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Giveaway: StockIcons & Appclock 25 free copies of each

stockicons_thumb[1]Toysoft Development, Inc. has developed some cool new apps for the BlackBerry one is the Stock Icons & their newest one is the Appclock. Ronen talked about the Stock Icons the the other day.

The StockIcons application lets you:

  • Assign manage and keep track of your stocks with icons in your BB home screen
  • Create up to 32 stocks in your watch list
  • Works with almost all the known exchange in the world
  • Have your stocks displayed on the Home Screen like a normal BlackBerry application
  • Change color, font and background color the stock icon
  • Get alert when a target price is reached
  • Automatically update when you launch StockIcons or have it auto update every 30 seconds to 3 minutes
  • Supported OS 4.2+

Available in the BR store for $3.99 at this link

The second application is the Appclock

ScreenHunter_03 Dec. 22 23.22

This application is pretty cool, it lets you set up to 2 analog clocks on the home screen with different time zones. This application would be perfect for those of you that travel a lot or simply want to know what time it is on the other side of the world.

Some of the other features include:

  • Selectable clock skins
  • Selectable icon name display
  • Selectable Time Zone
  • Real-time clock update
  • Supports custom Themes
  • Easy to use
  • Supported OS 4.7+

This application is on sale for $0.99 regular $1.99 at this link

Giveaway: This giveaway will run until Thursday the 24th at Midnight to participate simply leave us a comment telling us if you been good or bad this year and will see if you deserve a copy. No more than one comment if you post twice you may get disqualified. Thanks to Dany for this giveaway.

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  1. Ive been so bad yet soo good!!! Being that bad surely deserves a reward!!!!

  2. I would like a copy.

  3. i for me as well thank you…

  4. i have been a good girl for somethinngs.. hahahaha.. please 1 for me !! thank you

  5. I’d love one please :)

  6. i have been really bad this year hahaha but i deserve a copy!

  7. bad really bad… i cant be bad with you as well hahaha
    thank you…

  8. I have been so bad that I actually converted over from a WinMo Motorola Q9c to a Blackberry! Please keep a copy of StockIcons for me.

  9. The Appclock looks real kool. I like the idea. Would welcome a copy too.

  10. Thank you :)

  11. I’d Love a Free Copy.. 😀
    Thanks 😀

  12. been extremely good. look at your site daily for tips and apps etc

  13. I’ve been sorta good this year. I think I deserve break

  14. I’ve been good, but that never seems to help. Pick me!

  15. The appclock is cool!

  16. I have been good enough that I got a few friends to come to the blackberry side. Thus I should get a copy I think… 😉

  17. I will love to have a copy. Once again Thanks BerryReview for the contest.

  18. thanks Danny! I would love a copy!

  19. I’d love a copy of Appclock. I’ll be good from now on!

  20. I’m jewish so I’m on the neutral list..

  21. i will have one =) for me things are niether white nor black, but they are gray =/ I have been good at time O=^) and bad at other times <=^/

  22. I’ve been good this year, so I deserve this

  23. Appclock for me. Crossing fingers again.

  24. I’ve been bad this year but I’d still like a copy :-p

  25. Yes please. Thankyou

  26. Good. Thanks. 😉

  27. I’d love to have app lock so that I don’t actually have to lock my phone completely

  28. Count me in on this application as well.

  29. I’ve been good, I guess. Thanks for the contest.

  30. I have been good this year… where necessary. I would like the Clock app to (don’t laugh) keep track of what time it is on my WoW server!

  31. I have been on my best behavior all yr and would really enjoy the appclock app for xmas.

  32. I’ve been very good, this year and RIM has been good to me, I hope I win a copy!

  33. I think and hope I have been good this year. I would love the appclock.

  34. Wow the StockIcons application program, would come in handy…

  35. I like applock. I’ve been good this year, I try to be obedient and honest. Even though I bought a bb this year, I’m trying to save money. Thanks and Happy holidays.

  36. Great to have

  37. I’ve been extra good. I would like AppClock from Santa.

  38. Great looking apps and both would be great additions to my Bold.

    Merry Xmas all

  39. Oh I would so love the clock app! Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  40. Merry Christmas Berryreview! i’ve been very good this year.

  41. This would make a good year for me if I win this application. The last 2 RIM outages in a week spoilt my year!

  42. I’ve been a very good boy and would love to win either of these apps! 😉

  43. I’ve been very good all year so I hope I win!

  44. cool app, i have been so so this year 😉

  45. Baaaaaahd! (Erm, I can can explain the sheep officer…)

  46. it’s going good for me. doing well in college

  47. I have been a good boy.

  48. Thanks for the giveaway

  49. I am committed to be more good from this christmas :-)

    Would love to have the appclock to watch my GF timezone. Thanks

  50. Merry Christmas to all. I always be a good boy :) muajha

  51. appclock for me… thanks Santa (br)

  52. Appclock would be perfect for me. I call different countries all the time

  53. Sound great, thanks.

  54. I’ve been a very bad boy

  55. This would be great to keep track of the daily ups and downs of the market.

  56. Both apps are very convenient to have! I particularly keen on the stock icon though! W.A.N.T.! Please!

  57. Stock Icons looks pretty ingenious. I’d love to get my hands on one of the free copies. Thanks.

  58. Nice hope I get a chance to win

  59. I’ve been bad. I haven’t been keeping up with berryreview enough. Pick me!!!!

  60. Oh, thanks

  61. I’ve actually been good for once! I have been extra good with my blackberry 9700 also!

  62. Want the clock!!!!

  63. I like both

  64. I’ve been bad since I’ve just recently started buying things for my Blackberry. I want both.

  65. I’ve been really bad. I’m addicted to my crackberry. I really need more apps.

  66. Both are great and desired

  67. i’ve been good to know more about blackberry this year… with this cool website “berryreview,com” I got more knowledges and discount/off from the store… well… thanks for everything… hope can get more from
    and….. Merry X-Mast.. Wishes For Peace, Love And Joy to all…..

  68. I’m real good – and real bad.

  69. I definitely want the Stock icons.. need them badly :)

  70. merry xmas!

  71. Both are great and I need. Sorry for being greedy. :p

  72. I’ve been very good so Santa brought me a Bold 9700 early this year. Either of these apps would be great.

  73. OK, hook me up.

  74. hohoho…. merry xmas to berryreview and all bber’s. hope all hav a crazy nice xmas day 😀

  75. In this year I was a good boy, help older people and I deserve to obtain a copy of app.

  76. Merry xmas!! all i want for xmas is apps!!

  77. Can me has applock for x-mas present pleeeaasseee :) thank u thank u thank u

  78. Merry Christmas to me and only me. Pleeeeaase Santa, tho I’ve been naughty, I know you liked that. Peeeervv

  79. Either apps is cool 😉

  80. To BerryReview:

    I’ve been a good boy the entire year, well just bad one weekend and that’s it. I think I deserve something for that. LOL. I just want for Christmas the app Stock Icons developed by Toysoft. Thanks a lot….

    P.S. Please eat the cookies I leave on he table…

  81. Happy holidays to all. This is a cool app, would love to use it.

  82. I was good…I bought a new blackberry and lots of apps!

  83. Me, please…I’ve been berry good!

  84. Hey, i’ve been a bad boy. Please give me the stock icon application and i’ll try to be good next year.

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