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Holiday Giveaway: Plantronics Voyager PRO Bluetooth Headset

With another successful giveaway behind us (congratulations to Carlos!), this week we offer you another chance at some holiday cheer.

With the global recession upon us, the team here at BerryReview is happy to spread some cheer and play internet Santa this holiday season. So today, with some help from our friends at Plantronics, we are going to be giving away a Plantronics Voyager PRO Bluetooth headset. The Discovery is simple and has a pivoting boom mic.  “The Voyager Pro is literally the most advanced noise-cancelling Bluetooth headset available. It is designed for folks who need to wear their headsets for long periods of time and is therefore extremely comfortable. Voted Editor’s Choice by CNET in April for its three layers of wind protection, the Voyager Pro is further proof of Plantronics’ 40 + years of commitment to headset engineering excellence.” Find out more info here.

  • Prize: One Plantronics Voyager PRO Bluetooth Headset.
  • Where to Buy$84.95 at the store.
  • Terms: Because this is a physical item that needs to be shipped, this giveaway is restricted to those in the United States. Entries must be submitted by 7:00PM EST, December 31th, 2009. Read the rest of the terms here.
  • How to play: Below I will ask a question, answer that question in the comments section to this post using a valid name and email address. Multiple submissions are allowed provided you have different things to say. Once again, comments must be submitted by 7:00PM EST, December 31th, 2009.
  • Question: What is the worst REAL gift you gave or received this holiday season?
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  1. I got a $100 starbucks gift card from my Aunt and Uncle. I absolutely hate Starbucks and refuse to go there, and they know that.

  2. I received and subsequently gave away a cold.

  3. The worst gift I have ever received was a pair of fruit of the looms underwear in white and the wrong size.

  4. A tie that was given to me last year and didnt like it so I gave it to my father in law.

  5. The WORST gift I was given this Xmas was Scrooge telling me I cant enter the competition (so he could save a couple of bucks postage costs – if anyone outside US won). :(

  6. My wife was really looking forward for me staying up with her on Christmas night, but I feel asleep while my son and her was up. I was truly beat from the days activity.

  7. My mom actually sent me a bag of coal because I owe her like $2,000.00+ but have a brand new 46″ Sony XBR LCD television, a Nintendo Wii, an XBox360, Sony BluRay Player, and 1000watt Surround Sound system for it all! She said she’s mad that I find it more important to buy that stuff than pay her back but she doesn’t understand it’s all “No Payments, No Interest for 36 Months!”

  8. I gave my 42 year old father a pack of Glade scented oil candles. I forgot to buy for him, and when I realized it (very last minute of course), it’s the only unopened thing I had lying around.

  9. Went to a family Christmas where we do an exchange. The person that had me thought I was 5 instead of 25. Its awkward at a family Christmas to watch a 50 year old man give a 25 year old man a toy fire truck…

  10. Wow, easy question to answer :) My family is terrible at giving me gifts, so this year, I created a Google Doc Spreadsheet listing everything I want. I told my family, I don’t want anything that is NOT on the list. So guess what? Two of the top 3 items (inexpensive) were not purchased!

    That said, the worst gift of the batch were some red underpants. I live in California. Give me a break.

    Next year, I am handing out cards to everyone :).

  11. I received a metrolink pass….. I don’t do public transportation

  12. We forgot to get a gift for my wife’s cousin’s fiancee. I had a new copy of Stephen King’s ‘Lisey’s Story’ … problem solved.

  13. My family gave me a car :-) It was the first gift this season.

  14. Spam.
    I sent xmas gift cards to all my mail box.
    I know. I belong in hell. :(

  15. Try getting a WalMart corporate employee a gift card to Target!

  16. Worst gift I got this Christmas was from my grandmother. She for some reason figured that it would be a great idea to give me a big fruit basket. Me being the person that doesn’t eat much fruit in the first place.

  17. A pair of earrings to a friend who later found out that she did not have her ears pierced… :(

  18. My worse gift this ear was a dirty penguin… My In-Law (Father and Brother) gave me a ugly, white, dirty, gross, penguin, with a note in its mouth saying “If this penguin could talk, oh the stories it could tell”… i mean COME ON!!

  19. A musical, dancing, “christmas tree” from my grandmother.

  20. The worst gift that I received this year was a movie that I really wanted “the hangover”… However I received the bootleg version, that was fuzzy and had people laughing and standing up all throughout it..

  21. The only gift I got was an FSU poster from my stepdaughter. The wife and I agreed not to do gifts for each other. Everything went to the kids.

