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SmartWiFi Turns on WiFi Based on Cell Phone Tower Location

smartWIFI S4BB just released SmartWiFi which reminds me of Wifi Hero but it gives you another option. SmartWiFi remembers the cell tower you were connected to when you had WiFi and it will turn WiFi on when you are in range. It will also turn it off when you leave.

The cool part is that you can save up to 100 WiFi locations. It will also display your BSSID, SSID, Data Rate, Radio Band and Signal Level. The only requirements are that you have OS 4.3+ and a WiFi enabled device.

You can find SmartWiFi in the store for $4.99 until Jan 29th after which it goes up to $9.99.

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  1. This looks like a very good application addition for me at first glance. I will definately be checking this out today!

  2. I purchased this program a week or two ago for my Sprint Blackberry 8530 that has wifi. First off the initial release didn’t even work on CDMA, which they didn’t state, and App World said it worked and let me pay and download it for 4.99 I then sent about 4 e-mails complaining and about 7 days later they e-mailed me back with a new version (1.5.0 I think) and installed and downloaded it only to be let down again.

    The program works partially, but does not turn off wifi EVER! I’m an experienced blackberry user and I’ve tried all the little tricks of install, re-install, battery-pull, and such.

    Basically the program will connect to your wifi connection that you set up when you come into range of the cell tower you use while geographically located to your wifi. However when you leave that location – and go even many miles away – say 60 miles, the wifi will not turn off.

    I’m really mad about this and I have to manually turn my wifi off myself. I have e-mailed the company a few times about it not working properly and there only reply to is re-install it. So LAME!

    Don’t waste your $5 bucks.

    Unless someone knows how to get it to work correctly, then pass.

  3. I agree with JW. I should have known better than to buy anything that doesn’t have a free trial, especially from S4BB. They are notorious for selling software that re-packages something your Berry already does, or that really doesn’t do anything. Don’t buy this.


    I really respect your opinions and I rely on them it would be nice if you reviewed some of this vendor’s software.

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