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Giveaway: 10 Hyberpads from Bishopscientifics

This is a cool new must have accessory to add to your BlackBerry lifestyle is the Hyberpads from It is a two sided pad for your desk that lets you place your BlackBerry on top of it and automatically puts your BB into sleep mode like your OEM holster.

Check out the video demonstration at this youtube link.

Giveaway details: Bishopscientifics will giveaway 10 hyberpads to 10 lucky BR readers.

Rules: Leave a comment on here before Midnight of Monday the 28th. No double posting allowed.

Happy Holidays from The Berryreview team & Bishopscientifics

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  1. Nice thanks

  2. thank you Berryreview!! Merry X-mas

  3. Sounds great, my hubby would love it!

  4. Thanks for the giveaway berryreview and Bishopscientifics for the giveaway! This would make an excellent new years gift!

  5. thanks for the giveaway guys..
    Merry X-mas

  6. Now that is a good idea that should come with the phone to start with.

  7. This is amazing! Merry X’mas BR team!

  8. BR team! Merry-Xmas! love ya!

  9. Sounds unique and one of a kind. Thanks BerryReview and Bishopscientific for this giveaway.

  10. I’ve been looking at this! Cracking giveaway! Berryreview is the Best!!

  11. Sounds very cool!

  12. count me in! looks nice

  13. Put me on the list of the winners! Thanks for the opportunity!

  14. Wow I need this. I keep forgetting to take my Storm off of Silent Mode after meetings and movies.

    My wife thanks you cause I keep missing her calls!

  15. Cool idea I would love to have one for my desk!

  16. This will clean up the clutter on the desk and nightstand

  17. What an incredible product!!

  18. I’d love to win one. Looks awesome!

  19. This would be great since I use my BlackBerry a lot at work. This would help me save some battery since I’m picking it up a lot to check something quick and then setting it back down again. Thanks again BR for hosting another great giveaway!

  20. This is an awesome product!

  21. Sounds like a great idea. Would love to win this.

  22. Nice xmas present

  23. That looks VERY cool. And the video is sort of noir-ish too. lol

  24. I told my wife about the giveaway she wants me to put one in the bedroom??
    Wow an actual ground mail giveaway, Great now I’ll be checking all my mailboxes.
    Thanks for the chance & BerryReview!

  25. wow, i want one.

    merry xmas

  26. Not to be placed near hard drives 😛

  27. This is an awesome tool to go with my awesome BlackBerry!

  28. Thanks for the kind words and to berryreview for arranging the giveaway.

    The BB is actually placed in sleep mode. Standby mode is a little different.

    In sleep mode all your in-holster settings are invoked and your BB will used less power.

    Auto answer, auto hangup and autoopen last message are options you can set as well.

    Treat it as you would any case that has a magnet.

    Enjoy and congrats to the winners of the giveaway !

  29. Merry Xmas to all

  30. Thank you Berry Review.

  31. This looks like a great accessory. Good luck to all & thanks!

  32. This would really be great to have, would love to get one.

  33. This is a great giveaway! Many thanks to BR & Bishopscientifics for making this happen.

    Merry Xmas @ll :)

  34. This looks like a really useful product. I would enjoy receiving one. Thanks.

  35. Once again, thanks BerryReview!

  36. this sounds like a nice product

  37. This looks very cool I would enjoy winning one. Thanks for the offer.

  38. Oh…This thing looks Cool !!! I’d make good use of it. :-)

  39. Very cool idea! I like the included pouch to carry it and protect it your purse or pocket. This would work very well for me at work as I could control what alerts and other options to use, while silencing the rest. Very nice!

  40. This looks like a winner. Count me in!

  41. I will like to have it.

  42. Wow…. Hope to win. :)

  43. This is the best post Christmas gift. Thank you BR

  44. this looks amazing!!! Nice job, I would love to try it out!

  45. Cool!!
    Can I have one please? :p

  46. What a great idea! Merry Christmas BR!

  47. This is a great idea. Thanks BR!

  48. Here’s my entry. Good luck everybody!

  49. thanks! merry xmas!

  50. Awesome

  51. this is awesome

    i would love to win one

    thanks BR

  52. I want 1, pick me……..

  53. Cool idea!

  54. Dude, if I were to win one that would be truly awesome.

  55. Looks like a great product. Thanks for all the giveaways!

  56. pick me, pick me!

