well do the same on the on designed for the 9700 and have micro USB.


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