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T-Mobile & AT&T Launch HSPA 7.2 Upgrade

businessman_cheeringl Both T-Mobile and AT&T have both launched and announced their HSPA 7.2 upgrade this week. This bumps them up from the previous 3.6mbps theoretical speed limit. Still AT&T admits that they still need to update the backhaul from the towers to the internet since that is the current bottleneck. That update is planned over 2010 and 2011 with Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, and Miami already getting the upgraded fiber optics backhaul love.

T-Mobile on the other hand did not make any mention of backhaul upgrades but they now claim their 3G network reaches more than 200 million Americans. They also plan to speed past carriers promising 4G LTE by being the first to roll out HSPA+ with 26mbps speeds in 2010.

All these 3.5G and 4G upgrades should make for an interesting year…

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  1. t-mobile is already down with there upgrades, i use to get Edge only on my Bold 9700 at work since Monday i have been getting 3G at work. That missed-up how AT&T is now upgrading there system to 7.2Mbps. So their the Fastest but they are not reliable

  2. Before everyone starts jumping in thinking they are going to all of a sudden get killer download speeds, a note:

    Just because the network has been upgraded to 7.2mbps, doesn’t mean that’s what people are going to start getting on their handsets. Device limitations also will come into play on how fast they are able to download data as well.

    Also…with RIM, you need to understand that with the way RIM’s network compresses data, you’re not going to have the same readings as say someone with a G1 or MyTouch or windows mobile device.

    Here’s some tests that I ran this morning on a 9700 on the TMO network using These are by no means scientific, but they give a good idea of average usage by end-users.

    If I find chargers for my other TMO 3G devices (MyTouch and N900), I will post those as well.

    3G using TMO Wap Browser
    100kb (can’t get anything larger to show for test)
    Test 1: 125kbs
    Test 2: 87.816kbs
    Test 3: 158.416kbs
    Test 4: 103.493kbs

    3G using BlackBerry Internet Browser
    Test 1: 2985.075kbs
    Test 2: 1604.814kbs
    Test 3: 5925.926kbs
    Average: 3505.271kbs

    Test 1: 6015.038kbs
    Test 2: 8135.593kbs
    Test 3: 8391.608kbs
    Average: 7514.079kbs

    Test 1: 6944.444 kbs
    Test 2: 8016.032kbs
    Test 3: 8492.569kbs
    Average: 7817.681kbs

    2G (EDGE) using BlackBerry Internet Browser
    Test 1: 4255.319
    Test 2: 4624.277
    Test 3: 3883.495
    Average: 4254.363kbs

    Test 1: 4660.194
    Test 2: 5405.405
    Test 3: 7272.727
    Average: 5779.442kbs

    Test 1: 6240.25
    Test 2: 6033.183
    Test 3: 6015.038

    The highest I was actually able to receive download wise was running a 5MB test on 3G: 8492.569

    • is known for being very inaccurate. Check around the web and see what others say. I have heard the only accurate test is tethering with a normal speed test on the computer.

  3. Just for the hell of it, I ran a 1MB test on the new Bolt Browser
    1MB @ 2G (EDGE)
    Test 1: 482.8kbs
    Test 2: 388.916kbs
    Test 3: 434.783kbs

    1MB @ 3G
    Test 1: 527.704kbs
    Test 2: 1333.333kbs
    Test 3: 1275.917kbs

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