  57. I hope I win one!

  58. This would be an awesome gift from you Berry Review! Please pick me!

  59. Sounds great :-)

  60. sound great…i take one

  61. Cool product! Count me in!

  62. Cool I would like to have one …

  63. Cool, come to papa.

  64. Just what I need at work and by my bed. I hate rushing into work and forgetting to turn my ringer off (Personal use storm with “interesting” ring tones).

    Likewise, when I crash for the night and forget to silence my alerts, its bad to be awoken 3-4am by a retail store email advertisement.

    Sounds like I need 2.

  65. This looks like a great idea. I’d love one!

  66. This is very cool. Great thing to impress my coworkers with

  67. Gearllllll

  68. very cool, I would love to try it out

  69. Can I get one? Would be good to test this on mobile carts for POC usage of EMR.

  70. Count me in.

    Thanks BR!

  71. Please select me…….I would love to have one of these. Thank you!!!!

  72. Lady owned company? That’s fantastic. I’m a 64 year old man and wish ladies could have been owning businesses back in my younger days. Great idea for a product. Hope I get one. Thanx

  73. Sweet! Happy Holidays everyone!

  74. Thank you guys! would love to win one.

  75. I hope that I WIN!!!!!!!

  76. This would be sweet to go with my new 9700! Good luck everyone and Merry Christmas

  77. Nice hardware, add me to this one, thanks.

  78. thanks again!

  79. I would love to have one as this is a great idea.

  80. I hope I win….. I never win anything.


  82. I’m in.

  83. Great to have

  84. That’s sick! I want one! I hate always locking my phone when I set it down so the screen goes off.

  85. It would be a great belated birthday gift…

  86. This is a perfect Christmas giveaway contest. I got the holiday spirit and absolutely love to win one of these. PLZZZZ

  87. Wow! Hope I win =D

  88. Gee, I sure could use one of those – or two – or perhaps three. One for the nightstand, one for the desk, and one for the kitchen. Yes, very handy indeed!

  89. I would love one of these…

  90. this is the coolest thing i have seen for blackberry yet!!!!
    Merry Christmas

  91. This would be a great addition to my desk. Specially since I don’t get reception at my desk and it would save my battery.

  92. WOW! COOL! Boy would I love to win one of these pads!

  93. Ooh! Pick Me!!! Pick Me!!!

  94. Hit me up with one please.

  95. My Bold could def use one of these! I would be so happy if only…..

  96. This would make my holidays!

  97. Wow, its a very nice idea! Might save a lot of battery time!

  98. sweet…. count me in…

  99. Way cooler than my cradle!

  100. Pick me – this looks really cool!

  101. Yes please!

  102. Looks pretty cool.

  103. nice to have on desk!

  104. This looks cool. I would love one.

  105. great deal!!

  106. I hope this would work well with my Bold 9000

  107. Looks cool! Please consider this my entry!

  108. Hook me up

  109. Great Item!!!

  110. Sounds great!

  111. looks nice

  112. Would come in handy

  113. Wow…this is exactly, what I’m looking for 😉

  114. Looks cool!

  115. Very interesting !

  116. Nice…. I m in it!

  117. Exactly what I need by my bed :)

  118. Maybe I could win this…

  119. New to BlackBerry, this would be very helpful. Love this site! Thanks!

  120. Ill take one off your hands!

  121. good luck to the other nine ! :)

    (crossing my fingers and on my knees praying )

    Keeping the faith.

  122. cool gadget!

  123. Me please. And Berry Review, please fix your html tab indexes. Thank you.

  124. thankss… :d

  125. I’d like one!! Sounds pretty cool!

  126. Nice product. It will be useful at meetings-I see more people leave their blackberries on the table/desk, and they are always buzzing or beeping.

  127. Cool app, hope I can get 1 copy as a christmas gift. Thanks and merry christmas to Bishopscientifics and BR team !!

  128. Sound great ! Thanks.


  130. I want this… such a great accessory to have for my bold.

  131. I want one!

  132. Wow this is really cool. It would look nice on my desk and also when I go to meetings I can use it. I want to have this accessory to add to myr BlackBerry lifestyle. Thanks to Bishop Scientifics and BerryReview….

