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Review: Hyberpads & Giveaway Winners

Image00008Review: Hyberpads
[Rating: 9.5]
Price: On sale at Amazon for $14.95

A few weeks ago we told you about this new accessories for the BlackBerry called Hyberpad from Bishopscientifics. They sent us a sample to test them out to give you guys a perspective from a BB user.  10 lucky readers also won a free Hyberpad details after the review.

What it does: The Pads have the same effect a holster has on the BlackBerry when it is places in it, so your BlackBerry goes into sleep mode when placed on one of this Hyberpads. This is perfect for those of you who tend to place the BB on their desk while they are at work or their home office. One of my favorite thing about this is the fact that I have different settings for my notification & Alerts when the BB is in my holster so basically the same goes for the Hyberpads.

I should note that this only works with BlackBerrys with a magnetic sensor the Flip BB does not contain this and will not work & neither does the Iphone in case you were wondering.

The Hyberpads are made of leather & 3 earth magnets & the pads have no top or bottom which ever side you use will work.

What you Get: 1 Hyberpad & One Velour slipcase (Bag) Available in 3 colors Blue, Chocolate, or Black.

Will it work with Skin covers? The answer is yes, I tested mine on the Brand new Otterbox Commuter series for the 9700 and it worked for the most part I thought it would not work since the Otterbox has 2 layers of protection. So it works just fine with regular protective skins.


I always tend to place my BlackBerry on my desk while am working & I usually try to place it on top of something soft other than the desk this Hyberpads do that and take it a step further. Once you place the BlackBerry on the pad it puts the BB on sleep mode and even if you try to turn it on while its laying on it the BB remains sleep as you can see on the pictures.  As soon as the BB is lifted from the pad it turns Back on. The Berry also locks when placed on the pad so if a nosy co-worker tries to pick up your Berry while you are away it will be locked. The small carrying bag  you get with it will fit your BlackBerry & The pad well specially if you travel it will be very convenient.

The pad does what is intended to do & with some good profile settings it can help you manage your alerts & I don’t really see any cons to it so if this is something you think will be a good accessory to have get your self one or a few.


List Hyberpad Winners:

  • Ann
  • Charley2397
  • Joel
  • Sturta
  • Buff
  • Erika
  • Domisita
  • John
  • akose
  • Frank

The winners listed above will get an email from me with instruction on how to claim their prize.

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  1. S**T I really wanted to win that loooooooool

  2. Cool little toy I wouldn’t mind having one

  3. I won! Wow. Man, I love this site.

  4. Congrats to all..

  5. Any update on when the winners will be getting an email?

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