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Holiday Giveaway: Plantronics Discovery 975 Bluetooth Headset

With another successful giveaway behind us (congratulations to Carlos!), this week we offer you another chance at some holiday cheer.

“With the global recession upon us, the team here at BerryReview is happy to spread some cheer and play internet Santa this holiday season. So today, with some help from our friends at Plantronics, we are going to be giving away a Plantronics Discovery 975 Bluetooth headset. The Discovery is simple, high class, and comes with a cool carrying case which recharges the headset when on the go.  “Voted Editor’s Choice by CNET in August, the 975 allows you to stay connected on the go without sticking an obtrusive gadget to your face. My favorite thing about this headset is its tiny charging case. It actually triples talk-time to give the Discovery over 15 hours.” Find out more info here.

  • Prize: One Plantronics Discovery 975 Bluetooth Headset.
  • Where to Buy: $119.95 at the store.
  • Terms: Because this is a physical item that needs to be shipped, this giveaway is restricted to those in the United States. Entries must be submitted by 7:00PM EST, December 31th, 2009. Read the rest of the terms here.
  • How to play: Below I will ask a question, answer that question in the comments section to this post using a valid name and email address. Multiple submissions are allowed provided you have different things to say. Once again, comments must be submitted by7:00PM EST, December 31th, 2009.
  • Question: What was your favorite gift given or received this holiday season?
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  1. My Tmobile Blackberry 9700 (Awesome) :)

  2. My husband bought me the Bold 9700. I got it early(on Thanksgiving Eve), since someone stole my Curve 8310 off the counter in Walmart.

  3. I’m going to have to say my fuzzy crocs!!! man these things keep my feet warm!

  4. Powermat for home and portable one! YES!!

  5. A stand up full length mirror for my two little princesses

  6. I have been using a Plantronics bluetooth headset for last 2+ years and need this one badly. Please make me a winner. Happy New Year to Plantronics and Berryreview team.

  7. A divorce!

  8. Received a picture of my grandchildren from my daughter. Taken by her blackberry and sent to my blackberry curv 8330. Blackberry has been berry berry good to me !

  9. Best gift received… My gf bought me DJ Hero for my XBox 360, you may think… So but, I used to DJ 14 years ago, so that was kinda nice she thought I would like the game, she was right I haven’t stopped playing yet!!!

  10. Well actually I didn’t get anything for Christmas, but I did buy a Tinkerbell hoodie for someone for Christmas. I bought the hoodie for them because I knew it would make them smile.

  11. a vibrator for one of my girlfriends lol!

  12. 4 BB Bolds 9700. + family plan Búhbye iphones jejejejejje

  13. I bought a Garmin 285WT for my mom on Christmas day that also came with 2 hours training (from me) to help her use that fancy stuff. My mom just only know how to use the computer to send and read email, so technology to her is a magic but strange ^__^

  14. I bought a speaker system for my moms ipod to play her music. She really seemed to like it.

    For my dad I bought him a saw that he needed to cut wood to make a new outdoor table. It was what he wanted and was verry happy to see it on Christmas! :)

  15. My favorite gift received was my BlackBerry 9700. It is clearly the best BlackBerry I’ve ever had.

  16. Wii + wii fit with balance board…

  17. My best gift was a hi resolution sonogram picture of my yet to be first born. Mi wife really surprised me with such a great picture and the way see mounted it easily made it the best X mas gifte I have ever received. : )

  18. My wife brought me my long awaited Canon T1i SLR Camera…. Sweeeeeeeeet

  19. Lakers Jersey (Kobe)!

  20. Plantronics bluetooth headset is build with quality of sound and solid in design. i still not buy a bluetooth headset for my blackberry bold. can i get it for my first bb bluetooth headset. thank 😛

  21. I enrolled in a program that sends foster children presents for christmas. I was told that my foster girl needed handgloves, hat and scarf but she wanted art supplies so i gave her gloves, hat and scraf from gap and a fairy tale scrap book.

  22. A gift card to my favorite store

  23. iwould have to say the tent so i can go camping with my family

  24. One of my best christmas gift was getting stationed in Hawaii for the Army for the next two years

  25. Got some toys to go on my baby’s carseat.

  26. My other great christmas present was getting to spend x-mas day with my girlfriend and having a wonderful dinner even though we’re both thousands of miles away from family and friends

  27. Best present I gave was probably a beatles rock band set for the xbox 360. I almost kept it for myself!

  28. I gave my daughter and son-in-law money to help with travel expense to go to Ethiopia to pick up their two new daughters next month.