  133. This sounds amazing, I would LOVE to win one!

  134. My crazy life would be so much more simple if I could win this great pad! I love my BlackBerry and I’m going to hope it brings me good luck. Thanks to BishopScientifics and the ever great Blackberry Review! Let’s all go out and buy one if we aren’t one of the winners!

  135. Such a simple idea yet brilliant. Count me in!

  136. worth it…

    Hope I win

    Best of Luck everyone..

  137. Looks like a must have item :)

  138. Peace on Earth and Happness to all for 010!

  139. HYPERPADS ROCK!!! I have NEVER won anything so I doubt my luck is going to start today, however this looks like something that I would get a lot of use out of. A little ingenuity goes a long way, THANK YOU!!!

  140. I would love to have one of these on my desk at work! Thanks!

  141. This pad looks and sounds great. Would like to get to get my bb one of these.

  142. Awesome! Talk about a late Christmas present. Count me in, I’d love to have one of these pads.

  143. YES, cool device. Could I have one ???

  144. I Need One!!!

  145. I would love to have this for work!

  146. I would love to have these accessories!

  147. happy holidays to all

  148. Great app hope I will be a winner

  149. wanted one for christmas. Didnt happen it would be awsome to win one.

  150. One for me, please

  151. This is great!

  152. Good luck everyone.. This pad is definitely cool!

  153. I want to win one of these things!

  154. Looks awesome! I hope I win one of these things!

  155. Looks great. Count me in.

  156. Great! But it remains a question: will it be shipped to Europe?

  157. happy holidays!

  158. These pads look so cool! I hope I win one!

  159. Wouldn’t mind winning!!

  160. This looks really cool.

  161. This +Bishop would love to have a Hyberpad from BishopScientific!

  162. I would loove a copy of this!! This application looks amazing :).

  163. Would love one of these…this would come in handy

  164. This would be useful for me at work!!

  165. Looks pretty slick and would look even nicer on my desk.

    Thank you for the contest

  166. Sounds pretty cool.

  167. Let’s start the holidays off right with a win!

  168. Please please!

  169. could be useful :)

  170. Great idea! Enter me!

  171. This is actually genius. Wonder why no one thought of this til now…

  172. Exactly what I need to add to my accessories collection

  173. This sounds like a really great idea. Why didn’t I think of that! 😉

  174. This will be cool for my car!!!

  175. would work for me as i use a skin so fingers crossed and good luck people

  176. What an awesome accessory! Sounds like a must have for me! Now, if only I can win one, my Christmas will be complete! Beats socks and jocks!

  177. Another great giveaway. This pad will come in handy.

  178. woo cool

  179. Is christmas still going on. Good luck to everybody but I want this bad mother

  180. thanks guys merry christmas

  181. Nice app. Can I have one?

  182. hyperpad me please!

  183. Th

  184. This is so cool! Hope I win!

  185. a new year with a nice gadget like this!!!!!!!!!!!1

  186. This would benefit me during my long hours studying in the university library.

  187. I need one and hope I win one.

  188. I want one for my new Bold I got for Christmas!!! This would top it off!

  189. This looks like a cool device. Happy Holidays to all!

  190. Due to my not liking a bulge under my clothes from wearing a case I usually have my BB laying on my desk. I am a heavy BB user so always have to plug mine in to charge during the day. This would be great to have.

  191. I would really put this to use on my work desk. I hope I win.

  192. Cool. I’ll take one.

  193. Yes, this is a great and handy product.

  194. Sign me up, this is a great idea. I don’t use a case but could sure use something like this in the office when the phone is just laying on my desk.

  195. I want one!

  196. Love to win one!!!

  197. Perfect Xmas gift!!! Would love oneeee!! Merry xmas everyone!!

  198. i would love to have one of these!!! even if i dont win, i wanna pick one up. thanks!

  199. gimme gimme gimme

  200. Sweet deal. I’ve broken 3 holsters for my Storm, and have not replaced the latest. Standby is the one thing I miss the most about it though.

  201. would love to win this product

  202. Awesome gadget, would love to have this for my desk!!!

  203. OK – this is something I want & need.

  204. pretty cool, i don’t have a blackberry but i have a friend who would love this!

  205. This will save a lot of space.

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