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What Did You Do During the BlackBerry Outage(s)?

Fish-chess-game With the BlackBerry outage leaving many users carrying around a useless brick I want to know what everybody did to pass the time. I know some people who were just cursing RIM every 2 seconds. I gave up and went out with some friends to grab drinks and then watch Inglorious Bastards.

So do you have any good outage stories? Did you learn to play the Ukulele? Hide in bed? Play a game of Fish Chess? Let us know in the comments!

Fish head to e4… 🙂

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  1. I had service until 9pm last night. So I went to bed when it went down. Got me some extra sleep.

  2. Drank some teraflu while watching tv and wrote a few articles before I passed out from the teraflue 🙂 now I feel much better

  3. I finished some last minute christmas shopping uninterrupted.

  4. I got fed up and bought a phone that works all the time. Moto Droid, gmail went down once all year and bis went down TWICE this week?? C’mon RIM…

  5. I hate any phone other than a Blackberry but i had to put my sim in an iPhone so i can get emails n browse the web, the iphone sux ____ but atleast the Data never goes down. Rim better do something or else everyone will end up switching.

  6. i work for at&t so my demo works for any phone =)

  7. I broke one of my BlackBerries by throwing against the wall. Thank God I have another one.

  8. I woke up every couple hours during the night and groggily checked if data was on again. I’m obsessed.

  9. I was not able to sleep through the night peacefully!!

  10. I had to break out the iPhone and must admit worked very well.
    But no matter how hard I try, I just can’t type on it!

  11. I downloaded Avatar and watched it. Awesome movie.

  12. I was still able to surf the web with Opera and Bolt.

  13. I looked up the specs and reviews for the HTC HD2. I’m ditching my bb after 2.5 years to go with a phone that works ALL the time.

  14. That is a sweet looking phone.

  15. Looked at porn then more porn and kissed the berry goodnite 🙂

  16. i work in a verizon store so i sold some more blackberrys even with the outage!

  17. I searched on Twitter, then I found out that I wasn’t alone (it became trending topic), tweeted about it, and downloaded pr0n as usual 😀

  18. I was standing in the freezing cold in NYC waiting in line for 6 hours to meet Mary J Blige. my fingers were too numb to text so i barely noticed the outage.

  19. I was crushing my opponent in chess… Only I opened with fish head to d4!

  20. I cursed blackberry and used my gf’s iPhone


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