  22. The worst give that I received the flu!

  23. worst gift received from office swap: picture frame that looks like a plate

  24. A pack of Chinese folk music CDs. Whoopee.

  25. A text message. My father and I don’t speak, and he certainly never gives gifts. He texted me, after a few months of 0 contact, “Merry Christmas.”

  26. Got my dad and brother identical Power-Squids thanks to a recent 2-fer Woot-Off.

  27. As much as I love a good book – I was the recipient of a book on Irish Folklore and Spells. I think there was a hidden message in there somewhere!

  28. The worst gift I have ever gotten wasn’t this year. But happened when I was 12. We did a secrat Santa amoung the family and my father and I were listed together as one present. So whoever got our names gave us a set of pot holders, but labeled the gift to me. Now who in the world is going to give a set of pot holders to a 12 year old boy? It would not have even been an appropriate gift for my father.

  29. Worst real gift I received was digital picture Christmas tree bulb decorations, 4 of them.

  30. We do a gift exchange at work through a random draw at our annual Christmas lunch. Your name gets picked and you go up to the table to pick a random gift. You open it and announce to the group what you got. Your name could be drawn a second time, whereby you have to option to keep your gift or trade for another gift. I got stuck with the garden gnome that someone brought as a joke….awesome.

  31. The worst gift I received was a Starbucks gift card with $0.00 on it! It was never activated!

  32. A weight loss book.

  33. The worst gift I gave this year was a “Post It” sticky note dispenser I got for free from work. I’m cheap & needed a gift for mom.

  34. Worst present received was a blue and white trucker hat with a solar powered fan in the visor part of the hat.

  35. I got a backpack that I don’t need that cost $70. The receipt was attached to it so I could take it back. However, the store they got it has no place to take it back anywhere NEAR where I live. (I’d have to drive 100+ miles). So, I’m stuck with an expensive, worthless backback instead of $70 cash.

  36. My wife got me a puppy. I’m allergic.

  37. Someone got me a roll of stamps, I use about 3 a year. Thanks!

  38. I gave someone a bottle of wine and they said they stopped drinking a week earlier. Not good.

  39. A nose hair clipper and a back shaver. I don’t like being reminded that I am the missing link.

  40. This would perfect for the big truck!!

  41. I received a wallet from a family friend. The problem with that is she gave me a wallet last year and I don’t even carry a wallet already have like 15 of them just laying around…

  42. As part of their stocking stuffers this year, we gave our 30+ year old daughters chicken poop lip balm.

  43. My mother of all people sent me an Edible Arrangement. It was beautiful: flower shaped honeydew, chocolate dipped cantaloupe, star shaped watermelon. Did this woman forget that I’m allergic to MELON!!! Really mom!!

  44. I got a book about Daniel Boone.

  45. Not that it was as terrible as other things I’ve seen here, but the worst gift I got this year was an orange t-shirt. Part of our family tradition is to open a book and “Christmas” pajamas on Christmas Eve.

    This year, the pajama theme was M&M’s. The pants have hundreds of them on them, and each person’s shirt is the color of an M&M.

    But, really…Orange?

  46. The worst gift I gave was a cheap shoal to my step mother.

  47. Mom always has some goofy 1-800-Shopping gifts. Not sure which is worse. The windshield mop…. or the battery powered IR hand soap dispenser.

  48. My son and daugther gave me a nice card. It says ” Merry Christmas Dad ” and below ” we know you´re Santa, here is our list…” followed by a list of gifts they want…

    They´re growing too fast… :(

  49. Actually it was all good this Christmas :)

  50. My coworker gave me a T-Shirt which has a picture of a bikini clad cartoon woman starting from her neck to toe. The T-Shirt is obviously very much over-sized for me and I found it very embarrassing to wear it. Trust me it requires lot of grit to wear that !!!

  51. The worst gift I received was that Tony Little exercise gazelle that makes it look like you are sprinting across the plains of Africa running from a pack of lions. I think my mom is trying to say I am fat.

  52. Received a book about my family history from my grandparents. Who also sent my fiance an actual gift, Estee Lauder makeup brushes.

  53. My wife got me scissors as one of my gifts because my current ones were rusted over. At least it was not the only thing I got from her :)

  54. The “worst gift” was an electrical how-to manual. I actually needed it, but now I have no excuse for not doing the wiring on my shop (so I can get all the stuff out of the garage). It is REALLY COLD outside and with no power, there is no heat. :-/ Ahhh, the price we pay for procrastinating in the warm weather….

  55. white socks. need I say more?

  56. Plantronics does make one of the best headsets, been using them at work for over 5 years, heard good things about their blutooth along with Jawbone and a couple others.

  57. Four Rolls of Toilet paper.

    ‘Nuff said.

