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BlackBerry Presenter Streams PowerPoint Over Bluetooth!

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RIM has truly made BlackBerry carrying road warriors happier today with the BlackBerry Presenter. This new accessory from RIM lets you stream PowerPoint files from your BlackBerry over Bluetooth. The Presenter is essentially a hub with a VGA & S-video connection to connect to a projector or TV. Once you set it up all you need to do is plug it in and select “Present” on your BlackBerry. The only button on the Presenter lets you put it to sleep, wake it up, or reset it.

Right now it only works with PowerPoint files but hopefully you will be able to project the screen of your BlackBerry in the future. The device includes VGA, NTSC, and PAL support in 640×480 (VGA), 800×600 (SVGA), or 1024×768 (XGA).

My favorite two features are speaker notes along with support for 24 animations and 55 transitions. With support for Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 and 2007 files you can use transitions like Blinds, Checker, Zoom, Cover, Diamond, Fade, and Strips along with animations like Blinds, Dissolve, In/Out, Peek In/Out, Wedge, Wheel, and Wipe. The app will also display your speaker notes on your BlackBerry screen while you present.

Other features include loop mode which lets you set up to 100 slides to loop using the onboard memory. There is also freeze mode where you can freeze a slide on the projector while looking up another slide on your BlackBerry screen.

The main downsides are that the BlackBerry Presenter requires OS 4.6+ and specifically does not work on BlackBerry Curve 8300 Series and BlackBerry Pearl 8200 Series devices. Weird…

So what do you think of the BlackBerry Presenter? RIM seems to really be pushing users to leave their laptop behind.

Full details in the PDF’s linked below:

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  1. Two pieces of information missing here.

    1. Power – Micro USB. So you need to use your regular next generation power adapter like we find on the Storm & 9700 to power the PResenter. Not a big thing. BUt the folks that still use phones with the mini USB will need to carry a second adapter.

    2. MSRP – $199 You are REALLLLLLLY gonna have to want to travel light to pay 2/3 the price of a netbook for this.

    I would think I am a prime candidate for this. I travel over 200,000 miles a year doing presentations. That is the main focus of my job. Yet, I can’t see spending $200 for a dedicated adapter to make my 9700 do something my netbook can do. This almost looks like a solution in search of a problem. In the $75-100 range, yeah I might be looking at it.

    • Re #2: Couldn’t have put it better myself. Not to mention it’s a one-trick pony limited to PPT. On a netbook you can also switch to a browser or other app (not to mention VPN) for a demo, which is required for many presentations. Sorry RIM, but once you look closer it kinda resembled a Palm Folio…

  2. It’s a great look and a step in the right direction for RIM, it’s a bit pricey, shave the price a bit and these should fly off the shelves!

  3. Well, if only there was a built in batt…

  4. Impactica has had a presentation device out for a few years now and it works with bluetooth and on 8300’s. I have used many times for presentations but I still prefer my laptop for last minute changes and ease of use. When it is very useful is when you are on the road and don’t want a lot of baggage and your presentations are very static. Key feature would be for a rechargable battery in the device, finding power through USB has been a problem on a number of occasions.

  5. I still think the phone should sync with a projector directly and wirelessly

  6. sounds good to me 🙂

  7. Makes a lot of sense once the powerpoint restriction is removed.

  8. If you presenrtations have diagrams from Visio, they will appear as garbage. So, that’s $200 down the toilet!

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