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An Interesting Solution for BlackBerry Addiction

Dictionary Series - Health: addiction Phoenix let me know about this article written by 9 year old Tai Notar in The Star. She writes about her parents BlackBerry addiction and her solution that seems to be working. She created a contract with fees for her parents BlackBerry addiction. Every time her parents type on their BlackBerrys in her presence they owe her $1. The rates go up to $2 at the dinner table with negotiable exceptions. Tai even got her mom to pay a $5 daily rate if she planned on using her BlackBerry extensively.

I have to say the idea is pretty creative but not for everybody. Still it makes me wonder how other parents are handling their BlackBerrys around their kids. I know our Senior Editor Greg solved the dilemma by getting his kids addicted… 🙂

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  1. Well just goes to show you that these parents are not spending family time. And to agree with their daughter is outages!. You sure know WHO rules in that family.

  2. I found a number of things interesting about the article:

    – First and foremost it made me think of all the parents who complain that their kids are either glued to the TV or gaming consoles, and of some who insist on family dinners where they actually talk to each other in order to try and keep the family bond alive. The daughter struck the deal as an attempt to wake her ‘parents’ up.

    – She raised an interesting point about how if she was a wee child her parent’s addiction would be taking away from the attention a toddler needs. At 14, I’d say she still needs adequate attention from her parents.

    – These particular parents definitely have a problem – she’d mentioned her dad getting into a minor accident while on his BlackBerry. He’d assumed he could still pay attention to his surroundings. It’s unfortunate, but it seems the daughter here is the most responsible one.

    P.S. to Ronen, She’s actually a 14 year old in grade 9…*Gasp*, you were distracted by your BlackBerry when you were reading the article, weren’t you!

  3. Scrap the whole idea and turn the BB time into time teaching your kid about mobile tech, platforms, business, interacting with people, being safe, etc, etc…

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