  29. my kama sutra video

  30. My parents live in another city and I bought them a digital picture frame that auto updates via wifi. Since I have twins on the way I thought it would be a great gift due to the distance we live apart.

  31. The best gift I received, was my 3 year old coming and whispering in my ear, “I love you very much” What else could I have asked for! Words like these will be etched in my mind forever, nothing beats that!

    Thank you God for showering your blessings!

  32. I gave the gift of giving by working in a soup kitchen all Christmas day.

  33. The best gift I received was being able to see and spend time with family….priceless :)

  34. My big feather pillow.

  35. Giving my girl a necklace.

  36. This was my dogs first christmas not living in a dog shelter. I got him a ton of toys and treats just watching him be so excited made me feel so so good. It was the greatest.

  37. that i still have a roof over my head

  38. My favorite gift given this Holiday was the birth of my first child – a baby girl. :-)

  39. a blackberry curve 8900 with Vlingo

  40. Looks like a really cool bluetooth. I could use a new one because my old Motorola seems to be dying on me.

  41. Coolest thing I received was a new watch my daughter gave me.

  42. A Keurig Platinum Home Brewing (coffee) System — no more “stale” coffee!

  43. Thank u for the BT headset…but my wife took it!! So now I need to win another. 😉

  44. My favorite gift received this holiday season was my blackberry bold 9700!

  45. You may laugh but all I got was a pair of slippers, but I do love ’em :-)

  46. My son got a tea set. He served everyone. It really made his day.

  47. chanukah gelt!

  48. My wife got me DJ Hero, and I love it.

  49. Bought myself a Kodak Digital Frame. Love it!

  50. to everyone in my family a noodle soup bowl, spoon, chopsticks & an instant noodle.

  51. I got told about my best xmas gift early, but it’s my nook (from Barnes and Noble). It’s the best not because it’s a cool device (although it is), but because my mom loves books and this is her way of keeping us close.

  52. Well on Christmas eve I gave my hands and help an old lady that was choking when she was eating, thank GOD I help her now she is okay. I would love this Head Set so I can use it with my Blackberry Storm. Thanks.

  53. I got a really nice bottle of wine from a good friend of mine.

  54. Our kids loved the gifts we gave them. Their reactions make those my favorite given :)

  55. This season since I’m a tech geek I decided to give my sister a powermat recharging station and a blackberry charging case. She always has all these different cables jumbled together to charge different things and this powermat is soo cool and solves the cable problem. Its perfect and the look on her face when she saw it made it totally worth it!!

  56. Giving food to the homeless.

  57. my favorite gift given or reveived this holiday season was A new Blackberry 9700 from my husband…

  58. This Christmas is was alone and recieved no gifts, I did send my kids gift cards.

  59. Best gift given was this christmas gave my gf a BlackBerry 9700… which is a step above my Bold 9000 and her 1st BB… she was wondering why her HTC Fuze was not workng Christmas day… I told her it was probably an AT&T outage… LOL she opened the present and once she saw the Bold 9700 she chucked the HTC Fuze out the front door into 18″ of snow… if I were to win this it would not be for me it would be for her… to go with her new BB!!!

  60. I would have to say my fav gift I got is my new coffee press (I do love my coffee)

  61. My best gift i got on Christmas morning well ever got was when my wife and i woke up Christmas morning and found a home made Christmas card for my wife and myself made by our 3 and 10yr old. the card had there hand print in the front and there foot print inside. My Best Christmas Gift Ever.

  62. best gift i got so far is citizen eco-drive watch

  63. Got a 9700 for Christmas

  64. Finally got a LED TV for my mom who always loves watching TV and video. Money well-spent and my mom loves it a lot, I guess that is all it matters. :)

  65. I’m right there with ya, penpower. I got my parents an LCD tv for Christmas. This’ll probably be somewhat blasphemous, but I received a Droid this year. I’d say the LCD tv was the best gift I’ve given and the Droid the best I’ve received.

  66. My mother-n-law had 2 mini strokes Christmas day. She went to the hospital in the middle of opening gifts. Hours later she was allowed home. No damage they could see. She will get more testing this week. Having her back home and OK for Christmas. We can not be given a better gift.

