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Viper SmartStart Wants Your BlackBerry to Start Your Car

Viper-smartstart Viper is planning on releasing their SmartStart solution for BlackBerry in Q1. The app and module is already out for the iPhone but now they are going to let you start your car from your BlackBerry. Users will be able to start their car, lock and unlock the doors, pop the trunk, or panic their horn or siren which can also be used as a car finder – all using their BlackBerry.

The system requires a SmartStart module in your car which has a MSRP of $299. Still there is a definite James Bond like coolness factor when your BlackBerry unlocks and starts your car… even if you just forgot your keys. On the other hand it would be a real pain if your BlackBerry battery died.

You can see a video of the iPhone version of the SmartStart app at this link or check out more details at

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  1. I’m pretty sure if your BB battery died you can still use the Viper system just like if you didn’t have a BB. Of course, if your BB dies AND you lose your keys you’d be sorta SOL… 🙂

  2. A real pain when switching devices, too, as I would guess that authentication is tied to the device itself (i.e., PIN, ESN, IMEI, or the like). 😉

    • Not any more than other software that does the same. I kinda like the idea though. Especially since my wife has a tendency to lock her keys in the car. As long as we have our phone we can unlock it.

  3. I would like to know what would be the work around if the authentication is tied into a single device itself and its a family car that’s shared. Will this (1) system be operational from two or more device.

    • Each vehicle needs a module and you can have all the modules on your phone that will show up on the car list on your phone.

      Click on the car you want and then i will operate it.

  4. Watching the demo and reading the FAQ’s really helps with the above questions but I also would like to point out that the price listed above is only for the MODULE and that ONLY works if you already have a Viper system installed on your vehicle. Otherwise it says you need the Whole Viper Smartstart System which online it shows MSRP $499

    I am really looking at getting this once available for my Blackberry. Thanks for the post and info because I had no clue before this!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. This app also requires the monthly service plan. If you buy the VSS4000 system ($499), it includes the 1st year’s service plan, but after the 12th month, it’s $29.99/month. I’m more interested in the OEMs releasing their own apps like this (like the Chevy Volt).

  6. I have searched Viper’s site and cannot find a way to contact them, it only makes you search for a local installer.

    I want to ask a question about Viper SmartStart for my Chrysler 300 but want someone who knows rather than an installer.

    Anyone know how to contact Viper? My factory remote start for my Chrysler 300 was a tough purchase because of the non traditional key and only a key fob so I wanted to know if this Viper package is available for my 300?

    It does seem a bit on the expensive side but on my last vehicle I had the 2-way transmitter and it made it fantastic if in the store or movie theater but was not able to get a 3rd party one for my 300 so this Viper SmartStart and use of my Bold would be great!!!!

    Thanks for any input

  7. Link to download the app:

    It works great. I find that the car gets the signal a bit faster from my Verizon Blackberry than from my AT&T iPhone (although its really only a matter of a second or so)

    my only complaint so far is that the on-screen graphics make it hard to see which command you have selected when you are outside. the “highlighted” command does not look much different than a “non-highlighted” command to begin with. but when outside, in the sunlight, it is virtually impossible to see.

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