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BlackBerry Curve 8910 Coming Soon?

8910 The team @UnwiredView noticed that a new BlackBerry Curve 8910 has just received Bluetooth SIG certification. We don’t really know anything more than that but my bet is that this new 8910 will add a trackpad to replace the original 8900’s trackball. The new numbering is odd since traditionally the XX10 designation was reserved for devices that have GPS added to the base series model that does not have GPS but the 8900 already has GPS.

Still it makes me wonder why RIM would even bother since there is a negligible price difference between the 8520 and 9700 already that would leave very little room or incentive for anybody to pick up a 8910 without 3G…

What do you think? Maybe somebody should shoot an email to Alicia Weber-Charron (email is in the certification) asking what’s the story… 🙂

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  1. I’m betting the 8900 will be discontinued (like the 8300) and they will start warranty replacing 8900 with 8910 to save $ on trackball replacements

  2. I love my 8900, I really don’t care if its with trackpad or not….All I care it has GPS, Bluetooth, so thats good for me…! 🙂

  3. Must be the Atlas…

  4. They also have the 9650 listed there too:

  5. The 8910 is just the 8900 with No Wifi…its for China.

  6. Negating the conversation above about the 8910 being destined for China, I feel that concurrent marketting of the 8520 and the 8900 is a good idea. It really makes me wonder if the reviewer has held both of them in his/her hand.

    The 85xx is not an 89xx. Although they may be similar in function the 85xx is definitely a consumer device and the 89xx is not. The 89xx’s have a much higher build quality in my experience and are better suited for the professional who is hard on his device.

    The 85xx is more of a consumer/entertainment device.

    Although the two obviously overlap a LOT.

    Just my $0.02.

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