  67. RX: An Alton Brown cookbook.
    TX: A case of JW black label.

  68. The best Christmas present this year was being busy filling other’s stockings/goft boxes.

  69. My favorite gift this Christmas was a unlocked storm 2 and the best gift given was a set of winter wheel and tire package for a giveaway.

  70. My new rescue doggie!

  71. Given the how tight things have been, this is the first Christmas where I didn’t get to open up a gift for me personally.

    To be honest: I was fine with that as long as I got my wife and son the things they wanted (or I tried my best to get anyway). The best gift I received was being together with my family on Christmas day. We were all healthy and happy on Christmas here in northern Virginia. Given that this was our first white Christmas after having moved out here from Las Vegas almost 2 years ago, that, too, was very cool by me, indeed.

  72. one gift i got this year was my Storm2 and service for the whole year. its probably the only gift i use everyday

  73. My husband bought me a Wii and the Wii fit so I can work out in the comfort of my own home. Def a great gift!!!!

  74. My wife got me a NeatDesk, so I can finally go paperless. It works great and its fast, so all the paper on my desk might actually be a thing of the past.

  75. My favorite gift given to me was Amazon Kindle.

  76. My favorite gift to myself is my Blackberry Curve 8520!

  77. I’ve been using Plantronics Voyager 520 the last 12 months and it rules! Maybe the best hf in the market…

  78. I have worked either Christmas mornings or nights for the past few years so this year was the first in a long time that I was able to get up with my daughters and actually watch their reactions to their gifts… I would consider this to be the best received and given. They were more excited of the fact I was home than their presents. The best.

  79. well, i got a brand new 9700 😉

  80. I have to say that this year best gift was smile and I get from my girlfriend after she saw her present. I give her some warm winter scarf…

    Best is to see genie smile and hug from person you like…

  81. Best xmas gift I got was we found out we are having a boy as our first child in May. Wife and I are so excited and to find out 2 days before xmas was the best gift we could ask for!

    • This was a very difficult Christmas for our family I lost my father to a very unexpected death that has left us all wondering “Why Me” So Christmas will never be the same for us. But throughout the day we tried to keep ourselves busy in our on way. I did not want a present this year, nothing can replace the love I lost! For the first time I gave of myself in a non monetary way and devoted my day to helping the homeless that are far less fortunate then myself on a bitter cold day, i went out with the director of the agency and checked on them taking blakets for those in need. Its not about me this year, its about the love I lost and those in need! Happy New Year and may 2010 be far better for all!!!

  82. The best gift I gave was the camera I gave to my wife. She had asked for it but figured she wouldn’t get it because of the cost. I did one better and actually got her the newer version. She was so happy.

  83. This was a very difficult Christmas for our family I lost my father to a very unexpected death that has left us all wondering “Why Me” So Christmas will never be the same for us. But throughout the day we tried to keep ourselves busy in our on way. I did not want a present this year, nothing can replace the love I lost! For the first time I gave of myself in a non monetary way and devoted my day to helping the homeless that are far less fortunate then myself on a bitter cold day, i went out with the director of the agency and checked on them taking blakets for those in need. Its not about me this year, its about the love I lost and those in need! Happy New Year and may 2010 be far better for all!!!

  84. I was in the spirit of giving this year, so I had my kids join me in giving everyone in my surrounding neighbor hood a Christmas card personally. I took my kids to every house; even if we didn’t know them. The look on every ones faces was priceless. No one expected a Christmas cards from a random person. I wanted to have my kids understand that its not always what you receive, but its about what you give too!!!

  85. I live in MN and own a 9-yr old Saturn. My wife gave me a seat warmer. Now I can get toasty warm on those -20 days!

  86. My favorite gift I received this year for Christmas was a new Tumi T-Pass laptop case.. It was a really good Christmas and I hope everyone had the same.

  87. This Christmas has to rank as one of the best of all time for me because I was here to see it and there was a lot of love and joy with my family and friends. There were some nice gifts along the way like some skull caps for my bald head but just being here and being able to give to others was the best gift of all.

  88. I received Jesus Christ anew in my heart during this season of Advent and Christmas.

  89. My favorite gift was the joy on my daughter’s face when she opened her new ipod touch and the fun we had that morning playing TapTap revenge!

  90. To be honest, all the gifts I gave were great simply because this is the first year I bought them with my own money (I’m 16). It felt much better giving these gifts knowing I wasn’t borrowing money or having someone else buy them. They would tell me thank you, and I could think “yes they’re thanking ME, not the person I borrowed money from”. It was absolutely satisfying.

