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BerryBlab Releases vBulletin Forum Client for BlackBerry

BerryBlab let us know that they have released a free vBulletin BlackBerry app. This new app is free (for now) but requires forum owners to install a plugin for it to work. In case you don’t know vBulletin is the forum software that runs quite a few of the major forum sites from Howard Forums to CrackBerry. Still the only site that has registered to support the application is

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If you spend quite a bit of time on the forums you might want to get your friendly Mod or owner to check out the app and give it a spin. I think the app would really take off if they found a way for it to work without the forum owner having to install their plugin… but I am  not sure if that is technically possible.

Check it out at

PS: The BerryReview forums run BBPress not vBulletin so we cannot test out this plugin though I find the mobile version works just fine. 🙂

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  1. I wonder if it will be as rich and smooth as the WordPress client app for BlackBerry which I think is very nicely designed and works perfectly!

  2. Would be great if the CB forums would enable this, since the mobile site looks like crap on 320×240

  3. Yeah, CrackBerry’s “mobile” site is pretty lousy in comparison to other “mobile” sites… Though I wouldn’t quite put it in the “worst” category.

    In saying that though, I frequent the Australian BlackBerry Forums using my BlackBerry Bold 9000 (the address is , if there’s any fellow Australians out there…), a site that almost-certainly has a LOT smaller budget than CrackBerry, and THEIR “mobile” site is in many ways, far superior to CrackBerry’s “mobile” offerings… This is particularly true with regards to the actual forums themselves, which are pretty much THE best “mobile” forums I’ve used!

    Anyway back on-topic, it would be great to see this vBulletin functionality widely implemented, particularly if it gives its users the “first-class mobile experience” seen on sites like BerryReview and the Australian BlackBerry Forums…

  4. Pretty useless if the sites have to register to support the application. I guess we’ll just have to flood CrackBerry with demands to register. I agree, viewing Crackberry in WAP mode kind of sucks….

  5. hi

    just got my account approved on the forum

    hope to stay long here

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