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Cell Phone Warning Labels are the Future?

Although scientists admit that there is little to no proof, two states are trying to be the first state to warn customers of radiation from cell phones and how it causes cancer and death. Why don’t we warn people of things we know are more likely? Make a law that all foods should state “Eating too much can cause you to get fat and die”. At least that has some truth to it. Outside of the USA there has already been some warnings on the cell phone boxes.

Maine Rep. Andrea Boland stated that numerous studies point to the cancer risk and she would like manufacturers to put labels on phones and packaging warning of the potential risks for brain cancer because of electromagnetic radiation. The warnings would recommend that everyone especially children and pregnant women to keep the devices away from their head and body. So is it fine for men to use cell phones? Or is she trying to wipe out all man kind? San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is also trying to pass such a law and would require a display of absorption rate level next to the phone.

What will they think of next?

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  1. It’s just another example if “Government” trying to protect us from ourselves even if it is imagining the danger. Local, state, and federal government needs to spend more time AT HOME LISTENING TO THE VOTERS.

  2. Why do you think that these proposals are not in response to the desires of the respective constituencies?

    • Absolutely no proof of a link to cancer from cell phones. Your risk is higher sitting next to an electrical outlet.

      • That does not provide support for your conclusion that this is a proposal made independent of the voters’ desires. In order for that to be the case, we have to take as a given that voters only make demands on their elected officials that are grounded in verifiable evidence.

  3. Glad to see that our government has solved the petty issues such as the economy, unemployment, immigration and world conflict so that they can focus on important issues such as this.

  4. Make you wonder if the government actually realise that we are adults! Why isn’t there warnings on Microwaves, wifi systems the list could be endless !

  5. Actually the studies that have been performed by

    NON-government-cellular proponents are a weak and underfunded

    The government in the USA defers all this to the FCC, which if you lot actually bothered to
    READ….. , says (in essence) “we the FCC are not doctors and cant comment on health issues”

    The government ALSO ties most of its cellphone studies to RAVAGING effects of SHORT term HIGH
    level exposure to microwaves (your phone transmits those, not radio by the way) encountered during studies in the 50’s with US military exposed to RADAR on ships (primarily).

    The Cellular industry doesnt give a crap and just wants you to buy their stuff so you can
    watch some crappy sports on a tiny screen and txt your GF.

    Just remember, smoking was safe (until it wasnt). The consgtruction industry said millions
    exposed to asbestos were safe. The Uranium miners in LOW level mines were safe.
    You can trust the government.

    have fun txt’ing

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