    But if you want a specific gift, I gave my baby sister this cute little music box. She loved it.

    The best gift I received was my trumpet. I’m gonna learn it and become a famous jazz player. Okay, maybe not that second one, but Lord knows I’m gonna learn it.

  91. The best gift I received was having all my kids with us on Christmas morning.

  92. My grandson was born on Christmas Eve. I can’t think of a gift I ever received that was so great!

  93. This year I decided to give and not receive. My wife and children enjoyed everything and I enjoyed watching them open their gifts. It was a great experience. Although in the end I did get some gifts. It’s great to not expect anything and get a little, than to expect a lot and get a little.

  94. My favorite gift given was the Logitech Portable speaker system for my wife’s iPod Touch. Unbelievable sound in a small, rechargeable package.

  95. my fave gift was cash…because i am going to put it towards a B&N Nook e-reader, for which i am dying to get!!!!! :)

  96. I got a Wii & this thing is bloody awesome. I love it.

    Now I need a headset so I don’t crash my car with my 9700


  97. For me it was watching my children opening their presents. To see the excitement in their eyes was magical!

  98. my favorite gift….the gift of life and being alive today.

  99. The best christmas present would be a headset just like this! I read that this is restricted to usa members but if I was to be lucky enough to actually win, I would be more than happy to pay for the shipping !

  100. i loved all my steelers stuff

  101. This Christmas / Holiday season my favourite gift is that I am bless with my son and wife who is kind to me and make me realise how important family is.

  102. Favorite gift given this year was the Scooter and Roller blades for the two oldest kids. They love playing outside as much as possible, and it’s great that they get all that exercise.

  103. Best gift was a new French Press!

  104. Best present was the Ottebox case for my bold.. 😉

  105. The best gift I gave(in my opinion) this holiday season:
    For my wife-a chocolate and white pearl bracelet.
    For my son-A Mack truck, Mater the Tow Truck, and Big Red…All from the Cars movie.

    The best I received-The excitement of seeing the look on my wife and son’s face when they opened their gifts.

  106. This holiday season I can’t say I had a favorite gift. All the gifts I received were a blessing thanks to the Lord above. Money has been so scarce I wasn’t expecting anything at all. As for the favorite gift given away, that’s tough, because like I said money was scarce so I’m waiting for tax season. I’m just happy to still have my job and a healthy family.

  107. Best gift I gave was placing wreaths on gravesides in Arlington Cemetery. Something I wil never forget!

  108. Don’t laugh, but I got an iron. It’s not sexy, but very needed.

  109. Easily my favorite gift this year was a shiny new 9700. I love it!

  110. The best gift I received this year was both the look in my 3yr old daughters eyes when she saw the purple care bear that she asked santa for and that took me 6 weeks to find, and also my new beautiful 5 week old daughter. Ultimately the best gift I’ve ever had is my beautiful wife and family that I’ve been blessed with and that all of them are happy healthy and willing to put up with me.

  111. My favorite gift which I gave my son was a Garmin E-Trex. Now I don’t have to worry (as much) when he goes out riding in the high desert on his dirt bike. Previously, he has almost run out of gas (twice) while trying to find his way back. Also a mechanical failure or mishap out there can be very serious, especially when temperature drop severely at night. Now if there is a problem, he can tell me where to find him. :-)

  112. My wife and I bought each other a 52″ Samsung HD TV. The bluetooth would be a very nice after Christmas gift. Thank You!

  113. My best present received was a photo album of childhood pictures.

  114. My wife gave me a electric shaver as she was tired of my razor bumps

  115. My favorite gift I gave was a pair of Disneyland tickets, and my favorite gift that I received was a car stereo.

  116. The best given gift, is money and time, we spent volunteering, wrapping and bagging donated gifts for disadvantaged children. The best received gift, was having the entire family together on christmas day, all in good/restored health.
    Thank God.

  117. Got a multi tool from my dad… practical and useful !

  118. The nook was my favorite gift I received.

  119. My best gift this year was my Bold 2. I thought I was in love with my first Bold until I got my hands on my new lover.


  120. Didn’t celebrate Christmas this year. Spent it alone watching TV and unemployed college student so didn’t give any gifts this year.
    Hope your holidays were better!
    Thanks for the opportunity to play.

