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Verizon Makes Bing Default Search Provider on BlackBerrys

bing-default-verizon When I first read about this on the BoyGenius I thought it was a fluke. Now Verizon has come back and confirmed that they have made Bing the default and only search provider on newer BlackBerry devices from their Go To browser screen and homepage.

I totally understand Verizon making money from Bing by making them the default search provider but they have also REMOVED Wikipedia and Google from the options so you cannot search through them unless you bookmark them. I guess Verizon is not making enough money on their $350 ETF fees that they need to rake in more cash. Even Internet Explorer and Firefox give you the option to change between providers and they make 90% of their money off of search deals!

This must be Verizon’s gift to customers for the holidays. It is truly sad since Verizon was playing nice recently by adding Wi-Fi, opening GPS access, and more for BlackBerrys. Two steps forward one step back…

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  1. If Verizorn loves Microsoft, then Verizorn has chosen the wrong side of customer opinion. People like CHOICE!!! Bing only is wrong!

  2. Making Bing a new choice and maybe even sneaking them in as the new default is one thing. Removing the choices is sinister and lame. Why even have the choice drop-down? Why knock out wikipedia if it’s just about putting Bing over Google? This is a unilateral change in service with no agreement on the user’s part. I am currently working on breaking my contract over it. I love the BlackBerry and I intend to keep the device platform but I am running from Verizon as soon as I can.

    This is “old news” and by that I mean Verizon is fully aware of the outrage they are creating they simply don’t care. It is up to us to make them regret this stupid move.

  3. Verizon just keeps giving me more reasons to want to leave them…Reducing the functionality of the built-in browser search just to line their pockets was not a consumer friendly move. Not surprised coming from Verizon, they’ve been pulling this crap for years. If AT&T had better service where I live, I’d switch back in a heartbeat.

  4. This is what happens when a corporation just gets too big and powerful. They do whatever they want. It’s another reason why I stick with T-Mobile. They have been good to me for seven years.

  5. Wouldn’t be so bad if bings search results actually were relevant. Bing sucks. Now vzw sucks. Taking away our choices and not telling us is tantamount to a dictatorship. ‘you’ll take it and like it!’. Screw you vzw. I love my storm but after this dick move I might have to jump to tmo (att is not an option)

  6. Not only did they remove the other options, I noticed a Bing install icon on the main page today on my Tour. Thrilled…. as you can imagine. No thanks MS go back to sucking on a different platform.

  7. Bing = But it’s Not Google

  8. I hope RIM grows the balls to tell them they can’t do that, and crippling more phone options is not allowed. Doubt that will happen since Big Red already disables GPS chipsets. So juvenile, grow up and become a decent company. Its like some bratty kid with a toy…..

  9. Our provides doesn’t even add this search options on front page…

    I use that free Google search from AppWorld…

  10. This is an outrage. I just noticed it today.
    And to think that I was about to come to verizon’s aid against ATT…..

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