  58. a card

  59. Money – given and received

  60. What a difference age makes! My worst would have to be cookies and I’m jealous of the person who got a book about their family history!

  61. I think I have been bad this year…I didn’t received anything this Christmas :(
    But this Bluetooth headset would make a nice Christmas gift and Birthday present (which is the same day).

  62. I got a set of snow tires and there has been no snow yet this year.

  63. Ok, this didn’t happen to me but my stepdaughter got mad that nobody paid attention to her list for Christmas…

    1. A Pony
    2. A Puppy
    3. A new cellphone (It was the Droid so NO cause it’s not a BlackBerry!)
    4. A Quad
    5. A dirtbike
    6. A dunebuggy

    We got her a Nintendo DSi…

    She asked to return it cause she wanted a PSP or to get the cash and buy “Hot Cheetos”!

  64. This a good one. My uncle gave me a T-shirt size “S” I’m L o XL

    So you can imagine my face when I saw it

  65. worst gift was a pair of ladies gloves from my sister inlaw, regifted by her of course however she missed the obvious, I am a male !

  66. This headset it’s awesome and I would like to be the new owner. Wow easy the worst REAL gift I receive is an old spanish CD that I don’t know from who is it, it’s called Exitos Cumbias, and a Stainless Steel Bottle.

  67. My wife found an “All My Children 25th anniversary scrapbook” at a used book sale that we thought would be nice for my mom who is a fan of the show. Too bad we found out that the show is now in it’s 40th season and my mom already gave away 3 other copies of the book over the years. oh well, we had no idea and it’s the thought that counts!

  68. The worst gift I GT this year was a music player with alarm clock as I don’t need one with blackberry storm 2 always with me.

  69. I got a can of chocolate covered pretzels. Yuk!

  70. I got a sweater.

  71. I would love to win this bluetooth

  72. Dag I wouldn’t mind one of these

  73. The worst give was getting clothes wich were all smaller than my size by two size!!!!

  74. I recieved a pack of the mint picks that you use to clean your teeth with the little brush on the end. I thought to myself so what were they trying to say that I need these. I thought it was cute but wow I think my teeth were clean!

  75. just plain coal. I don’t like coal.

  76. Not trying to be funny here. I got a green, pink and purple tie from the In-laws. Same one I gave him 5 years ago…..

  77. The worst present I gave this season was actually a regift. You see my wife and I were married this past April and from a certain member of her family (who is very nice but not all that bright) we received a waffle iron, that was about 40 years old and had about 39 years worth of grease on it and several hundred dog and cat hairs. When we opened it in front of my now Father-in-law, he practically fell over laughing. So for Christmas we packaged up the ol’ waffle iron in a box of the new power drill he desperately wanted (we didn’t clean it or remove any if the hair) and let the fun ensue. The best part is that when he unwrapped it he truly thought he got the drill cause he never opened the box, but the next day after we had already left we got the extremely hilarious and upset call about the waffle iron!

  78. I gave my girlfriend a ring for her birthday (and all my money to a jewler). Then the next day at work, my company gave me a pink slip for Christmas. I got laid off for the holidays :(

  79. For our family holiday gift exchange, I gave a 8GB Ipod Nano. In return, I received an orange-colored 9″ cast-iron frying pan. Arrgh!

  80. First year ever spent Christmas alone no gift giving nor gift receiving, poor economy and poor man.

  81. I have kids….I have kids I don’t get gifts anymore

  82. I gave someone a 10 CD Case Holder that I got for free for buying some blank discs.

  83. The worst gift I ever got was a cheap Chinese shirt that had “Men is always Selfish by nature” written on top of it. I’ve never worn it thanks to the silly grammatical error.

    The worst gift I gave was an Evanescence poster (via a mixup) to my Aunt, who had no idea about the band. lol

  84. The worst gift someone gave me was a silver plated neckalce someone else gave to them for Christmas…Smh @ regifting.

  85. Ugh, a tie. Sorry to my Auntie. It is the thought that counts!!

  86. Worst gift I GAVE someone was antivirus software for a netbook. I say worst because I hate the fact it’s even needed.

  87. A Polaroid Pogo…….

  88. I gave my wife a beauty set including eye wrinkle cream!. She was not too happy about that.

  89. $10 in instant lottery tickets was in my stocking. I can’t complain really, I did “win” $3, but I’m not a gambler…I would have rather had the $10 to buy a new book or something.

  90. Every year I go all out and buy my wife these wonderful Christmas presents. Usually in return I receive something small like a video game or a DVD, but this year…can you believe…my wife got me NOTHING!!!

    Someone get me a new wife!

  91. I got a shirt that was two sizes too small!

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