  121. My wife got me a Bvlgari fragrance for Christmas. I immediately sprayed some on my neck and felt that it smelled very strange. So I look at the booklet that dropped off the box. It turns out it’s a ladies’ perfume. So that’s my sweet present turned sour. Of course my wife was embarrassed and made up for it.

  122. My best gift was just being with my family. With the exception of my daughter (it was her in-laws’ turn) I was with my family. My dad is 80 and having a bad time (I even took him to the ER on Christmas Eve). It was great to spend some time with him.

  123. My wife and I were able to give presents to our 11 month old girl for her first Christmas Eve and Santa toys on Christmas Eve. Our 5+year old got everything he wanted which was anything Santa wanted to give him. He also asked if the toys he bought to give away were given out.
    We love that our kids believe in Santa and all things kids should be able to remember when they grow up.

  124. I’ll go with gift given…

    I personal friend, who I have never met in person, on the West coast is having a very tough time. His wife is ill and he suffers from an illness himself that prevents him from working a regular job. He gets by doing the odd web design job. Well times are tough, but they are tougher for him and his family.

    I sent him $200 by PayPal. $200 is a lot of cash for me, but it is all the money in the world to him! He called me to thank me and broke out in tears. He definitely needs the money more than myself and so appreciated the generosity. He was ecstatic that he would be able to provide something resembling Christmas for his family!

    Made my week!

  125. Best gift given — Wii Fit Board (much more fun than you think!), Best received was a Network Enabled Blu-Ray drive

  126. krabby patties, the gummy candy, I thought it was funny

  127. i gave out only one gift this year (i dont observe religious holidays), but since my gf does, i bought her a BlackBerry Bold2 9700.

    she totally went bonkers over it.

    btw, this headset would go nicely with her new 9700, especially since WA state has a silly headset law.

  128. Favorite gift given was a netbook to my son. He is a special needs child who just turned 18 and may be leaving (once we get funding) to live in a residential home 21 hrs away that serves adults with his syndrome. I got it for him so that once he moves we will still be able to communicate with him regularly via email and webcam.

  129. Forgot my favorite received! By far my new Blackberry Tour 9630, although I was involved in purchasing it. 8330 started hourglassing all the time.

  130. Best gifts given are a check to defray the cost of Wii for family of 7 whose Christmas bonus was 1/4 of what was expected and they were considering returning the Wii; and contribution to church gift campaign for a child wanting a Nintendo DS.

    As much as I love my tech toys, I want others to have the same opportunity.

  131. Giving my boy the Lightning McQueen race track he’s been asking about for MONTHS now. His eyes just lit up when he got it… that alone made my Christmas. :)

  132. The best gift I gave this year?

    It had to be the MacBook Pro I won in a video contest. I wanted to keep the computer for myself, but I knew someone who needed a computer and could definitely use one. My best friend is overseas fighting for us in Afghanistan and currently does not have a computer. His Dell D620 was ruined by the sand and hell that is the desert and doesn’t have a way to communicate/email with his family. I knew that the MacBook Pro would make him so happy and would also help out his mom, dad, and sister. I shipped the computer to him in mid-December and he received it soon after. Now, while able to email and IM with his family and friends, he can also video chat because of the Mac’s webcam!

    I could have definitely used a new MacBook Pro this year, but I think I’ll be paid back in someway in the future. I received some great gifts this year, but come on, everyone likes GIVING presents more than receiving! I just wish I could have seen his face when he opened the package!

    Thanks, guys, and have a great new year!

  133. The best gift I got this year was a week in Cabo from my aunt-in-law!

  134. My favorite gift I received is a flannel lined hoodie. Its the warmest jacket and it has pockets within pockets so I can keep my Blackberry warm when I’m out in the cold. :)

  135. My husband gave me a really nice makeup kit. This headset would be perfect for him. Thanks for the great contest and Happy Holidays :)

  136. My 9550 of course. My wife and I took advantage of the BYGO from Verizon. Bought each other blackberries. Now that is love.

  137. The Best Gift I got This Christmas My Family Was All Here Thats the most bless Gift You Can Get

  138. The best gift I gave was a little mutitouch pad that I made myself and gave to my parents this holiday season. And the best one I got was a trip with them to the place where one of my Uncles lived to celebrate Christmas with the entire family.

  139. The best gift I received this Christmas was watching my 6 year old unwrap his Lego Darth Vader ship. And to think that I was drooling at items from the Star Wars myself not so long ago!

  140. I got a new BB 9700!!!

  141. The best gift I gave was a digital picture frame to my parents.

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